Relationship Hangout With Bella: How to Win a Woman’s Love and Sustain it

There are many ways to win a lady’s love. But then, how do you sustain it?

It’s true that some guys are badass when it comes to wooing and getting a lady’s attention. Unfortunately, after they’ve gotten that attention they so badly wanted, they are unable to keep up with sustaining it.

I’ll give example with a friend I know. There was this particular guy on her tail, doing everything to get her attention. At first she wasn’t interested as she felt, well, not that he isn’t a cool guy, but he lacks certain things.

Yup, she loves very muscular men blessed with height.

One year 8 months later, after getting in and out of two separate relationships with the kind of men she actually liked, she was heartbroken. They both represented her ideal dream man. But they couldn’t take things further with her.

Then she ran into the short dude sometime later, and he was still very much interested in making her his. She still didn’t agree at that moment. However, few weeks later, she said yes to a relationship with him. Dude was happy.

Count 3 weeks into the relationship. My friend was head over heels in love. Dude knows how to treat a lady right. She started to wonder what she ever saw in the other guys.

Anyway, another 2 months into the relationship, my friend felt frustrated. Why? Boyfriend felt he had won her over completely and so he was resting. Lol. He wasn’t even trying to give her more butterfly feelings.

When I asked him why he seemed to have lost interest in my friend, he said he didn’t lose interest. He still loved her, but he felt he had done all he could to win and sustain her love.

Wrong. Very wrong thinking.

When you woo a lady, you have to do everything you can to sustain her love.

The good thing with we ladies is that if you can give us the basic requirements, we will follow you blindly. Damn the odds. This is because we love with our hearts, not our head. So we hold you dearly.

So what should you as a guy do, to win and sustain your woman’s love?

1. Attention:
Please give us attention. Biko. We ladies love to have the attention of the opposite sex. Even when we haven’t said yes to your relationship proposal, give us attention. This is the most basic. If you get this right, you get almost everything else right.

How would you do this?
1. Complement our hair
2. Admire our outfit
3. Call us regularly lets gist
4. Whatsapp is awesome too
5. As often as possible, ask about our well being
6. Hangout with us frequently

2. Your personality: I’m a woman, and so I can boldly tell you, we are very observant. Those details men miss, we never miss them. So no, you can’t fake personality for us. We know who you really are after a few months of dating.

If you are the gentle type, with foresight, care, determined, hardworking and mostly planning the way forward, believe me, we will love you even more. We never want to lose wonderful men.

3. Be Casual. Be Open minded: I know lot of ladies who do not like guys who are so straight forward. Lol. The thing is, we fear such straight forwardness because it may mean that even we have to be as straight to keep up with the relationship.

I have this friend, older than me by many years who once said during one of our conversations,

“I had a choice before I chose to marry my husband. There were actually two of them coming for my hand in marriage. One was the grooving type. He likes fun too much but has a rough past. The second is my husband. He was so straight forward, and focused. I went for him. Now I have to be straight like him. He doesn’t even know how to take me out. He will ask if there’s no food in the house. Seriously sha, it would have been better going for someone who drinks and knows how to groove, than someone who doesn’t, and so doesn’t know how to spoil his wife…”

It was after the above she mentioned that she heard about the other suitor. He is married already to someone else and the mouths she heard from talked a lot about how he pampered his wife.

This is where the good guys miss it. Believe me, I love good guys. But they need to get this part straight. You don’t have to drink alcohol to know how to treat a lady, be it your girlfriend or wife.

You don’t need to drink alcohol to know how to take your woman to exclusive restaurants.

Keep your mind open to ways you can please your wife and therefore, win more of her love. Be free. Be casual. It helps.

4. Acknowledge your mistakes: There’s nothing we love more than to have our man admit their faults. When you make a mistake, don’t go doing man of the house thingy, instead of acknowledging your mistake. When you tell your woman or wife the mistakes you made, no matter how terrible it is, she will be glad you admitted your mistakes.

And it wouldn’t take anything for you to do so. We women love a man who can say, “I am sorry”. It is unfortunate a lot of guys find it hard to say those three letter words.

4. Money Matters: Yes o. let’s not turn blind eyes to it. We ladies love guys that can send us messages that deliver as bank alerts, or credit card. We love guys who can spoil us with gifts, take us out and still cover the bill.

Yup! We want to groove too. We like groove. But at the same time, if your pocket is lean, afford what you can. Don’t over push yourself to get gifts or send alerts if things are rough with you. Simply explain the situation to us, and we’ll understand.

5. Lastly, please constantly remind your woman about just how beautiful and important she is. Always tell her, “I Love You”. It works magic. Don’t forget we women are moved by what we hear.

So that’s it, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. You have points to add? Please drop them in the comment section. I look forward to reading them. Also, please don’t forget to share and like.


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