Juliet is Deformed, so Men Really Don’t Take Interest in Her

Juliet is 34. She’s fair skinned, beautiful with very long natural hair that makes almost every lady in my area ask, “how do you grow your hair? What products do you use?”

Juliet isn’t the everyday girl you meet. She’s a hair dresser. She has her own saloon and she provides for more than half of the needs in her home, especially as her mother is also disabled.

Now here is the catch. Juliet is crippled; has been since birth. Her legs are badly deformed and very lean. She’s able to move with the aid of crutches, and she has an arrangement with a keke driver who takes her to work in the morning, and brings her back in the evening.

Juliet and I are somewhat close. I used to patronize her hair business a lot, until my brother’s fiancée, who is also an excellent hair maker, volunteered to be my hair stylist.

Juliet is deformed, so men really don’t take interest in her. She has long accepted her fate and so she spends time working hard, sometimes into the night, to sustain both herself and her mother. I really don’t know anything about her father, or if she has siblings.

Despite her predicament, I’ve never seen Juliet beg for money. That’s because she chose to have a hand work. And whenever I pass by her shop, she’s got a lot of customers to attend to.

Residents in the neighborhood generally love her because she’s hard working and determined. Most importantly, she knows how to mind her business. She’s a source of inspiration to a lot of younger folks, and even the elderly ones.

Now if Juliet, with all her challenges wouldn’t beg for food or money, but works had to provide for her own needs, what is stopping you from starting a business, no matter how small? What is stopping you from carrying out research, mapping out your plans and then executing it?

Juliet is not a fictional character. She is real, and stays the next street from mine.

2018 is around the corner. Please don’t sit back and wait for hand-downs. Don’t sit back and look for someone to foot you bills.

Nigeria’s economy is crazy right now. But it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t make it, if you start now.

So start your market research. Look out for a problem you can solve. Map out your plans and prepare to execute. It wouldn’t be easy at first. But with determination, flexibility in marketing and delivery plans, you will get there.

So,are you already into business? if yes, tell us what you do in the comment section. Someone might see what you do and be in need of your services.

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