A Week into 2017, I Faced the Most Heart Breaking Experience of my Life

2017 has been heart breaking, exciting, challenging but still, a year of breaking barriers.

I started the year as one of the happiest woman on earth. I can’t even explain the details. But I was sure things were going to be smooth and rosy.

But, it wasn’t so. About a week into 2017, I faced the most heart breaking experience of my 32 years on earth. It was terrible. I locked myself in my room for a whole week (something I’ve never done before), crying and wondering what the way forward would be.

6 months in, I was totally past that experience. Moving on and moving strong. And it was within the six months Pelleura was born, taking over from our old blog, Karo’s Story blog. I didn’t delete the old blog, as it holds a lot of history for us.

I am glad to have Pelleura and I’m glad to have you, dear readers, share this space with me. Without you, it would be a ghost island.

In the coming year, we are looking at a lot of possibilities to expand and create a space for real engagement. And I assure you, that for this to work, we need you, Pelleurans, even more than before, to participate.

So what does this New Year, 2018, hold for us?

I’m sure you would have noticed that I try to make Pelleura not only about fiction stories anymore. Nope. Pelleura has gradually transitioned into a place for all types of stories – business stories, relationship stories, success stories, fiction stories and lots more. True. We are still about stories, but not just fiction stories.

No, I wouldn’t stop writing paranormal romance stories for you. I only promise to work on my timing come 2018, so that I can meet up with churning out fantastic stories, and not keep you waiting for too long.

Also, come 2018, we will have a monthly short story contest on the blog. Winners get a cash prize of 5000. We will choose a topic, based on real life experience, and you write on it. Share your experience with us. This story must be fresh and not shared elsewhere on the internet. We publish it for you on the blog, along with your bio. Afterwards, you need to get people to vote for your story. The story with the most vote wins.

Now depending on how this contest goes, we will increase the cash prize. In the New Year, I’ll drop details for the first contest. Be on the lookout for it.

As the year progresses, we will unveil other expansion plans we have for you and the blog.

That said, the Pelleura team and I wish you a fantastic New Year ahead, of blessings, joy and abundance of God’s grace and love. We look forward to doing more with you, come 2018

Cheers and Happy New Year

Karo Oforofuo
(Owner and Blogger Pelleura.top)

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I am a B2B/B2C Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Blogger and Online Business Consultant at violetinkcopy.pro. I am an Author and Story teller at pelleura.top

3 thoughts on “A Week into 2017, I Faced the Most Heart Breaking Experience of my Life

  1. So u didn’t tell us what it was dat made u lock urself up for 1 week? Hmmmmm, I’m interested in hearing d full gist o. Well sha, dis 2018 is my year of expansion and 18million goodies.

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