Join Our #ShortStoriesCompetition: How Did You Make Money in 2017?

Dear Pelleurans, My head is banging due to too much work. Yeah. But then, we all need work. It helps to keep us sane.

I know you’re all wondering what happened to Love From the Cult. Please bear with me. Love from the Cult will be back soon. Hopefully.

So what is the reason for this post?

You will remember I did write towards the ending of the past year that we will start holding monthly short story contests this year, based on personal experiences. Yes, the cash prize is only N5000. It will be more, depending on how the contests goes.

So I’m happy to announce that the first contest kicks off this month. And this month’s contest will be centered on personal experiences of overcoming financial challenges.

How did you overcome financial challenges? Did you start a small business? How did you start? Did you get a job? What did you do to get it? Did you get a onetime money-making idea? Did you execute it? How did it go?

It doesn’t matter if it was on a small-scale or a large-scale.

You see, this is the first month of the year and who knows, your story might help someone out there learn something useful that will help him/her have a wonderful 2018.

Please note that your story must be a real life experience, written as a juicy tale that gets readers hooked. If the experience isn’t yours, please ensure you get permission from the real person(s) involved, before submitting it to us.

Contest Rules:

1. Write about how you overcame certain financial hurdles in the past year(s).

2. Please do not exceed a thousand words. And do not go below a thousand either

3. At the start of your story title, write #FSS (Financial Success Story). E.g, If my title is A New Beginning, I’ll Write #FSS: A New Beginning.

4. Your story should be entertaining, informative and inspiring.

5. Send your write-up along with a clear picture of you and a short bio to

6. We will post the story on the blog and share excerpts to our instagram page. Readers will have to still visit the blog to read the complete story.

7. Readers are to VOTE BY LIKING THE STORY OF THEIR CHOICE ON OUR INSTAGRAM page, @pelleura, as well as dropping comments. Comments dropped on the Facebook page or blog wouldn’t be considered as part of the voting. The entry with the most likes and comments on instagram, wins.

8. Participants are allowed to get their friends to vote for them.

9. All participants must be following our instagram page. If you’re not already. Please follow us here @pelleura.



1. Submission of entries starts on the 10th of January, 2018 and closes on the 21st of January, 2018. Yep, just 11 days.

2. Entries will be posted as they come, two or three at a time, depending on the volume of entries.

3. Posting of Entries will stop on the 25th.

4. Voting will end on the 28th

5. The Pelleura team will look through all successful entries and pick the entry with the most vote as winner.

Have any questions? Please drop them below. I’ll respond. If not, hurry now to make your submissions to I look forward to an exciting contest with you.


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  1. I would love to contest but am not on instagram and my phone dosen’t support it. How I go take do am na?

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