I’m With One But, My Heart is With Another. 

I’m with one
But, my heart is with another.
I tried to kill the feelings,
I really tried…
Over the years,
I thought I was over him,
I was hoping the distance and non-communication will help…
But, I was mistaken.
The mere sight of him a few steps away
triggered the long bottled emotions
that had been carefully locked up, in a frenzy.
I’m not a cheat,
But right now, I feel like one.
The memories, even though few, meant a lot to me,
I keep reminiscing.
The memories of our talks,
innocent they were,
most times brings tears to my eyes.
Because I miss you, I miss us.
There was never anything between us,
but, truth be told…
I really wish there was.
(Sniffing) Hard to believe, right?
You know,
a part of me was expectant
I thought you felt it too…
the connection we had,
How totally wrong I was.
My traitorous mind keeps uploading your picture,
and I so tried to let you go.
I even stayed away from you,
I thought not seeing you, will dissipate the feelings I have for you.
The proverb was a total lie.
Out of sight, is not out of mind.
Your presence is still as strong as ever.
As if the chasm between us was never there.
Sometimes, I wonder…
Why I feel you strongly in my heart.
And I prayed, I really pray and still,…
that the feelings will melt away like ice in the heat.
I guessed I’m wrong for you or you for me.
Some people are still out there for us each.
Maybe I’m not God’s will for you.
I used to think something is wrong with me, for you not to even notice me.
Nowadays, we just stare at each other from distance,
The backgrounds fading into nothing.
Probably, wondering…
What it would have been like if we are together.
With words unspoken
Longing stares unwavering,

We go our separate ways, I guess it is for the best.

A real-life experience written by Folashade Oguntoyinbo

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