Relationship Hangout With Bella: Don’t Let the Past Weigh You Down

“I met a guy who happened to be my course mate at the University. Then I was a newbie on campus. We became friends after he helped me solve a maths question and later on, we started dating.

He was my first love. I did everything I could to please him. We were happy with each other and planned our future together. Our parents got to know each other, and they patiently waited for the day we would seal our union.

For the rest of our University days, we were a couple in love. After school, he got a  job at a local company and then asked me to come and live with him in the little apartment he could afford.

I agreed. I moved in with him. A few months in, I discovered I was pregnant and I told him. That was when he made me understand, he wasn’t ready to become a father. He asked that I abort it. I agreed and went ahead to abort the baby.  We moved on smoothly. Sometime later, he started plans for us to be married.

But happiness doesn’t always last. When you least expected, that’s when the snake will show it’s ugly face. He was sacked from the company and things became hard for us. Six months later he finally got another job.
Unfortunately, the new job changed him totally. He was no longer the guy I fell in love with. He suddenly became distant. We started quarreling and fighting almost every day.
One day, he left the house without my knowledge after dropping a note for it. It read: It is over between us.
I cried and cried. I went to plead with his friends to at least tell me where he was. But they all denied knowing his location. It was our neighbor who then told me his whereabouts. I went to the said address and got the shock of my life when I saw the duplex.
I spoke to the gateman and got to know my boyfriend owned the building. I asked the gateman to inform his oga of my presence which he did.
When he came out, he didn’t come alone. A beautiful light skinned lady was by his side.
I don’t want to go into details of what transpired between us but that day I found out that he was engaged to the lady and they were soon to be joined in holy matrimony. Funny enough, his parents knew about it.
I left him and went home, very sad. That night, I prayed like I have never prayed before. And then I gave my life to Christ.
To cut the long story short. An unknown number called me after three years of giving my life to God. When this number called, it was a wrong number.  But with the way I answered, he told me he would love to meet me when he gets back to the country.
When we met, it was love at first sight. And that was where our love story started. A year later, we got married”.
The lady concluded her story. Yes. I was listening to this at an event I went to. and it really touched me.
“But what about the first guy, did you by any chance met him again?”, someone asked from among the audience.
“Yes, I did. When I saw him again he has been through a lot and was back to square one. He begged me to forgive him. I did. And because I have given my life to Christ, I sympathized with him and asked my husband to help. He did.
In this life, we all must have done a lot of terrible things in the past, but you shouldn’t let it hurt you. We have made a lot of sacrifices all in the name of love, but you shouldn’t let that weigh you down because you got rejected by the one you love.
In life, there will always be something you have to let go. If that happens, dust your self up and look ahead. Your future isn’t dead. And the past will only be a memory to you”.
In a relationship, there has to be a sacrifice, you either gain or loss. There are many relationships today that have gone through a lot of fire, but they still made it through. Sometimes, the breaking-up starts with his or her parent. It’s either they have found a decent lady or guy for you to settle down with, or there is a language barrier.
It doesn’t matter if your heart had been broken from your previous relationship, all you need is for you to dust your self up and look up to God.
A relationship was broken off and you want the world to come to an end? It baffles me a lot when I see some ladies committing suicide, some are in mental homes today, all because of a broken engagement. They have failed to see the reason why it happened.
God has seen their future and knows that if he allowed them to get married to that person, in the next few years to come they will divorce themselves and end up getting separation they did not plan for.
I have seen a case where a Man cried because the lady he had wanted to settle down with called off the wedding when she found out that he was infertile. He had been infertile when he was involved in an accident that nearly took his life. Somehow, he survived, but with a price.
He cried because he had truly loved his fiancee, that was why he had told her before hand. But she couldn’t bear the fact that she won’t be able to carry any child that would call her Mummy. He thought that she will share his pains but alas she did the opposite and called off the wedding.
The man met a sister in a church he was invited to. He fell in love with her. She told him to have faith in God and he did so.
Well, this man is married to her and by the grace of God, the couple will soon be having their Miracle baby.
When you have God in your relationship, you have peace, you have joy, you will have everything that you ever wish for.
If the Lord is the father of your home, no one can come between you and your spouse.
Believe me no matter how many sacrifices you made for that lady or guy you love with passion. It was worth it. Don’t let the past bring you down, you have a wonderful future to look forward to.

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  1. The first story seem fictional. I actually read a book with almost exact details but still message passed.

    For the 2nd story, we all have our faith level though painful we can’t blame the lady in question.

    Also what do you mean by impotent? Or do you mean infertile?

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