Relationship Hangout With Bella: They Had Their Way With Her And Still Broke Her Legs.

It is true, some ladies go into relationships for money. And it is very sad when I hear ladies say stuff like, I want a rich man, if I marry a rich man, all my bills will be settled, if I marry a rich man, my family will be out of poverty.

Now look at this screenshot circulating on Instagram.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying marrying a rich man is a crime. The only crime here, is when a lady is so damn lazy to get on her feet and work for her own money.

So you wait for a rich guy and turn him into your personal ATM. Funny enough, you are even aware his source of income has fraud written all over it. Or, he is old enough to be your grandpa.

Chasing rich men for money has made some young ladies blind, just as it has led to the untimely death of some of them.

Sometime back, it was all over the news that a Yahoo guy or G guy, as they are referred to, killed his slay queen.

I don’t know how true the report is as details weren’t given.

But if it is true, then the girl was careless enough to love money more than her life.

Even the bible makes it clear, that the love of money is the root of all evil.

This young lady, slay queen (classic white) opened the doors for her own death.

Unfortunately, many young ladies are walking down this same path. That’s why you see a lot of young ladies of our time, having Sugar Daddies.

They had forgotten that all that glitters are not gold.

I remember a case of a young lady that got admission into university. Her mother called her the night before her departure that no matter what she should remember the family she came from and she should Cut her Clothes according to her Size.

It was unfortunate she went on to ma ke friends with the wrong set of people. Her mother’s plea didn’t matter to her anymore. Well, not until she was diagnosed with anal cancer and abandoned by the same friends she ran after.

When you are going into a relationship you don’t have to love the guy because of his money or the lady because of her money, you go into it because of Love.

When a lady enters a relationship with a guy because of money, something bad always happen at the end of that relationship.

It’s either the lady in question loses her life or she was render useless.

One lady was crippled because of her boyfriend. How? The guy was a cultist and the rival gang came to kill him.

They did not find him at home. Only the lady. They had their way with her and still, in all heartlessness, broke her legs.

When the guy came back, he took the lady to a hospital, paid the bills and that was the last day she saw him.

She had her legs removed and learnt her lessons in a very hard way.

It was after recovery,she started visiting schools to tell the younger generation that her love for money made her crippled.

We ladies should be careful of who we call love because that your lover can be the one to end your life, especially where his source of income is not pure.

The money you make for yourself gives you a far more satisfying feeling. So why not get a job, or start a business and grow it?

Ladies, please be careful, and remember, not all that Glitters is Gold. Stay woke. Use the ideas you get to create your own business or job, and I promise you, you will be glad you did.



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