A Cheating Husband, My Friend, and The Body Swap Idea

A friend told me she attended another friend’s traditional marriage recently. She has known the lady and the guy she was getting married to for a very long time, via the internet.

So on that day of their traditional, it was nice meeting both of them one and one. And after the event and almost everyone had gone home, the little time they had to crack jokes, they used, very well, until she noticed this guy was checking her out. And when his newly wedded bride would take an excuse to attend to someone,oga’s tone would change, like he was trying to flirt with her and she was wondering, which kain guy this babe marry so?

The white wedding hadn’t even taken place and he was eyeing another lady?

She explained the guy was actually a respected someborry in his online community and a lot of ladies were actually eyeing him before he announced his marriage.

Now while all these happened with the guy, she admitted that for a brief moment, she actually wished she was the one marrying the guy, as she was tired of being single, and the said guy had achieved a lot for himself. She wished she could swap body with the new bride.

However, she quickly kicked away the thought as it was crazy. Besides, the guy already looked like he was going to be a cheating husband.

Why I’m I telling you this? Well, it is because I drew inspiration from that story to create a new short story I will be releasing on February 14th, Valentine’s day. The story will play out my friend’s thinking about body swapping, and of course, the cheating part, but in another light. Lol.

I’ve spiced up the story for your reading pleasure. I’m still editing though. But watch out for it.


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