Does Heartbreak Experiences Make You Stronger?

She’s of the opinion, heartbreak experiences make you stronger,

The first is bad, second is bad, and third is,

But from the fourth, you just laugh,

The first time she got heartbroken, she felt terrible,

She cried.


But she consoled herself, saying, shedoesn’t need to close her heart,

All men are not the same,

She can still meet her prince,

Then the second heartbreak came. It was worse than the first.


Five years, that’s how long they dated,

When suddenly he said,

I don’t want to lead you on,

I don’t know where we are going with this,


Ha! She cried, deleted all his pics and even contacts,

Six months in, she was over him, through conscious efforts,

She still opened her heart to possibilities,

After all, not all men are the same.


Then she met the one she thought would be the prince,

They were head over hills in love,

In that brief relationship,

She wondered what she ever saw in the other guys.


One month, that was how long they dated,


And then the heart break came, again,

And it was the worst ever.


She thought she’ll die,

Six months in again, she picked herself up,

And again, it was through conscious efforts,

Then she said yes to a guy that had been on to her for a year plus.


Within weeks, he helps her totally forget the other dudes,

And she’s happy,

A few months in, she starts to notice a non-challant attitude,

She complains, but he doesn’t change,

Experience is indeed the best teacher,

She becomes nonchalant too,

They continue like that.

Now, all she sees are signs of another breakup,

Now she thinks, all men might really be the same,

Nope! She wouldn’t feel terrible,

Only a little pain,

But she’ll mostly smile, laugh, watch movies and still focus on work

She needs to keep making money nau.

Especially as she’s contemplating being a single parent,

Yup! Get him to put the belle,

Then ask him to go,

Nope! She doesn’t need his child support,

Shecan support her child herself.


She can give him/her the best things, herself,

Sure, he will be informed of his child later on,

And even if he later asks that they get married for the sake of their child,

She’ll say no,

Ah ah, she cannot come and marry a nonchalant husband



No, she cannot be heartbroken again,

While you think you’re breaking her heart,

She’s breaking coconut to cook coconut rice,

Ha! Heart break? What’s that sef?




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