Love From The Cult – Chapter 10

Christiana was quite shaking after the encounter. But as much as she would have loved to ask more questions, she was equally relieved when her strange visitor said she was going to be gone for a while, as she had something to attend to.

Christiana sat heavily on her bed and sighed. Who would have thought, the one man she decided to flirt with today of all days, was actually rescued to kill her? Stanley had said something about going on a mission to rescue a man who was supposed to help protect her. It was the reason he was not home the night before.

She hadn’t believed him. And now, he was in trouble. The visitor had said Stanley was in the dark about what those around him were really up to. Keno and Ovi were her first suspects. As much as she thought about her as a saint earlier, she was also very much aware that Ovi was in love with Stanley. And with the way she was always so cold with her, Christiana was sure Ovi wouldn’t think twice about killing her and having Stanley all to herself.

Christiana wouldn’t let her. It wouldn’t be possible to take her out so easily. She was well aware that she would be surrounded by people who wanted her and Stanley dead. But didn’t the strange visitor just say she will take charge?

Ko, ko, ko. Someone knocked her door. Christiana’s heart skipped.

“Who is it?” she asked, wondering if 30 minutes was up already.

“It’s me”, the familiar baritone said.

“Stanley”, his name came in a whisper. Her heartbeat tripled. She wanted to rush out and hug him. Then she’d shower him with kisses and warn him about Ovi and Keno. Definitely, he’d wonder about the sudden change, as she had been very angry at him, and he surely understood she didn’t want to have anything to do with him. But even then, she couldn’t do it. The visitor had not said she should or could reveal to Stanley what was going on.

So instead of rushing to the door, she strolled to it and lazily pulled it opening, pretending to have been sleeping.

“Yes?” she gave him that annoying look that says, what do you want?”

“I don’t mean to disturb your sleep. But you need to come with me to the gym house. We want to conduct a ritual that would forever prevent that nightmare of yours from continuing. And, you might also gain back your memory”.

“And the cult?” she asked. She needed to know if the ritual will keep the cult away too.

“I don’t know yet”, he replied.

“Oh. Ok. Last time I checked, the cult is the one sending me these nightmares. If we cannot keep them away, there’s no use for the ritual.

“Christiana”, Stanley sounded frustrated, “Just please, put away the hatred you have for me right now and let’s work together to make you feel better”.

This isn’t about you. I would love to go with you. But not now. Christiana wanted to say, “Just go away Stanley. I’m finding it hard believing anything you’ve just said”, she said instead, “I just want to rest. I’m not interested in your ritual”, she slammed the door in his face.

As soon as the door closed, Christiana leaned against it and almost burst into tears. The expression in Stanley’s eyes just before she slammed the door, had broken the last straw of her defense.

She wanted to hate him. She wanted to run away from him. And she never wanted to set eyes on him again.

But how was that possible, when she sees for herself, he had been trying his best to protect her? How could she hate him when, the strange visitor had said, Stanley would be miserable and would allow the cult kill him if anything should happen to her.

And now he had come for her, to take her to a ritual he is sure would help free her from those that tormented her, and she had again turned him away. His expression had gone from hopeful to sad, and then dejected, almost in an instant.

And to make things worse, she had slammed the door in his face, when what she really wanted to do is run into his arms, hug him tight, and plant kisses all over his face before telling him all will be well. She also wanted to tell him, the ritual is a setup. She wanted to tell, Keno was a fake. He worked for the cult. Ovi too. Or maybe some of the other guys she saw at the gym house that morning.

But here she was, rejecting him and preparing to accept Keno.

“Whatever it is you’re planning?” Christiana said, with tears rolling down her cheeks, it better be worth all these pains”.

It wasn’t long afterward, a knock on the door followed.

“Go away Stanley”, she said, knowing if she opened the door, she wouldn’t have the heart to turn him away again.

“It’s not Stanley”, Keno’s voice came from the other side of the door. Christiana’s anger returned. The idiot thinks he can go about deceiving everyone for long? She thought. She had a thousand and one things to tell him. Then she’d spit on his face and kick him between his legs. She’d even be glad to run his head into the wall.

But then, the strange visitor had asked that she does the opposite. It wouldn’t be easy. But she’d have to try.

She got to her feet, undid the lash and pulled it open. You scum. She wanted to yell at him and throw slaps.

“Hi Keno”, she said instead, wearing a fake smile,

“Hi you”, Keno smiled back,

“You seem to be the only relief I get in the place”.

“You don’t have to tell me about it. I know firsthand what it’s like to feel like a prisoner and very unwanted. I myself was locked up for years”.

“But what happened that lead to all of that?”

“Believe me, Christiana. It’s a story for another day”.

“Ok. You want to come in?” Christiana invited,

“Ahh…” he rubbed his head, “Not really. I just came to inform you, we are carrying out a ritual cleansing tonight, which will help you sleep better. The man in your nightmares will stop disturbing you. And since he will be removed, the cult too will stop harassing you”.

“I do not like the sound of that word”, Christiana swallowed, “What does this… ritual… entail?”

“Ok. I think I should come in so I can explain better”.

“Sure”, she pulled the door wide open. Keno stepped in.

“Wow! Nice room. Compared to the junk Stanley had me put in”, he chuckled.

“Seriously?” Christiana managed a light chuckle as she closed the door, and moved to sit on the bed afterward.

“Yes. Seriously”, Keno stood in front of her, and from the way, his eyes moved all over her body, Christiana was certain, he wouldn’t mind going between her legs before taking her for the so-called ritual.

“So. What’s this ritual about?”

“Phew!” Keno sighed, rubbing his head backward. “It is just a putting you in a protection circle and summoning the cult, as well as the madman they sent to torment you. Then we will fight them outside of the circle protecting you. It will be dangerous. But you will remain protected. Stanley’s ma has a box with which to kill them off forever. After that, you’ll be free”.

“That sounds like war”, Christiana looked really worried now, “what if someone dies in the process?” She was actually worried about Stanley.

“We will make sure that doesn’t happen”, Keno moved closer, and sat beside her, before throwing one hand around her shoulders and pulling her close to him. Her head rested on his shoulders. Christiana snuggled closer, calculating how best she could seduce him.

Before she could stop herself, she asked, “Do you have feelings for me?”

The question came as a surprise but then, what better way to win her trust and maybe, a little thrust, before the ritual. “Christiana, I don’t want to come across as one who wants to be too forward. That’s why I haven’t said anything. I do have feelings for you. I do like you a lot. And if it wasn’t that you seem to be with Stanley I’d have not mind wooing you”.

Christiana pulled back and looked at him, “this night may not end well. We don’t know if we will see each other again after now”.

“No. We don’t”, he looked down at her. But he wasn’t prepared as Christiana pushed forward and caught his lips in a passionate kiss. Keno kissed her back, matching his passion with hers.

His hands were soon moving to places Christiana would ordinary not let them go. She wished though, that this wasn’t happening. But here she was kissing the enemy. And passionately too. Her ghost of a visitor had better do something before things went out of hand. Because certainly, Keno was aiming for her pants. And there was no way she was going to let him in.

The above thought had only crossed her mind when she felt the unzipping of her short. She reached for his hand to try to stop him. But Keno had a mind of his own and if this was going to be an opportunity to have the one woman that had been in his mind since that morning after his eyes settled on her, then he was certainly going to take advantage of the opportunity before the ritual.

In the struggle to stop him, Christiana pulled her lips away from his. But Keno was not deterred. His lips continued in the heat of passion, trailing her cheeks, then her neck, as his hand found its way through the open zip to the mold of her clit behind the wool pant.

“Keno stop”, she was out of breath

Keno paused briefly to look at her, “I thought you wanted this?”

“Not this far”, she said, pushing him away from her. But of course, Keno wasn’t having that. He pulled her again to himself and forcefully covered her lips with his. Christiana tried to fight him off. But he was stronger than her.

“I don’t even understand you. You asked for this”, he reminded her, pinning her to the bed with one hand and raising her blouse with the other. She was wearing no bra and so it was easy to cover one nipple with his lips.

“Keno, stop it!” Christiana cried. But her cries seemed to fuel his desire. Christiana was sure she would go hysterical if something was not done to stop him. She thought of screaming Stanley’s name. But what was the guarantee he would hear her? She had, after all, told him to go away. So why would she even think he’d still be outside her room door?

She was still racking her head on what to do when she heard the voice of the mysterious visitor, like she was very close to her ear, saying, “Relax, my dear. You’ve done your part. Now allow me to do mine”.

Christiana didn’t know if she was to relax and let the invincible, or was it ghost woman, scare the shit out of Keno. But then, it wasn’t as she thought.

Instead of the woman to take Keno off her body and slam him to the ground, she felt strangeness in her body instead. And it suddenly felt very tight and uncomfortable. Like she was sharing her body with another soul and lost total control of her body.

Now instead of fighting Keno Off, she found herself kissing him even more and moaning like she was really enjoying his lovemaking.

“You naughty girl. So you were pretending you didn’t want it”, he smirked, reaching to pull off her shorts.

She stopped him. Halfway, saying he had to take off his shirt and clothes first. And in particular, the tiger claw necklace he was wearing.

Keno let out a short laugh, as he eyed her suspiciously. His hands went to the necklace as if trying to protect it from her. That necklace was his protective charm against spirits, and anyone asking him to take it off was a suspect. What did she possibly have in mind? Or was it possible she knew what he used it for and wanted to play a fast one on him? “And why is it so important that I take it off?” he asked.

“Because we are making love”, Christiana found herself saying, “I don’t let even Stanley, whom I sincerely love, wear anything whatsoever, during lovemaking. I need to be sure he has the strength to hit between my legs like a real man. Not because of some charm or drugs”, her voice was really seductive now.

Keno looked amused. If that was all the reason, then he had no problem. All he needed to do was show her he was a real man. “I will make you scream in ecstasy, even Stanley will hear all the way from wherever he is”, he grinned, taking off the necklace and dropping it on his pile of clothes, “So, how do you want it? On all fours? While I take you from behind?” he climbed the bed, reached for Christiana’s legs and pulled her towards him, “Let me make you cum, the way Stanley never did”, he squatted between her legs, his hard lenght getting ready to plunge in.

Christiana went hysterical, but heard herself moaning instead, as Keno made his way into her core, taking her gradually and letting out a sigh of satisfaction at each thrust, “you’re one sweet little thing, Christiana”, he said, moving forward to claim her lips in a passionate kiss. And she did kiss him back when actually, she wanted to bite his lips and scream for help.

He turned her in all positions while taking her on a rough ride. And Christiana moaned, fueling his desire even more.

It was about fifteen minutes later he was lying next to her. Spent and panting. He reached his hands to her side in an attempt to hug her. But Christiana rolled away and got off the bed. Between tears, she reached for her clothes and started to put it on.

Keno looked at her and laughed, before getting off the bed to wear his clothes. “You enjoyed every bit of my thrusts, Christiana. You moaned like the slut that you are. So stop the fake tears and the pretense, and get yourself to the gym house. We have a ritual to perform”. He grabbed his necklace and left a crying Christiana to herself.

Christiana sank heavily on her bed and cried her eyes out, as the scenes replayed in her head. She was so consumed with guilt, she didn’t notice she was no longer alone.

“Don’t cry. I only did what I needed to be done” she heard the strange visitor’s voice.

“Really?” Christiana looked in the direction the voice came from, “you used me to have sex with him. You prostitute!”

“Watch your tongue, Christiana, I didn’t do that because it was fun”.

“So why did you conveniently leave that aspect out earlier? Because you knew I’ll never agree to sleep with him”.

“Exactly. And I needed you to…”

“To what end? To what end!”, she was raising her voice now.


To be continued…

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    1. Yeah. I’m very sad for her too. I tried not to let it happen. But I guess Keno had a mind of his own. He wouldn’t let me control him. Thanks for stopping by JK

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  2. Well,still intriguing as usual! Let the update come sooner than the last one while I wish you more inspiration to your medulla oblongata; however sacrifices are meant to be made before elevation and freedom hence I don’t see anything unusual in the Christiana’s situation in as much as it’s a quest to safe the innocent souls. Thank you and stay blessed.

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