Love From The Cult – Chapter 11

“Christiana”, she felt the cold hand of the strange visitor on her cheeks, “I did it because sex, is the easiest way to transfer spirits and posses, someone. The tiger claw necklace around his neck is a protection charm against possession. But he took it off to have sex with us. Guess what? He wouldn’t be putting it on again. Because as of now, I have access to his body and I control all his activities. This is an opportunity we never saw before. Now we see it. And with Keno, we will end the cult tonight. Then you can have some peace and also…”

“That’s not true. You wanted it for yourself.”

“Keno is not a kid! He has been practicing sorcery. He would have sensed me if I tried any other way. But with you, he couldn’t. Not when he has been sex starved for years in the underground tunnel that kept him hostage and besides, he was already really aroused. All he wanted at that moment was sex. And he got it.”

“You could have done it another way!” Christiana moved away from the cold touch, “there must have been another way but of course, you must be a sex entity. Oh, sorry. I meant a sex-starved entity. I guess Keno isn’t the only one that was sex starved.”

Silence followed, briefly. And when the strange guest finally spoke again, one could hear the sadness in her voice.

“Because you’re dear to my heart, I would pretend like I didn’t hear what you said.”

“Oh, I don’t even know who you are. So I really don’t care,” she returned to put on her clothes, tears still flowing freely down her cheeks.

“Christiana, look at me” the visitor’s voice was softer now.

“I can’t look at someone who is a ghost”.

“Yes, you can”,

“Just go away!” Christiana refused to look up, “It is better Keno kills me in that ritual. I don’t think I can stand the thoughts of what just happened between us?”

“Baby, look at me”, the voice was full of compassion now. Christiana didn’t move, but curious enough to know why it was important she looked at a ghost, she obeyed. She looked up. But then her jaws dropped.

She didn’t see nothing. Instead, she saw a woman. Very visible and looked like she was indeed, flesh and blood.

Still in awe, Christiana straightened up, “who…who exactly are you?” she managed.

In a flash, the visitor moved from her position. Now directly in front of Christiana, her right hand went to Christiana’s head with her thumb resting on the forehead. And in an instant, memories that had been locked away came flooding back. It seemed like an eternity for Christiana, but it was only but a few seconds.

The woman let go of her head and stepped back a bit. Christiana was even more amazed. And when she looked at this beautiful visitor again, her mouth opened to say something. But the only words that came out, just before she ran into her embrace was, “Mom”.

It was a long embrace, as her mother rained kisses all over her daughter’s tear-stained cheeks.

“Oh, my baby. I’m so sorry you’ve gone through so much,” she pulled back to look at her, “But it was I who blocked your memory”,

“You…you did?” Christiana looked confused.

“I know you my daughter; if you had retained your memory after the accident, you wouldn’t have allowed Stanley take care of you. You were too angry with him, and being one of the people who seemingly kidnapped you from your home, you wouldn’t have forgiven him. You would have gone back to your house, where the cult would have easily killed you. This was all for the best.”

“But you could have just appeared to me. Like you’ve done now”.

Her mother shook her head, “ It wouldn’t have been possible my dear. There was no other hope than your unborn child. But with someone as powerful as Keno, we have the opportunity to end this, once and for all”.

Between smiles, the duo locked themselves up again in a tight embrace.

However, Christiana couldn’t help but notice, her mother smelt of the chemical used in a mortuary to balm corpse.

“Mom”, she pulled back, looking into her mother’s eyes, “But you’re dead. I buried you. How is this even possible?”.

“My daughter. I am what you call dead. But in the land of the spirits, we are even more alive than a lot of people who are still in physical embodiment. And that’s why I’m here to help. You’ve suffered enough my baby”.

“But Keno…” she was almost in tears again.

“I know. Your mother shouldn’t use your body in such a sinful way. But it was a necessary evil, my dear. I will block out your memory of that, after this is over, so you don’t have to live with the guilt”.

“Yes, please. I don’t want to think about it anymore”, she rushed into another embrace.

They were still relishing their mother and daughter moment when a loud knock at the door disrupted them.

“It’s Stanley”, her mother said.

“Oh mom,” Christiana looked in the direction of the door, “You need to hide. Or make yourself invincible again”

Her mother smiled, “Don’t worry dear. You’re the only one who can see me”.

Christiana went to the door and pulled it open. Brown eyes stared back at her. He had changed into a more casual outfit, from the military one he was wearing earlier. But something was off. Stanley didn’t look like the sad and dejected person she turned away earlier. Instead, he looked like he hated even the sight of her.

“What is it?” she asked, confused about why he had an expression that said he was about to kill her.

“So that’s it. Right?”

“That’s what?” Christiana was truly confused now.

Stanley pushed the door wider and walked in, toward the wardrobe before pointing at a camera, hidden at the top of it, just between two bags. “I put that here this morning, so I could keep an eye on you in case of trouble. But what do I see? You, enjoying Keno’s thrusts”.

Christiana was beyond stunned. And when she opened her mouth to speak, to try to explain things, not a word came out.

“I thought as much. You have absolutely nothing to say. That’s why you can’t say anything. I trusted you and this is what I get. Did you do that to get back at me, Christiana, or is it just plain hatred for me?”

Silence followed. Christiana didn’t know how to explain things. And even if she did know how to, who would believe her? Who would believe her mother used her to do such?

“Answer me!” Stanley’s bark jerked her out of her thoughts.

“Sta…Stanley … it’s not what you think”.

“No. Not what I think. Definitely not. But it’s what I saw.”

“Stanley Please”, she was on her knees even before she knew it. She couldn’t lose him now. Not when she had gotten back her memory and understood so many things.

“I’m going to do my best for you, Christiana. I’m going to ensure you’re well. That you regain your memory and the cult no longer hunts you. But after that, we’re done. I’m sick and tired of you hating me and turning me away, and for who? A guy like Keno? Keno of all people? Keno the one who is neck deep in sorcery?”

“I’m sorry Stanley. Please”.

“Sorry for yourself,” he turned and started towards the door, “you better get yourself to the gym house for the ritual. Last time I checked, you know the way”, he walked out.

Christian dropped on the floor and burst into fresh tears. No amount of consolation from her mother could make her feel better.

“I’m ruined, mom. I’m ruined”.

“Not when I am here to help,” she sat beside her daughter hugging her close, “What you should do now, is make your way to the gym house. Do as you’re told, and just trust me to handle everything else. Ok?”

“Oh mom,” she couldn’t control the tears.

You can do this,’ her mother insisted.

“I’ll try, mom. I’ll try”, she sniffed, sighed, and felt almost too weak to get to her feet. She hadn’t remembered anything for almost a months or was it a month plus. And now that she did, her world was upside down. She loved Stanley, she always did.  But when he left her, and then kidnapped her, she hated him. not knowing that he was only trying to protect her.

“Come sweetheart”, her mom pulled her up, “you need to be strong ok. Don’t let any of them see you’re emotional. Don’t let any of them get to you. You just go there, and do whatever you’re asked to do”. She cleaned Christiana’s eyes.

“I’ll try. I’ll try, mom”

“One more thing. Do not clean up before you go. We have to ensure, Keno’s scent and semen are still on you. I mean the drops that got to the tip of your vagina”, she explained when she saw Christiana’s raised brows, “It is part of our weapon against him”


When Christiana walked into the gym house 15 minutes later, she almost wasn’t sure she’d be able to keep a brave front. Not when Keno was smirking, licking his lips and looking like he’d love another round before the ritual. And then Stanley had this look that said he was disgusted. But then he looked away.

The only other people present were Mama and three men she didn’t know. Ovi was nowhere in sight. Maybe she’d have been her major consolation. Maybe.

The fluorescent light revealed a circle, drawn in the middle of the gym with white chalk. Around the circle where several candles; about 10, or more.

“Let me lead you into the circle”, Keno stretched one hand toward her.

“I can lead myself” she snubbed him.

“Ok. I only wanted to help”, Keno’s eyes laughed at her, “but since you can lead yourself, please, step into the circle”, he gestured.

Christiana obeyed.

“Now sit”, Keno ordered. And again, she obeyed.

It was at that moment Ovi walked in. She glanced briefly at Christiana sitting in the white circle, before moving on To Stanley’s side. She leaned closed and whispered something in his ear.

Christiana watched his expression go from curious to confuse. And then a frown followed at Ovi, “What are you talking about?” Christiana read his lips.

“Is everything ok? Can we proceed?” Keno asked from where he was bent over what looked like voodoo items, and a white cock tied by the legs.

It so happened Mama looked on, curious, at the duo as they talked in hushed voices. Definitely, she was wondering what they were discussing. Had she been caught? Or was it just a small issue?

“Please hold”, Stanley instructed,

“What is my dear?” Mama asked, obviously worried.

“Nothing serious Mama. Just a small emergency,” please give us five minutes. I’ll be back shortly”, He looked at Christiana briefly, and she could still see the pain in his eyes.

After the duo had gone out, with Keno’s eyes following them suspiciously, he moved to Mama’s side and whispered something to her. She whispered back.

“Is all well?” Christiana asked from inside the circle while wondering why Keno of all people, the bad person in the house, was whispering to Stanley’s mom. Or was it possible, she was working with him? Afterall, her mother had said something about Keno having accomplices who really didn’t know what Keno was about.

The duo looked at her briefly. Then Keno moved to squat in front of her, “All is not well. This ritual is meaningless without Stanley. You have to get him to come back quickly”.

“Well, that wouldn’t be possible. All thanks to your rape, Stanley hates me now”, she replied.

Keno almost burst out laughing. If I could have a tape recording of our intimacy, I’ll play it for you, so you see how willing you were”, he turned to walk away, but stopped briefly, and looked back at her, “You’re lucky this circle is sacred. I’d have spat on you”, he moved back to sort through his voodoo items.

He was almost done when Stanley returned with some other men. 10, actually.

“What’s up, bro? Are we going to do this or not?” Keno asked, wondering why Stanley had other guys, dressed in the uniform, present.

“Carry on”, Stanley said without looking in his direction, “we finish this tonight”. the other guys stood behind, while he joined mama.

5 minutes later. The ritual began with Keno drawing another circle just outside the one Christiana was in. A third circle followed and extra candles were placed around them.

Keno grabbed the white cock and just before he slit its neck, he whispered some incantations. The blood of the cock was poured into a small bowl, laced at the front of the circle. It was then Keno looked her straight in the eye. And for the first time, Christiana noticed, his eyes had changed. It was all black, as all the white parts were gone.

“You see this blood”, he said, “When my incantations became louder, grab it and dot it around these. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Christiana nodded.

And so Keno started some serious incantations. When his voice got louder, Christiana reached for the bowl of blood and put drops of it around the circle. The weirdest thing happened then. The blood started to creep all at once in different directions, towards the people standing outside the circle. Then it formed a small circle just underneath their footwear.

It wasn’t long after, the doors leading into the gym house were pushed wide open. The first person to step in was Jude, dressed in combat uniform. Christiana recognized him very well. Thanks to her memory being intact. And Stanley had told her about him. The idiot killed her friend. Funny enough, no one knew she remembered anything, yet. She turned sharply to Stanley, expecting to see some reactions. But there was none. he looked clam instead. Only his jaws were clenched.

A lot more men in combat uniform walked in through the other doors. Armed.

The last person who walked in was dressed in a caftan. Light skinned and wore very long beards. If Jude was with these people, Christiana had to guess, this guy was the Fulani Stanley told her about earlier.

For a minute, deep silence followed. Even Keno had stopped the incantation and turned around to face the new arrivals.

“What is the meaning of this?” Mama was the first to speak.


To be continued…


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