She Got a Call From The Wife of Her Husband and Mother of His Three Kids

 Nowadays, people pretend to be what they are not. Of course, there are good ones among the bad eggs, but, very rare to find.

When people ask you to be careful in choosing who you date, it is because they want your safety. Nothing more.

I once read a story of how a lady got married to a man she loved so much. The man she marries is an American based man who loves to travel the world. It was during one of his numerous travels that he met the lady. They dated for 3 years and finally got married. Within the next 3 years, she gave birth to a boy and was living the happily ever after life when an international call came to her phone one fine day.

The call was from a lady who claimed to be the wife of her husband and also the mother of the three kids she had for him. She then went ahead to warn the woman to stay clear from her husband. She even sent pictures she took with her husband and their three kids. This new wife and mother was left speechless. She confronted her husband about it when he returned from work.

The husband didn’t deny it. Instead, he pleaded with the wife to forgive and told her he still plans on keeping her.

She didn’t agree. She filed for a divorce and they went their different ways

In her own words, she said: “On second thought, I blame myself for not paying attention to the signs however concealed they were. I was blinded by love. Now, how can I go on living with a man who hurt and broke me?

This Doesn’t apply to Guys alone. Ladies are also involved in this mess. They will pretend to love you, just so they can eat your money. After they have squandered it they will run to the next guy. I have seen a case where a guy got married to a lady and she gave birth to 2 kids. It was when one of the kids fell ill and needed blood transfusion that he discovered, both kids were not his. You can be rest assured, all hell broke loose.

Another is a story of a guy who overheard his wife planning on killing him through food poisoning. His wife was planning with her mother to kill him and take all his estate etc. Unfortunately for his wife, she didn’t succeed and the guy chased her away.

Yes, there are good women and bad ones too.

That’s why you have to shine your eyes well before you plan on getting married to him or her. And during courtship, if you notice anything that doesn’t please you, talk to him or her to change and if they do not change, please feel free to walk out of that relationship. Some ladies and guys pretend to be good, nice, caring etc but in truth, they are chameleons

Don’t be deceived by their looks, remember that one day it will fade away.

Be good and love yourself. The right one meant for you will locate you.

Happy Monday. And you have a blessed week ahead. Cheers!


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