Women Are Defiling The Church By Preaching On The Pulpit?

So, two days back, I was on my way first, to the tailor’s shop to collect the clothes she had made for me, before heading to the market for a little shopping.

Close to the bus stop, I came across a church group that had come to evangelize. I really didn’t get to see the front of the branded blue t-shirts they wore, but I did see the back and it read, “Go Back to The Bible”. There were more women than men in that gathering.

I nodded in agreement. People have to go back to the bible and try to understand it for themselves, not waiting for the pastor to read and interpret for them. I didn’t get to hear the preaching as they were still singing praises when I took a bend that leads to the tailor’s shop, in another street.

Fast forward to 30 minutes. I was done with the tailor, collected my clothes and left. I was about 2 minutes away from the bus stop, moving quickly so I could catch the last bus when I heard the preaching from the leader, or should I say, Pastor, of the evangelism group. See a quote of his preaching below.

“….Women have no business in positions of power. God never created women for that. Today you see women running for political positions, and you even see some defiling the church by preaching on the pulpit, with the excuse of supporting their husband. But we all know they do that just so they can have the church call them mama and worship them. 

The woman has no business in such positions. The bible speaks against it! A woman has no business laying hands on a man. If they do, they are exercising authority over man…”

That was as much as I heard before the engine of the bus I had boarded roared to life and we moved. All the women in the bus laughed, telling the bus driver and other males in the bus that, according to the pastor, they should stop supporting them. So they shouldn’t expect any support from them anymore.

As for me, I was so pissed. As in, jeez! What was that? From the little I saw, with a frowning expression of course, before I entered the bus, the women were nodding to their Pastor’s preaching. And I was so sad for them. Seriously. How can a mere man be telling you to be a nobody and you nod in agreement? Na jazz? or brainwashing?

So women should just sit back and run the home. Having a petty trade is allowed too. But we shouldn’t aspire to be anything great? Because we are women? Also, we shouldn’t pray for the male folks?

That means his mother, wive and daughters shouldn’t pray for him too. And I can only imagine what the women in that man’s life are going through. His daughters will not dare to dream big. His wife will not dare to, because they are wrapped around a man who will fight them with the Bible (a book that is supposed to liberate people) if they do.

I remember being in a dance group with a guy who doesn’t believe a woman should pray for him. We always prayed before any dance rehearsals, and we pick out different people to pray. If a woman is picked to pray, he wouldn’t close his eyes or say amen to her prayers. When I asked why, he said, “A woman cannot pray for me. It is forbidden”.

Guess what? Every time, after that, when he was picked for prayers, I never said amen either.

Ladies, stand tall. Dream big. Pray for your sons, brothers, and husbands. Do what you know is right and hold your head high. Don’t let anyone intimidate you in the name of false preaching. If you want to be in politics, be there. If you want to own a business and grow it into a multi-billion dollar company, do it. If you choose to stay back at home and be a housewife, let that be of your own free will. If you want to head a church, as long as you’re aligned with God and you know he has asked you to do it, then please, do it with a joy.

That’s my two cents above. Please drop your comments, like and share with your friends. Cheers!. I’m looking forward to reading from you. Also, if you share the same opinion with the pastor, please tell us why.






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