Buyers and Sellers From All Over The World, Let’s Meet Here

Happy Saturday everyone. It is a good time to let you in on what I’ve been working on with my brothers and now, Divepen(Akintayo Akinjide).

So, Divepen and I have been planning to set up an e-commerce store since last year. But I couldn’t due to the fact that I didn’t have a good time in my hands. So this year, my brother said he wanted to set up an e-commerce store. You cannot imagine my joy, as we worked towards designing and launching the platform, StrangeListing Ent. And now, after a month and some weeks of trying, we’ve been able to successfully register the business, and we’re inviting you to upload your products for display and sales on the platform.

So What is StrangeListing Enterprise About?

It is an online marketplace that aims solely to bring buyers and sellers from all over the world, together, in one place. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, UK, USA, India, China, Canada, Spain, etc, our core purpose is to make buying and selling very convenient and safe.

I’ve had friends and even family members who sell their product online, lose customers because of two things.

  1. Trust (the major problem)
  2. Payment Issue

Number 1 is due to the fact that scammers are all over the internet. People have complained bitterly of making payment to some individuals who sell products they wanted and got blocked afterward. Because of this, a lot of innocent sellers are affected. People no longer trust and this results in low sales.

How are we addressing this issue? When a buyer pays, you, the seller, receive the payment in your StrangeListing account, but you have to actually send the item paid for to the buyer before we grant your withdrawal request. Failure to do so means money will be refunded to the buyer.

This helps to boost the confidence of your buyers and improves sales.

Number 2 is payment method. Some sellers do not have a means to accept payment from buyers from outside the country. But with StrangeListing Ent, a buyer from any part of the worlds will be able to pay for your goods.

If someone wants your Ankara materials or outfits delivered in the UK or the USA, he/she can easily pay for it.

If you want to order items from foreign countries, you can, and it will be delivered to you before the seller is paid. In a case where the product was delivered and the buyer is being fraudulent, we will investigate.

With our platform, you have a very easy payment gateway and trust. With our strict system in place, we do everything possible to ensure your buying and selling experience is very satisfactory.

You can visit here to open an account – StrangeListing Ent. Afterward, you can start uploading your items in your store.

Not to worry, our platform is secure, and we do not give access to user information indiscriminately. Everything concerning information is done with your approval.

Also, our system is transparent, as you receive email notifications for anything done in your account, including your product sales alert. You also get a weekly and monthly report of activities in your account.

For you, buyers, be rest assured we list only the best products from the best sellers on the internet, thereby saving you time and making us your one-stop e-shop for cool stuff that is interesting, odd, irresistible, fun, engaging and useful to you and/or your loved ones.


If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to drop it in the comment section, or use the contact form here. Our Detailed FAQ is coming out soon, and it will address at least, 90% of your questions.

Please Note: Items listed on our shop are not sold directly by us, neither do we handle shipping. We are only a third party that ensures both seller and buyer gets what they want.





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