30 Stunning Hair Wigs Ideas to Add to Your Collections

Lace front hair wigs have become an in-thing in recent years due to their real nature. I remember the first time I came across lace front hair wigs, I was totally sure it was real hair.

These lace front wigs have come to stay because we love the fact that we can change hair looks anytime we want and for any occasion.

But you’ll agree that hairpieces for women are becoming outrageously expensive. Some sell for as much as N90,000 to N150,000.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have been deceived to believe that cheap hair is fake. Cheap hairs don’t have class. Cheap hair wigs spoil in time. And this is not true.

So today, I’m sharing a collection of cheap, or should I use the word, affordable, wigs for black women, from Hair Elektra.

Hair Elektra. is a hair wigs beauty supply business run by Ijeoma Chinonyerem. They stock and retail wigs and hairpieces at affordable prices.

Hair Elektra seeks to change the false narrative that good quality human hair has to be outrageously expensive. Hence they retail 100% human hair as well as blended and synthetic wigs. All durable and affordable. 

Their human hair wigs are absolutely lovely. And their blended hair wigs? Perfect. You’ll hardly see any difference.

But if you’re still wondering what’s so special about Hair Elektra Wigs, read Ijeoma Chineyerem’s story below.

I cannot sew pim to save my life. Not even a button on a dress. I can’t even pass thread inside the eye of a needle.

So when I said I wanted to start selling wigs, making it was a wahala. I started with wiggers here then moved to wiggers in Enugu. There was a lot of quality assurance loopholes.

I wasn’t getting what I wanted. The finishing was poor. The inside of the wigs wasn’t as professional as I wanted. If you complain they’ll tell you “who is looking at the inside?”

They couldn’t ventilate or pluck frontal. Just use the singer machine and fruuuuuummmmmmm.

When I started dealing in human hair, I tried my first batch with my Enugu wiggers. I had the same issue. I knew something had to give.

February this year, I went to Lagos to find wiggers. Professional wiggers. Those who do this in a factory. Who can ventilate, prepluck, lay edges, take care of the finishing, use the right wig cap, do all the senrenre.

They even had a special machine for wigging not the Singer and Butterfly we were used to.

Onyinyechukwu and I were shocked.

Sewing wig is just 50% of wig-making. The remaining 50% has absolutely nothing to do with sewing.

And that is the story of how we upped our wig-making game.

If you check all our wigs, you’ll see the way the edges are plucked to perfection, and how natural-looking the frontal is.

See them below:











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hair wigs






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Hair Wigs




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Hair Wigs












To get the prices and delivery process of these beautiful wigs, Please go here.


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