4 Basic Reasons Your Business Needs an Online Presence


In today’s world, it is well-known among lots of internet users, that the internet is the next best, if not first best place, to start and grow a business.

There are many businesses that started and grew online. Today some of them are big companies and yet, some still do not have an offline presence.

Has it stopped them from making more profits? Definitely not. Quite the opposite. They are still raking in profit.

Good for us, the online business world has changed for the better. In the past, there used to be barriers, especially for those selling physical products online. But today, you have several fast shipping or courier services that deliver goods in as little as an hour, a day, few days and tops, a week, depending on the distance between seller and buyer.

For those selling e-products and services, it only takes a click of the mouse and wa la! Business is done.

I can boldly say that as a blogger and author, I have gotten and connected with more readers in a way that would never have been possible if I didn’t launch my online presence.

Same goes for a lot of other authors, motivational speakers, coaches, manufacturers, real estate companies, fashion houses, movie makers, music artist and producers, farmers, car dealers and MUCH MORE.

Of course, there are those businesses that definitely cannot survive without an offline presence. But definitely, an online presence will give them more exposure, more clients and more sales.

It is unfortunate that despite the fact that a lot has been said regarding starting a business online, or establishing a web presence for an existing company, a lot of people still think making money online is a joke.

I’m proof. I make money online and I’ve been doing so for a long time.

True, my start was rough. Money I had saved for backup until I was able to earn was put into a deal that went south. And for the whole of my first year, things were down. I earned very little, barely enough to keep body and soul together.

Because of the uncertainty of what I had gotten myself into, my attention wavered. I decided to take on home lessons for little kids.

While I took on home lessons, I continued online. It was a lot of struggle here and there until I finally started to get it right.

No, I’m not earning millions, YET, but I’m earning enough to keep body and soul perfectly together, contribute to the upkeep of the home and I still have enough to do a lot of things that should to be done.

The secret to making it online is research. Just like an offline business, an online business needs in-depth research, time and strategy before kick off.

If you wake up one morning and jump in like I did, you’ll face the same struggles I faced; the same struggles a lot of those ahead of you faced.

The difference is, you may eventually get a hang of things and make it online, or you quit, along with the rest who have. No one knows.

A lot of those I started with have long quit, saying the “make money online” thingy is not for them. Or that building businesses online doesn’t work.

I wonder where they got their idea from.

Well, that aside.

I need you to let me convince you with only 4 basic reasons why as a writer your business needs an online platform.

1. Having an online presence gives you the opportunity to have your product/services in front of thousands, and depending on your strategy, millions of people.

These people are mostly from other locations in your state, in a different state, in another country or another continent. They normally shouldn’t know about you and your business. But because you have an online platform you use in promoting your business, you connect with these people and among them, you find your ideal audience, who then move to become buyers and then repeat buyers.

Ever head of the world, “Global Village?” That’s what the Internet has made our world today.

In your normal offline business, you wouldn’t get to be in front of 1000 people in a week, let alone millions.

So definitely, if your business isn’t online, just imagine all the exposure, healthy relationships and sales you’re missing out on.

2. Not everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur can afford the capital necessary for starting up a good business.

Sure, there are offline businesses you can start without spending a dime, eg, window cleaning, lawn mowing, Errand boy/girl, baby sitter, home tutor etc.

However, you and I know that these businesses wouldn’t fetch you the kind of money you’re looking to earn, not even in the long run. Unless of course, you can save up and spend some reasonable money in setting up a nice shop or office space or lecture hall.

It still boils down to spending money if you want to set up well.

Furthermore, when you’re offline, you have to spend money on transportation, unless you’re looking to start in your neighborhood. But online, your business is only a click away. And it can reach a lot of people faster than it can offline.

Sure, for an online business, you’ll spend a few bucks, what I call “pocket change” to set up online. Some people start with free platforms and then upgrade after they start seeing results, financially.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to completely dish offline businesses. What I am saying is that when you are just starting out, starting online quickly pushes your reach and costs less than it will take you to start offline.

Also, even if you have the money needed to set up or run your business, you still need an online presence if you want to really expand and gain more audience.

Online, you can start small and grow. You can do the following almost for free:
1. Build your business platform /brand.
2. Connect your email sign up form
3. Promote your products and services online with social media
4. Sell online.
5. You can travel with your business and still be able to check progress, respond to messages and comments.

This is so because your business is only one click away. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a phone, a tab, a laptop or a desktop, either way, your business will still be available for your audience to read and take action. It is almost automatic.

But if it doesn’t pick off smoothly, then look on the bright side – you made no real losses, because you spent only few bucks to build your platform.

But if you have spent so much in an offline business, setting up and hiring hands to assist you and things take a nosedive, then you will find yourself in deep regret and great trouble.

3. Being online saves you the stress of going out under the hot sun to market your product to individuals who would not really be interested in what you’re selling.

Why are they not interested? Because they do not know you, and therefore, have no relationship with you.

The internet has changed marketing for the better. Not only is it keeping you from going under the sun to slave away, effortlessly, it has tools that are created mainly to make your business and marketing easier.

Furthermore, you get email addresses of people. This opportunity is gold as it brings you in direct contact with those who are interested in buying your product/services. You build a reliable and trustworthy relationship with them and before you know it, they start ordering products or services from you.

I don’t see Konga officials going about on the street advertising their business. I only see them delivering products that have already been paid for.

I don’t see Motivational speakers begging for paid speaking gigs. They get these directly and without efforts because they have built an online presence that shows people what they can do.

Stephanie Obi told a story of how her first workshop was empty because she had not built a relationship with her ideal audience.

She went out on the street, distributing fliers for a workshop and still it was empty when the day came.
However, after discovering the power of building relationships with her audience through blog posts and email, she presently has over 500 students in her workshop.

4. Building your business online gives you ample opportunity to connect with and build your relationship with your ideal audience. You can also communicate directly with readers and potential buyers in the comment section of your post, social media or through email in a one-on-one discussion.

Building relationships in most cases is what leads to sales, and this applies online. So instead of building a relationship one by one with offline customers, as they come, you do it with a whole lot of customers almost at once, through your blog posts and email messages as well as micro articles and infographics or memes on your social platforms.

It is sad though, that a lot of people do have both free and paid blogs for their businesses but are not efficiently following proven strategies that would help them succeed online. They struggle with success and even go on to give up on ever succeeding.

The truth is this, there are over 1 billion blogs/websites on the internet fighting for the attention of Internet users. These  blogs are your competition. They drag your readers with you.

And what about this from Worldometer? And to think this  screenshot was taken sometime in 2017.

As at the time I took this screenshot from worldometer, the timer was still counting. And this is only for number of blog posts done in a single say..

The internet is hella busy. You need to tap in and get your own share of the cake. Do not feel intimidated by the large number of blogs on the internet. Instead, as a Freelance Writer, you should be happy. People need your services to keep their blogs going.

Those making it with Internet business have come to understand that they do not need to connect with all internet users. They only need to focus on those users who fall into the category of their ideal clients and that, my dears, is what you should do too.

The screenshot is more than enough sign that the internet is here to stay. The Internet can help your business growth. If your writing business is not on the internet, start working towards bringing it on. And for those who already have a blog, the sooner you start to take it seriously, the sooner you start to see returns.

So that’s it people. I hope this post gave you a few eye-opening facts on why your business needs an online presence. Do feel free to contact me if you have questions you think shouldn’t be in the comment section.

PS: Please don’t forget to like this post, share with your friends, and remember to drop a comment in the comment section below; tell us if you have started an online business and how the road has been for you so far. If you haven’t started one, you can tell us your plans for that. You can also ask questions if you have any.

I look forward to reading And responding to your comments.


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