4 Reasons Why You Need a Home Office Space

Home Office Space

Aside from a home office space, I have worked in offices before, and I can assure you that those office spaces were uncomfortable. So when I started working from home, I didn’t think I needed an office or an office space for that matter. My dislike for office rooms made me happy to be rid of it, and as far as I was concerned, my bed and the sitting room couch was enough.

Now fast forward to late 2019, as I started to reposition myself and my business, I realized how uncomfortable my room and the sitting room had become. Why? I needed space for my videos and photos. I needed a new environment where I could think and brainstorm without distractions. 

So I had already included getting an office space as part of my plan in 2020, when one of the rooms in the house became vacant. I quickly grabbed the opportunity to turn it into my office space, and so far, I’m truly enjoying this decision. I’m no longer thinking about getting a space outside, at least not yet.

Now if you are working from home, and you don’t live alone, I’m sure you understand what it means to be disturbed/distracted when trying to accomplish even a minor task.

So What Will You Gain From Having Your Own Home-Office Space?


1. Improved Productivity:

Home Office SpaceThere is a difference in input when you sit up, instead of lying down on your bed or couch to work. And this difference is very visible in your productivity and outcome. Lying on your bed affords you the luxury to fall asleep while working. This has happened to me a lot. Then I wake up feeling guilty of taking a nap instead of working. 

I moved things to the sitting room so as to help me focus. But then, I don’t live alone and there’s always one form of disturbance after the other. The nature of some of my work requires me to have so many items/tools around me and it makes the sitting room look untidy. There were several complains about his. And when visitors arrive, I had to carry my laptop, phones, books, etc, back into the room. And then I return them after they’re gone.

It was stressful and uncomfortable. Now that I have a home office space, the story is different. There is no bed here to tempt me to sleep. There’s no one complaining about having too many books or writing materials around me. There’s no one suddenly popping up gists that ends up distracting me, there’s no one putting on the TV (another distraction), and there’s no need packing my things out of the sitting room when visitors come. 

I only started using my new home office space in the second week of January, and I now accomplish more in a day than I normally accomplish in 3 days.


2. Comfort:

Home Office SpaceOh, the joy of comfort you get from your office space is amazing. For example, when there’s heat, I simply open the curtains as I like. I can take off my clothes, up to my bra and then focus on the work. 

Thank goodness there’s cross ventilation so I’m hardly very hot. Also, I’m working on some handicrafts which would become my personal products, and my office space serves as a workstation for my crafts too. Sometimes, there are pieces of materials all over the floor but I’m not bothered because I’m not disturbing anyone. 

I’ve comfortably watched, with complete focus, three online courses/tutorial without distraction. And these trainings are helping to shape my decisions.


3. Discipline:

Home Office SpaceDues to stress and many disappointments last year, I hit writer’s block. How I managed to write for the rest of the year is still a miracle. However, I could only come up with one or two creative stories for the blogs and handle some client jobs. The others were written by hired hands. 

But last Saturday, I sat in this office and wrote over two thousand words of fiction, the first chapter in my upcoming Valentine’s story. And I wrote that chapter after attending to several other tasks. 

Before now, even when my muse was at its peak, I would write that 2k words first before anything else so as not to lose focus. 

But here I was, having the best creative ideas ever and being disciplined enough to pen them down even when I was tired for the day. Even my blog articles are coming out faster than they used to.

I’ve also had amazing ideas for my upcoming products and courses, and I’m already working to achieve that goal.

In this same office, I do my own photoshoots. You can see some of the photos in this post. As soon as I get the place properly fixed up with the right interiors, my video shoots will follow.

This office gives me an avenue for expression way beyond what I ever imagined because I don’t just get ideas, I act on them. Some of the ideas will be worked on later, as they’re not something that can be done immediately


4. Less Stress:

Home Office SpaceI no longer struggle to get things done. Normally, when I find I’m struggling to get a job done, I start to feel stressed. This is no longer the case, I do more in less time now.

But again, sitting in one place all day and working, can impact on one’s health negatively. Health experts will tell you it is better to do some exercises or take regular strolls. I take strolls once in a while, but in my office space, I ensure I walk around it occasionally. I have enough space to do this, and if I ever decide to resume floor exercises, I have enough space here to do it.

So the bottom line is that brainstorming has become relatively easier for me. My creativity, focus and execution, are on point.

So, do you work/run your business from home? Do you have a home office space/workshop?

If your answer is no. I strongly advise that you create that space for yourself. If your answer is yes, please share with us in the comments section what benefits you’re enjoying by owning a home office.


Home office space


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