40 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Launch Online, Small, and Grow With a Blog.

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In 2017, after commenting on Strive Masiyiwa’s Facebook post about business ideas, the importance of blogging and how to grow your business with it, a lot of people who read my comment visited my marketing blog. Some proceeded to send me messages, both in my email and Facebook.

Some needed advice on how to start their blog. Others needed to know if they could also apply blogging to grow their business.

Now during my consultancy session, I also had those who wanted to know what type of business ideas they could start up online. Some of these people wanted something they could start small and then grow big; something that wouldn’t consume a lot of capital.

I still get a lot of these questions today. So I decided to put this list together.

In as much as blogging could also be for fun, who said it would be wrong to treat it as a business and make good money out of it? Below are 40 business ideas you can start and grow into something big, with blogging.

1. Freelance Blogging

Yup! You could start a blog where you display your skills and services as a blogger. And depending on how well you market yourself on your blog, companies will hire you to help them handle their blogging platform.

Why? They see you know what you’re doing and they trust you can help them achieve their online market growth.

Now you could choose to be acknowledged for your blogging skills, or carry on as a ghost blogger.

Skills for this could be the writing aspect, the technical aspect, the traffic aspect, or the sales aspect.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a big business online today. So many companies out there are ever willing to pay commissions to people who help them sell their products or services. What better way to sell, than to get a blog where you talk about the products you want to sell, in a way that makes your readers trust you enough to buy through you.

The good part is, you can pick a niche and focus on it. You don’t have to sell every product you come across, so you’re not confused.

See more about picking a niche here.

And more about affiliate marketing here


3. Be An Influencer:

These days, social media has some awesome business ideas that make it easy for one to attain fame.

If you’re the type that likes to crack jokes, or you have a strong voice in certain societal issues and that voice gets people following you, then you’re an influencer.

All you need do is keep building your following to a significant number and influence their thinking.

If you can achieve the above, several brands will come to you to help promote products or services to your followers.

Being an influencer means you need to understand how to create regular content that boosts your authority and engagement. To learn this, you can start with our free content creation class here. The premium class will be ready by month ending.


4. Blogger

Being a freelance blogger means, you’re offering to help companies manage their blogs, effectively. Being a full-time blogger, on your own, is a different matter entirely.

You blog about your expertise and how you can use it to solve people’s problems.

You offer consultancy services, write and sell your own ebooks.

As long as you offer quality services, your readers will pay.

Now, you can blog in any niche of your choice. See more about blogging here. And See more about choosing a niche here.


5. Advert Blog

Business ideas in this category are fast becoming popular, because everyone wants to promote their busienss. You see what sites like Jiji, OLX, are doing. There are even Facebook groups that do the same.

You promote your site and invite people to advertise their goods and services with you.

Gradually, you gather lots of users. While there are those who will post free ads, there are those will pay to have their ads at the top of the site, and also sent to your email list.


6. Email List Builder/Marketer

The slogan among online marketers is, ‘the money is in the list’.

What list are they talking about? Email list.

To really succeed online, you need to build your list to a reasonable number. You can help companies build their email list, while you build yours too. With your list, you can sell your products or services.

I am presently working on a 101% detailed guide on how to start and grow an email list. It is going to be the next business post that goes live on this blog. So watch this space. Meanwhile, get my free ebook, “If Blogs Could Speak“.


7. EBooks

Selling of ebooks is a cool business on the internet today because there is a huge market for it.

If you’re a good writer, you can put together a nice book and publish it online. But the best way to market your book is to use your blog. It helps you showcase your talent and build trust with your readers.

It is important to build your reader base so that when you launch, you have people ready to buy from you.

Click here to see 5 vital tips you need to write a great book.


8. Infopreneur

An infopreneur is someone who gives valuable information in exchange for a fee. You can give out information in several ways. They include:

1. Putting together information in an ebook and selling to your readers.

2. You could host a webinar, where you’ll discuss, live, with readers about certain information.

3. Creating secret groups for a selected number of people who want more of the kind of information you have.

Believe me, there are many more ways to go about doing this. And as expected, you need an active blog to pull this off.

With the blog, you build trust with your readers and facilitate sales of your information products.


9. Online Course Creator

Learning online is almost a common thing among internet users today. And in a way, it is part of infopreneurship.

I have a friend who learnt how to sew beautiful gowns by watching on youtube videos on how to sew gowns.

Another friend of mine learnt everything she knows about baking from videos courses she bought online.

To start online courses, you need to choose a niche people are really interested in learning about.


10. Product Reviewer

You can also review products and services for individuals and companies in your blog. In return, you charge a fee. These reviews can also be in the form of a sponsored post.

The good news is, you can review almost any kind of product or service.


11. Business Blogger

There are lots of companies out there looking for a business blogger. If you have sound knowledge about business-related topics, then you’re good to go.

Niches in this category are usually personal finance, sales, consulting, marketing, business ideas, business coaching, etc.


12. Social Media Blogger

If you’re one who hangs out on social media a lot, and you know how to use it to your advantage, in terms of marketing, you can start a blog about social media strategies and offer marketing and consultancy services to companies and individuals who want to make more impact on social media.


13. Event Blogger

Are you into event planning or coverage? You could offer to cover people’s events and feature them on your blog, for a fee. And you could also promote your event coverage services in details, on your blog.


14. Fashion Blogger

There are a lot of business ideas in the fashion industry. You could start a fashion blog and feature sponsored fashion posts on your blog. Furthermore, if you don’t have your own products, you could sell affiliate fashion products, clothes, jewellery, shoes etc on your blog. Just remember to choose a niche.


15. Beauty Blogger

You can work with beauty/makeup brands by helping them promote their products and services with your blogging skills. Of course. You state your fee.


16. DIY Blogger

DIY means, Do It Yourself. You can produce videos, podcasts, ebooks and blog articles to teach people how to do so many things by themselves. Of course, no one person is so knowledgeable, that’s why you need to carry out thorough research, before creating your DIY blog, Products and services.


17. Recipe Blogger

Chefs seem to come up with different recipe every now and then. The recipe business is never exhausted. If you’re a chef or someone who loves to cook a lot, as well as try different recipe experiments, then this is for you. Of course, for a fee.


18. Lifestyle Blogger

If you’re the people friendly type, it will be easy for you to do this. Lifestyle covers food, drinks, dressing, culture, music, in fact, the entire tradition if a people. How can you make money out of this? Simple again, work with companies that offer some of these services, clothes, music food, etc. Feature them in your blog posts, for a fee.


19. Email Newsletter

There are companies who are in need of people to handle their email marketing. If you have a blog displaying your email marketing skills, then you’re good to go. Companies will sort you out.


20. Tech Blogger:

Technology is ever getting better. There is always one new phone, TV set, application, camera etc, that is produced by lead manufacturing companies. You can blog about these in an engaging way and sell with affiliate links. That is, sell for the manufacturing companies in your blog, for a commission.

Furthermore, if you are a dealer in electronics products, you can sell your own products on your tech blog. If you have an app, you can sell your own app on your blog.


21. Industry News Site Creator

You like to cover news and trending stories? Do you like gossips? Then you could have a news site where you write about current happenings in your area, state, country, or the world at large.


22. Comedy/Story Writer

If you have a great sense of humour, you could set up a humour blog and on it, you can advertise yourself as a stand-up comedian for events and shows, as well as earn income from affiliate programs. Also, if you love writing stories, you could have a blog for it and sell your stories to movie producers or web TV series producers.


23. Photography Blogger

If you love capturing beautiful scenery and stunning moments, then you love photography. You could set up a blog in photography and sell your photos, as well as your photography services. You could even start an online photography school.


24. Fitness Blogger

A lot of people want to stay fit. So as long as you know fast, fun and effective ways for them to keep fit, you could start up your own fitness blog, where you’ll sell your products and services.


25. Web Design Blogger

Are you good at making beautiful websites? Then you should start a blog about it. Also, sell your product and services.


26. Mobile App Blogger

We have different apps flooding the market. Each has great features and functions. Do you have an app? Or are you an app freak? You could blog about the app and then sell it on your blog.


27. Community Leader

You could start a community online, and sell membership or customized ads to your forum users. Example of this is nairaland.com.


28. Copywriter

This has to do with being able to write compelling sales letters, landing pages, headings and blog posts. A copy is mostly used to rake in email subscribers and sales. It is mostly for marketers.

The good thing with blogging is that those skills that help you to be successful, can be applied to other blogging business ideas. It is almost the same tactics, but different content.

See more about copywriting here.

Other cool online business ideas you can do online with a blog include, but not limited to:

29. Gaming Blogger.

30. Family Blogger.

31. Education Blogger

32. Finance Blogger

33. Directory Site Operator

34. Job Board Operator

35. Industry Thought Leader

36. eCommerce Blogger

37. Podcaster – (audio posts that are informative or entertaining)

38. Vlogger – (video posts that are informative or entertaining)

39. Blogging Tutor

40. Blog reseller – making blogs, building them up, and selling them.

For any of the above ideas you choose, you need to understand copywriting. See it more about it here

Deciding to start a blog is one thing, knowing how to make it profitable is another. So do you have a blog, or a business you want to promote with a blog? Or you want to start a business but you’re not sure how or where to start? Contact me here. I’ll guide you in setting up a profitable blog. Or restructure your blog to be profitable.


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