5 Effective Natural Medicine You Can Start Using Today

Natural medicine, contrary to what people think, does not only consist of fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots. It is an entire package that consists of all things natural, like breathing, walking, going under the sun, meditating, drinking water, singing, reading, laughing, talking with people, etc.

There are a lot of illnesses, physical and mental, that can be cured just by getting involved in natural everyday activities. These natural medicines are a form of alternative medicine that include;

– Lifestyle changes to promote health and eliminate stress

– Dietary change to promote detoxification, restore balance, and treat minor conditions

– Massage therapy to relieve tension and promote well being

– Meditation as a form of stress relief and management.

– Daily walks/jogging to keep the blood circulating and the bones, stronger.

– Water therapy to keep the body clean and hydrated.

For example, my late grandfather made it a duty to walk to and fro the length of his verandah at least 50 times every morning. He normally did this by walking fast. And for a man of his age, he was strong and agile. He moved fast when others his age were either walking slow or using support.

Also, as one who works from home, I notice how unsettled I sometimes get. My focus becomes poor, my creativity disappears, and I feel drained a lot, after weeks of working from home. However,  when I go out for only a few hours, either alone or with a friend, I feel recharged, happy, relaxed, and ready to take on anything.

When I feel ill and I stand or walk, or sit under the sun, I get a lot of relief, because, at that moment, I’m focused on the sun and the blessings from its rays. My health usually improves from then on.

So What Are Some of These Natural Medicine?

There are a lot of natural medicines that can cure physical and mental issues. But in this write-up, we will look at 5 of these natural medicines. They are;

1. Meditation,

2. Movements,

3. Inspiration,

4. Mother earth,

5 . Music.


1. Meditation: This is one of the easiest and fastest ways of reducing stress, having your mind at peace, and improving sleep. It is a mind-body medicine that produces a deep state of relaxation and peace which further results in enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

If you have a medical condition, meditation is useful for you. It can help manage symptoms of conditions like;

-High blood pressure
-Chronic pains
-Heart disease

Note that while meditation does not cure all of these illnesses, it eliminates some of them by balancing the mind, body, and spirit, easing you to a calm healing state, and activating the healing force in you.


Benefits of Meditation To Your Health.

-It helps you stay focused and improves sleeping
-Meditation manages anxiety and depression (in the long run, it eliminates it)
-It reduces stress and eases pain
-It helps to boost the immune function thereby reducing the chances of flu

I used to be very anxious during sleep time. This was due to past experiences I had with troubled dreams. Since I started to meditate, I fall into sleep easily and have the best of dreams. No more problems in that area.

Take out between thirty minutes to an hour daily, to meditate.

Natural Medicine

2. Movement: As a natural medicine, is based on the idea that illnesses in one area of the body can affect other parts of the body. With constant movement of the parts of the body, the body can focus on healing from the illness.

Besides, regular body movement improves blood circulation and helps you sweat out toxins.

Body movement techniques include;
– Massage
– Yoga
– Exercise (walking, jogging, gyming, press-ups, running, etc)


Benefits of Movement.

– It takes care of arthritis
– It reduces your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
– It keeps you in shape and makes you flexible

Simple body movements like standing up and walking around can help lift your mood and dull pangs of hunger and also improve the health and wellbeing of the body. Movement can act as anti-inflammatory medicine and also boost mental health.

If you work from home like me, create time to move around every day, for an hour.

Natural Medicine

3. Inspiration: Inspiration awakens the mind to new possibilities and transforms the way we perceive our abilities. Inspiration increases the well-being of the mind, it prepares you for what is more likely to happen i.e it propels you from apathy to happiness in possibilities.

Inspiration helps you manage conditions like;
– Depression
– Stress
– Anxiety

How do you get inspiration? It comes by listening to good music, reading good books (fiction and nonfiction), watching creative programs/movies. But you can get the best forms of inspiration by connecting with your environment-visit the local library to read, visit the local school and connect with the children, take a walk in your neighbourhood, visit the beach, engage in photography, engage in gardening, train pets, etc


4. Mother Earth (soil and the plants): This includes the soil, grown herbs and plants, for healing. We are surrounded by nature and this includes natural herbs or plants that are good for our health and nutrition. These plants can be used to treat illness in the body, including;

– Food poisoning
– Heartburn
– Dandruff
– Itching
– High blood pressure
– Wounds

They can also be used for detoxification.

Soil, on the other hand, contains a lot of good micro-organisms and bacteria that are beneficial to our body. Unfortunately, we’ve been brainwashed into believing that playing with the soil is filthy and could cause infections. Most people wear hand gloves while working in their gardens or planting in them.

The soil has a lot of healing and relaxing properties that everyone on earth can benefit from for free. I have since learnt to use my bare hands in the soil while gardening. And occasionally I use my barefoot. The experience is always beautiful.


5. Music: Music not only serves as a form of therapy but also has been proven to provide an effective form of healing for certain ailments. Music has a lot of benefits for mental and physical health. It improves the body’s immune system functioning and also helps to reduce stress.

Music helps to;

– Reduce pain and anxiety
– Helps relieve stress
– It helps in recovering from brain surgeries
– It eases and manages pain


Benefits of Natural Medicines

– It is suitable for everyone and every level of health

– It focuses on the entire body for healing, emotional relief, mental relief, and physical relief.

– There are no side effects

Natural medicines are good for the body, however, it requires continuous practice. You have to make it a lifestyle for you to benefit immensely from it.

So have you tried any of these natural medicines before? Please share your experience with us in the comments.


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