5 Reasons You Should Not Use Sunscreen

We have been wrongly advised over the years, that sunscreen protects our skin from the sun’s rays but in reality, sunscreens are not invincible shields against the sun, in fact, lack of sunshine causes skin cancer. To understand why you should not use sunscreen, you need to know how the sun works and how our skin works.

The sun emits two forms of radiation to the earth’s surface. The UV-A rays and UV-B rays. The UV-B rays have been proven not to cause cancer but they can cause skin burn while the UV-A does cause cancer.

Your skin needs some amount of vitamin D that comes from the sun. Vitamin D helps boost our immune system, eliminates skin cancer, and also helps with hair loss.

Why You Should Not Use Sunscreen?

If you have your skin exposed to too much sunlight, the skin gets a burning signal which allows you to know that you have had enough of Vitamin D. However if you apply a sunscreen lotion on your skin, you don’t get that burning signal and you allow a lot of penetration of the UV-A. This is because sun screens are made up of chemicals that blocks UV-B rays which is supposed to help eliminate cancer,  but allows penetration of UV-A.

Also, some of these sunscreens blockout both the UV-A and UV-B ray. So while you think you are safe from this harmful radiation, your skin is becoming Vitamin D deficient and if you are deficient of this vitamin, the probability of you having skin cancer, increases. You need a 77% level of Vitamin D to reduce your skin’s risk of having cancer.

See this video below from a doctor


Here are a few other reasons why you shouldn’t add sunscreen to your skin routine.

1. Sunscreens Contain Harmful Chemicals: Sunscreens contain a lot of chemicals that are poisonous and extremely dangerous to the body. These chemicals are highly absorbable, they penetrate the bloodstreams then into the liver where they accumulate in the connective tissues. And if they happen to be in the skin, these chemicals saturate there and cause skin cancer. Sunscreens prevent sunburns but do not prevent cancer.

2. Sunscreen Causes Allergic Reaction: Sunscreen includes some chemicals that can cause skin irritations like redness, swelling, and itching. The chemicals in the fragrances and preservatives used in many commercial sunscreens cause a high rate of allergic reactions.

3. Sunscreens Increases Acne: If you have acne-prone skin, sunscreens can worsen your problems. Sunscreen can clog pores and this leads to blemishes. This is because the sunscreen is oily and the skin is exposed to pollution and dust.

4. Sunscreens Causes Eye Irritation: Sunscreen can cause pain and irritation if it gets into the eye. Some sunscreen chemicals may also lead to blindness. They contain fragrance and active ingredients that may cause eye-stinging and burning if applied too close to the eye.

5. Sunscreen Increases The Risk of Breast Cancer: Sunscreens contain ingredients that have estrogenic effects on breast cancer cells. These chemicals increase the growth and proliferation of breast cancer cells.

The best sun protection method you can use is covering up. It is the surest way to avoid too much sun on your skin, eliminate the use of sunscreen, and prevent cancer.



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