5 Things You Must Consider When Buying Foundation

The main goal is buying foundation that resembles your own skin colour. However, with the present number of shades, completions, and face-covering levels we have today, foundations have become one of the hardest cosmetics items to purchase.

If you manage to escape the dreaded lines that form on the face and neck by using the help of a professional shade-match, awesome. But there are still concerns about finishing, coverage, and texture. And you need to keep these in mind when sourcing for the right foundation for your skin.



Using the usual tactics of swatching foundation on your hand or arm to check the colour blend, doesn’t work. If you’re in a sub-Sahara African country and you go out a lot under the sun, there is a chance that your face and neck are darker than your arm. If you do take proper care of your face, then there is the chance that your face is lighter than your arms.

For this reason, testing shades on your arm doesn’t work. Best place to try shades of foundation is on your neck. With this, you can never go wrong.

On the other hand, you can apply test shade choices on your face. Choose a spot towards the focal point of your face and brush out towards the hairline so you match the sides of your cheeks and the centre of your neck. On the off chance that your neck is lighter than your face and you don’t need your face to be dull, pick one shade lighter than your face so its equivalent.



Aside from colour-correct, don’t apply shades that fight against your skin’s natural undertones. For a warm complexion, use shades with yellow undertones. For cool undertones, use pink, or blue. Better still, it is best to play it safe with a neutral undertone.



In the event that you loathe wearing Make-up, you’re going to think a full-coverage foundation feels weighty. But understanding the look and feel of each coverage level is the best way to pick the correct one for your requirements. Better still, go for foundations that are a shade lighter than your skin colour. This helps when you don’t know exactly what shade of covering you need.

If you want something that lasts all day without discolouration, go for a full-coverage foundation



Is your skin oily, or dry? Is it a young skin, or a mature skin. Knowing your skin type is a very important aspect of choosing a good foundation. There are foundations that are good for normal or dry skin. An example of Dewy Foundation. For oily skin types, Matte Foundations are usually the best.

However, Matte Foundations are great for mature skin.



In cold weather, your skin reacts normally. If it is dry, it remains dry. If it is oily, it remains oily. But in the hot weather, dry skin will certainly have a bit of oil due to sweating. In cases like this, it is ok to consider using a reasonable amount of foundation that works best with oily skin.


If you’re still in doubt about the kind of foundation to get for your skin, you can use the quiz below, to sum up your choice.

1. Describe your skin type
A. Oily skin
B. Normal skin
C. Dry skin
D. Sensitive skin

2. What’s your major challenge with foundation?
A. Removes from my face too soon.
B. It doesn’t look good or professional
C. It feels weighty.
D. I get irritation issues or breakouts

3. What are you trying to hide?
A. Pimples and acne
B. Lines and spots
C. Nothing serious
D. Red spots

4. What look do you want to achieve?
A. Matte
B. Dewy
C. Natural
D. Even

For As, what you need is a foundation that would help pigments stick without clogging your pores. It is best to choose an oil-free foundation; one with lightweight silicon. So get MIXDAIR Face Liquid Foundation or Neutrogena Shine Control Liquid. You should also get a pressed powder with silica. Revlon Age Defying Powder is a good one to start with.

For Bs, first, you need to boost hydration by going creamy. You can do this with anti-ageing formulas that contain moisturizing agents that provide coverage and sun protection. For this, you need Shiseido Makeup Radiant Lifting Foundation, Origins Vitazing (tinted moisturizer), or Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.

If you’re in the ‘C’ category, you have nothing to worry about. Your skin is low-maintenance and any foundation will look great on you. Awesome foundation you can use include L ‘Oreal Paris Make-up. You can also go for a good tinted moisturizer like NARs Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.

If you’re in the ‘D’ category, you need more work done on your face because your skin is sensitive. Mineral make-up like BareMinerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation or Banana Loose Powder oil Control. It helps sooth the skin and prevents irritation. If you find loose foundation too messy, get a pressed version. An a good example is SACE LADY Compact Powder Oil Control Matte Makeup.

Popularly Asked Questions

1. How can I choose a highlighter shade?

Ans: Get a foundation that is two shades lighter than your natural skin colour.


2. Is it only on the jawline I can test foundation?

Ans: No. You can test it on your neck too for best results.


3. What type of brush can I apply foundation with?

Ans: Stippling brush is a great option. But the rounded foundation brush is the best.


4. What is the best way to hide wrinkles?

Ans: Apply full coverage with a good moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.


5. What if my skin is oily skin and makeup doesn’t stay on it well?

Ans: It might be worth getting a good matte primer that can keep your skin dry all day. This way, the make-up wouldn’t come off easily.


6. What brand of foundation looks natural and not caked on?

Ans: True Match foundation, Bare Minerals or Naked foundation.


7. After an hour of make-up, my face becomes shiny. What should I do?

Ans: Avoid using too much make-up or highlighter that’s too shiny for your skin type.


Some make-up websites have complexion-matching applications on their websites. Just go there, log in, and takes the test quiz about your skin type. They will, in turn, suggest the best foundation and moisturizing products for your use.



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