5 Ways to Create Personal Space in Your Relationship

What is personal space in a relationship? Personal space simply means creating time always to put yourself first and making choices that will help you create a better mindset to improve your relationship.

Personal space is important to keep the balance in every relationship no matter how long you and your partner have stayed together, space is really important.

Respecting and understanding how and why personal space is important in a relationship will help create a happier and balanced relationship.

Reasons You Need Personal Space In Your Relationship.

Self-love: No matter how close you are to your partner or how much you share, as a woman being able to do your own thing at your own time and space makes you happier and helps you to realize your worth as a person. It is a good way to develop a stronger sense of self.

Alone time: As a woman, you need time to be yourself, this encourages you to do more for yourself than when you are with your partner. Too much time together can kill the spark in a relationship or make you lose interest in your partner. To keep the relationship going smoothly it is important to always create personal time away from your partner, this adds more value to you.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder: The human heart is structured to want what it doesn’t have. While constant communication and togetherness are healthy for a relationship, you need to learn to carve out your own time. For example, take one day off every week for yourself. You could spend the day giving yourself a treat, a massage, watching a movie, reading a book, learning a course, etc.

It is unhealthy to spend too much time with your partner to the point that you can’t do without him for an hour, this can be very toxic and can end any relationship. When you separate yourself occasionally from your relationship, it makes it healthier. The worst mistake any woman would make in a relationship is to be defined by a relationship. Remember you were a person before you met your partner, continue to be that person you are. Honour your identity.

Everyone is different: Remember that you don’t have to force yourself to do or like what your partner likes. Always let him know, in a reasonably mature way, that you are not comfortable with something so that you both get to do what you want without any problem.

You know you need personal space when;

There is a communication break down

You are no longer interested in your partner’s life or opinion

There are arguments

You start nagging

Relationship stress


How to Create a Healthy Personal Space.

Creating personal space is important in a relationship. To do this you have to be real about your feelings and what you want, and stick to it. Here’s how to create a healthy personal space.

1. Dialogue (communication): It is hard to talk about having space from your partner, especially when you have never talked about it. The first thing to do is to open up to your partner. In doing this you have to be honest and make sure he is comfortable and you both are in the mood to talk then go straight to the point and make sure you let him know that space isn’t a bad thing but a good one instead, and let him know why you need it. After you have expressed yourself allow him to process it while you look after your needs.

2. Create space for yourself: If it is your first time wanting to create your personal space, it can be tricky if you still have the presence of your partner. Create a comfort zone for yourself both physically and emotionally. To start you can create an hour from a day or a day from a week to spend time with yourself, it could be at the home, office, or anywhere you can have it. This helps you to think about yourself more, and about what you want to achieve without holding back.

3. Find yourself: If you are the kind of woman that is used to the constant presence of your partner or needs support always, having your personal space can be alien to you. Focus on yourself and think of the times you used to do the things you love and start doing them too. This will help you get in touch with who you were and make you a better person.

4. Exhale Guilt: Requesting a personal space can cause you to feel guilty especially when your partner doesn’t understand the need for personal space. It could make them feel insecure. Don’t believe that your time and existence belong to your partner only. Relationships are mutual agreement and not contracts, you have every right to your space anytime you need it. And you can, in a gentle manner, help your partner understand this.

Let go of the guilt you feel and focus on maximizing the time being spent on yourself, know that the more time you spend on yourself the more reflective you become and can help your man to be better too.

5. Create boundaries: Creating personal space for yourself requires setting boundaries and sticking to them even if it is hard. Communicate why your personal space is important and don’t allow yourself to be bullied or troubled. Your partner should respect your choice if you can make them understand why you need this.

Try to avoid fighting and quarrelling over this, it will lead to more misunderstanding and feelings of insecurity. Communicate it, and you’ll be glad to see your partner respond accordingly. Relationships require respect for it to function.




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