6 Ways to Boost Your Self-confidence By Being a Hustler

Boost Your Self-confidence

Did you know that being a hustler can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem?

Society interprets the word, “hustler” in a negative way. When one is called a hustler, or we hear ‘hustle for money,’ society thinks of it as crafty and manipulative. Hustlers are seen as people who take advantage of other people.

But then, there are positive things one can say/think about a hustler. For example, she’s always thinking up strategies to make more money or make more sales. She seizes opportunities on her feet, she is persuasive, takes on challenges, and gets things done.

A hustler does everything necessary to make a way for a business or improved finances. She does not take ‘no’ for an answer, neither does she accept anything less than her target. She is mostly on the winning side when it comes to achieving. And she applies this to every aspect of her life.

You will agree that in life, generally, you only get results when you push hard and smart; when you don’t give up but keep thinking up ways to conquer. 

So yes, hustlers have a lot of good things coming to them because they are willing to put in the work. And good things only come to those who hustle with a goal. The best part if that hustlers have a boost in self-esteem, and have high self-confidence. Their day to day tasks give them a sense of purpose, 

Most people who lack self-esteem or self-confidence have no sense of purpose and shy away from tasks that take them away from their comfort zone either physically or mentally. 

But good things come to those who hustle, including a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. So what are those things a hustler does? And how can you imitate them?


1. Determination

A hustler’s foundation is built on courage, willpower, and guts to see their vision become a reality. They are goal orientated in everything they do. It doesn’t matter what challenges they face, how many doors are shut, how many ‘no’ they get, or the painful experiences that happen along the way, they keep pushing hard towards their goal, using every other means they come across.

Maya Angelou said; “every storm runs out of rain”. Hustlers know this, and they are ready to rage on with the storm knowing full well, the rain will stop. And if the rain stops, the storm stops. 

What You Should Do?

To boost your self-confidence and self-esteem,

  1. Think deeply about what you want to achieve in life. 
  2. Set your goals using a daily planner, or a vision board.
  3. Start working on them one at a time. And don’t stop until you achieve them


2. Sacrifice, Time and Effort

A hustler is in a never-ending grind, as long as making money is concerned. She has no defined schedule. She does not do 9-5 and then takes a rest. She works round the clock and only pauses work when asleep. But as long as hitting a target is the focus, she’ll hardly sleep; putting in all the efforts needed until they hit it.

She hates routines as long as making money is concerned because routines can cause unnecessary delays and it has time and money limits.

She knows that lying around and hoping for a better tomorrow is a lazy person’s way of thinking. She prefers to take matters into her own hands with multiple assignments, long hours of work and dedication to get there. She believes in bringing her dreams to life.

What You Should Do?

To boost your self-confidence and self-esteem,

  1. Eliminate anything that is not necessary from your schedule so you have more time in your hands.
  2. Now work with the extra time you’ve given yourself. Don’t let it waste.
  3. Eliminate routines that prolong your achievement.


3. Persuasion

A hustler masters the art of convincing people to give her what she wants. She persuades people to look into her ideas and connect with her plans and visions.

She is a master in observing and communicating with her target audience. She makes them motivated enough to carry out her tasks and assignments, thereby building a team of supporters.

She puts doubt aside as she does this because she needs all her confidence in place to bargain persuasively

What You Should Do?

To boost your self-confidence and self-esteem,

  1. Understand the people you are targeting. Understand what their problems are. Understand the kind of solutions they want.
  2. Find how to give them what they want while still achieving your goals. 
  3. Make the presentation. This makes you come across as having the exact solution to their problems because you understand their problems very well. This way, you can very well convince them.


4. Preparedness

A hustler is always prepared. She takes her time to study/train for the kinds of opportunities she wants to take on.

 She has all the right tools and right people in place, as she waits, patiently or eagerly, to grab opportunities. She never misses them cos she’s always prepared for them.

She sees opportunities quickly, or find new angles to old opportunities 

She’s flexible to fit into opportunities, no matter in what disguise these opportunities come. 

They say opportunities come only once. But a hustler is there to snatch them each time they come.

What You Should Do?

To boost your self-confidence and self-esteem,

  1. Learn to be flexible. Never say no to an opportunity because of a routine that can be postponed.
  2. Learn to take risks, as it is part of being prepared. Don’t allow fear to tie you down.
  3. Ensure you have at least, some tools, equipment and connections in your line of work. It’s the best way to be always prepared.


5. Network

No man or woman is an island to himself/herself. We all need each other. We need to build connections, we need to build a network of people that will help us achieve our dreams. 

A hustler knows this. She does everything necessary to build connections with intelligent, smart and willing people in her line of work. She links to those who, even though are not in her line of work, have the resources she needs to pull off a major opportunity.

Building these connections gives them access to information, tools, directions, and everything else they need to have a smooth delivery of or access to opportunities.

What You Should Do?

To boost your self-confidence and self-esteem,

  1. Use friends, relatives or acquaintances to build connections with the people you need as stepping stones to your success.
  2. Keep your connection going by making these people know you’re who they need as a partner. Help them out where you can. Be there for them, so that they too will be there for you. 


 6. Hustlers Deliver

 Hustlers are not just interested in grabbing opportunities alone. They also know that they need to deliver the best, so as to keep such an opportunity and even get more, similar to it. 

They make things happen. If they say they will get an opportunity, it will take more than a thousand ‘no’ and closed doors to stop them. And when they get the opportunity, it will take really bad health to stop them from executing a brilliant job.

They know that doing a brilliant job will bring more opportunities and they are very much interested in having more.

What You Should Do?

To boost your self-confidence and self-esteem,

  1. Don’t grab opportunities for the sake of grabbing. Ensure you deliver and leave a very good impression with everyone concerned.
  2. If you didn’t know so much of the job before, learn all you can about it. Failure or bad delivery will leave your self-esteem in the gutters and temporarily close some doors. And you don’t want that.


Are you a hustler? Are you trying to be one? Tell us in the comments.



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