7 Celebrity Fashion Wears to Fight the Heat and Boost Self-confidence

Fashion wears are for style and comfort. So, I’m sure if there’s anything we will all agree on without a moment’s hesitation, it is the fact that the heat is unbearable. I sincerely don’t like feeling hot and swearing profusely, and I avoid anything that would make me feel hot and start sweating, including body creams, face creams and clothes that increases the already hot feeling on my skin.

I’ve noticed that if my face, neck and arms are exposed enough to cool air, it keeps the heat away from the rest of my body. This applies to all generally. So even while you go to work or hang out with friends, you can keep the heat away and still look decent and smashing.

To help you achieve this with ease, I pulled together 7 celebrity fashion wears that look smashing, boosts your self-confidence, and still keeps the heat away.


1. Complete Off the Shoulder White Gown

Fashion wears

This gown is all shades of beautiful and Toke nailed it with high heels and simple jewellery. Well, she looks good in all her fashion wears. *winks* What I love the most about this gown is that, despite being totally off the shoulder,  it still keeps your privates covered.

However, to avoid the heat, I do not suggest wearing a long wig/weave. A short one will do so that breeze can easily touch your neck.

See a similar style of Tole Makinwa’s outfit here.



2. Summer Ankle Length Strap Dress

Fashion wears

Toke Makinwa again, nailed this outfit by a hundred percent. Just looking at this dress, I can already feel the breeze kissing my skin and taking away the heat.

But again, I will advise you to wear this with a short hair-do if you want more breeze on your skin.

See similar styles of this dress here



3. Black Strap Top and Trouser Pant With Yellow Jacket

I love that the strap top and trouser pant go together. The yellow jacket is badass awesome too. While Omoni Oboli nailed this casual look, you can work to make the look corporate, by replacing the casual jacket with a suit jacket.

When you get to your destination, you can always fling the jacket to the side and allow some breeze on your skin.

See similar styles for this look via the links below

Black Strap Top  

Black Pant




4. Strap Top and Shorts to Match

Fashion wears

This look by Omoni Oboli is completely breathtaking and a sure one for casual outings. It’s nice to see her rock it with her natural hair. In fact, I’m one hundred percent for natural hair this season, as it helps reduce the heat and allows your hair breath properly.

Unfortunately, you can’t easily get this exact style design in fashion stores unless you have your tailor making it for you.

The good news is, there are fashion wears very similar for you. See them here.



5. Strap Top Jumpsuit

Mercy Eke has always been one badass fashion star. Every outfit is a hit. And this tiger skin jumpsuit is no different. Now while the tiger skin material is lovely, my emphasis is on the strap. It gives enough room for breeze to touch her neck and arms and thus, reduces the heat level on her skin.

See similar strap jumpsuit ideas here



6. Mini Strap White Dress

This Mini strap white dress is all shades of gorgeous. The beautiful part is that if you aren’t used to exposing your legs, you could wear a white leggings under this and still nail it.  With a dress like this, the heat certainly can’t disturb you as you retain the baby girl look.

See similar designs of the mini strap white gown here.



7. Lace Office Gown

I think Omoni Oboli has a knack for wearing clothes that are not common. Hehehe…. it wasn’t easy to find something similar of this office lace outfit, but I got you other styles.

With this outfit, you’re not exposing too much skin, and you’re definitely getting breeze on your skin.

See an alternative design for this outfit, here


So what do you think about these styles? Have other suggestions? Please share with us below.


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