7 Proven Ways to Change From Day to Night Look

Welcome to Fashion Hotspot with QueenBee. I will be taking you on 7 Tested ways to change your outfit from day to night look.

Wouldn’t you love to effortlessly change from your day look to an evening look, when the sun goes down?

#TGIF, and I know many of us would want to bogey down this evening, or perhaps you just want to hang out with friends at an upscale bar, or yours is to have a date night with boo. Whatever your evening engagements, you can effortlessly change your day look to night look.

Many of you do not have the luxury of time to trudge through traffic jam in order to get home and freshen up for your evening outings. So you resort to carrying extra clothes in your bag and hopping from public toilets to office restrooms, looking for where to change into a new set of outfits.

Changing your day clothing to look appropriate for the night, might sound effortless, but it can be a Herculean task if you do not know how to do this, or what items to look out for. The key to this great skill is being intentional, on days you know would end up in evening appointments. Without the right items in your wardrobe, you can not achieve this feat.

I used to be like you, running from restroom to restroom, looking for where to change into a second outfit for the evening, until, I mastered versatility of my wardrobe. So now, when I go out to shop for clothes, I look out for these pieces that I am going to show you because, they make switching up, very effortless.

So quickly, let’s see:

8 Tested Ways to Change From Day to Night look


1. Leather Skirts

If you do not have leather skirts, invest in one. They are great for switching up.

On a day like Friday, when I know I would go to the bar with boo, after work, I would wear a leather skirt, paired with a sheer blouse, and complemented with a blazer, to work. Avoid button-down cotton shirts (please).

After 5 pm, I would ditch my jacket, and rock the leather skirt with the sheer blouse, and I am good to go.
Very Easy.





2. Little Black Dress (LBD)

Every fashionista knows she has to have a LBD because they are so easy to switch up. You can rock in more ways than one.

One way you can rock it to work, is your Little Black Dress (LBD), with a blazer or a denim jacket, depending on where you work. You can pair with a white blazer, for a sophisticated monochrome day look.

For a night look, all you have to do is switch up the white blazer for a studded crop jacket that sits on your waist. Or you can do without a jacket, and expose your trimmed arms. In any case, you are looking appropriate for the evening.

Another way you can make this work is by adding costume jewellery or a bracelet to your ensemble. Accessorizing your LBD takes you from day yo night look. Chic!


3. Keep a Glitzy Clutch Handy

Fashion Hotspot With QueenBee: 8 Proven Ways to Change From Day to Night Look


All you might need, to change from a day look to a night look, could just be a glitzy clutch. They are catchy and adds glam to your outfit.

So, ditch your messenger work bag, for a glitzy clutch, just big enough for your phone, debit cards and lipstick! You could go for one with a chain strap, to achieve the ‘look at me’ effect.



4. Shoes

Fashion Hotspot With QueenBee: 8 Proven Ways to Change From Day to Night Look

Did anyone ever tell you that you can dress up or dress down an outfit, with just shoes? They are totally right.

The sweater and black skirt you wore to work would still be great for an evening out, if you ditch the flats, for a heeled shoe that makes you feel like a million dollars.

When shopping for evening shoes, always buy shoes with attitude. They should speak ‘glam’ to all who looks on it.




5. Perfume

Who would have thought, that perfume could make all the difference?

Store a bottle of evening perfume in your desk, and spritz, before going for your evening appointments. It would put you in the evening mood.

Some evening perfume include;

All these are sold on online stores and in cosmetic shops.



6. Tee-shirts

Fashion Hotspot With QueenBee: 8 Proven Ways to Change From Day to Night Look

On most Fridays, people are caught in tee-shirts and other casual outfits. So, say you wore denim trousers, with a graphic tee-shirt tucked in, and block heel sandals, for your office outfit.

Then at night, for your evening look, you could remove the tuck, and tie the tee-shirt, to sit just on your waist, leaving a peep of skin. Also, roll up your trouser’s hem like Rihanna (it is trending this season), and strap on flats instead of the block sandals, to complete your evening look.




7. Makeup (Red Lipstick)

Your outfit from day to night look.

Everyone knows, you wear light make up to work and other corporate engagements because, You don’t want to be looking like Eva Longoria on the red carpet, while you are trying to convince clients to hand over their assets to your company for management.

But after 5 pm, you can go over the top with your makeup, or just swipe on red lipstick. A red lipstick immediately adds ‘sexy’ to your outfit and is perfect for an evening out.


Also, see some of the best jumpsuit ideas for 2020.

So, I have literally covered all the bases in making your wardrobe versatile, in order to switch from day look to night look effortlessly, but what other cloth hacks have you tried before? Let us know in the comment box.


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