8 Beautiful Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Work From Home Outfit Ideas have come to stay as more and more people, especially women, now work from home doing freelance writing, selling courses, selling fiction and nonfiction ebooks or physical products/services.

Some of these work from home businesses or jobs require you to occasionally make video calls, and aside from the fact that you need to look good at home, you equally need to look good, or at least presentable, if you are going to engage in video calls with clients or your team members.

So I took my time to list some nice work from home outfit Ideas, including writer outfit. See them below.


1. Tri-colour Long Sleeve Dress


This tri-coloured gown is very suitable as a work from home outfit idea. It is more suitable to keep the cold away this rainy season, thanks to the long sleeve, and it is comfortable, as it lets your legs and inner thighs get a lot of fresh air.

Feel free to wear it with slippers at home.

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2. Pink Straight Cut Ladies Dress

Oufit Ideas


This ankle-length pink dress gives you a home and office feel at the same time. I particularly love the black design and the ‘time for work’ air it creates.

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3. Black Armless Ruffled Dress


This casual dress also creates a home and office feel, while the sleeveless top creates room for comfort while you work.

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4.  African Print Strap Dress


Strap dresses are best for indoor comfort, and this African print strap dress is definitely one of the must-have work from home outfit ideas you can’t ignore.

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5. Black Stylish Mini Gown


While this can be used as a casual outfit, it is also an awesome idea for work at home ladies. It gives you style and has what it takes to boost your work mood.

I love that it has room for a lot of fresh air.

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6. Fashion Woman Ladies’ Short-Sleeve Top – Blue

Outfit ideas


You can definitely add this to your list of work at home outfit ideas. I love that you can wear this with a bum short, tight, or shorts, and still be presentable enough for your online work/online meetings.

Ultimately, the design is lovely

Get it here




7. Women Print T-Shirt Dress


This lovely Ankara print top can also serve as a mini gown. You can choose to wear it with a tight, leggings, or short.

I love that it screams ‘goal-getter, beautiful, ready for work’.

Get it here





8. Buckle Waist Short Playsuit


This Knicker Jumpsuit is an excellent design for your work at home outfit ideas.

It leaves a lot of room for fresh air, elegance, and comfort.


Get it here



In as much as working from home is awesome, I’ve come to understand that freshening up and dressing up comfortably for your task each day, helps boost your self-confidence at home, and you can also easily receive visitors, or take short strolls when you need to clear your head due to excess work.


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