9 Breakfast Ideas From Pinky’s Kitchen

Sometimes, planning your breakfast ideas can be brain-racking and time-consuming, especially if you love variety, a balanced meal and your time.

So we came up with nine delicious and healthy breakfast ideas from Pinky’s Kitchen. They’re easy to prepare or available for order. See them below.


1. Fried Plantain and Fried Potatoes With Custard.


2. Roasted Plantain (bole) and Fish Sauce.


3. Akara and Custard Breakfast Idea


4. Yam and Sauce Breakfast Idea



5. Moi Moi and Fried Fish Breakfast Ideas


6. White Rice, Veggies and Plantain



7. Red Oil Stew, Rice and Beans



8. Our Sweet Mashed Potatoes With Cabbage, Goat Meat Sauce and Side Pepper.



9. Fried Plantain, Salad, Meat, and Fried Egg


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