9 Questions To Ask Your Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is someone who helps you shop, while you attend to other things in your schedule.

Our world today is very busy. There’s always one thing or the other that needs to be done and since we all have just 24 hours to work with, it is sometimes very difficult to meet up with our office and domestic task.

It is, for this reason, a lot of working-class men and women now fall back on the support personal shoppers give. 

Local personal shoppers can help you shop for clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, kitchen equipment, food items, electronics, etc. But international personal shoppers mostly help with buying clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, electronics, phones, etc. They won’t help you go to the local market or grocery store to buy your foodstuff.

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re using a local or international personal shopper. Before you decide to go on with the services of a personal shopper, please ensure you ask the below-listed questions. 


9 Questions to Ask Your Personal Shopper


1. To What Extent Have You Been Doing Business? 

In Africa, the Personal Shopping industry is still in its developmental stages. Be watchful for shoppers who have only just started the business, without learning the basics, or gathering experience in the business. Dig into the individual customer experience and the degree of the shopper’s business ability.


2. Do You Work Alone, or With Employees?

There is hardly any client who doesn’t want quality attention from those they patronize, especially in shopping. If the person works alone, you need to be sure she can pay close attention to details while shopping.


3. What Items Do You Specialize in?

Some personal shoppers do not help clients to buy gift items or office supplies. Some others are not experienced in buying baby food, baby clothing, or electronics. Be clear on what you want to buy, and find out if the shopper you have contacted specializes in buying the items you want.


4. Can You Shop With My Budget?

Know exactly how much you’re willing to part with for the items, as well as the shopper’s fee. Ensure the shopper checks in with you while shopping, to ensure you approve of the items she is buying for you. Also, make sure the shopper’s process includes checking with you first before buying a product that may be outside of your price range. 


5. What’s Your Return Policy on Products?

While the products bought do not belong to the shopper, some shoppers are open to helping you return products you do not like, or that does not work or fit well. So, find out what the shopper’s return policy is, as well as charges for return.


6. How do You Determine Client Preferences?

You need to know how the shopper plans to get an idea of your own tastes and preferences, or how she intends to understand your own likes and dislikes. You want to be sure that a shopper buys what you want, not what she wants. 

Jasminebri Socials, for example, will ask you a series of questions to understand your personality, taste, and need. This is very important for shopping right.


7. Where Do You Source Your Products?

Personal shoppers normally have a list of offline and online store/markets they buy goods from.  Feel free to ask for a list of the stores they buy from and choose those that sell items that suit your taste. Alternatively, you can give the shopper your own store list to buy from.


8. What’s the Duration of Your Delivery?

Find out how soon you can get the item you are ordering. If the shopper is getting them from an online store, the delivery from the store could take a while, before she sends to you. But all the same, know the delivery duration and also let the shopper know how soon you’ll love your items to be delivered.


9. What Location Do You Cover?

Jasminebri Socials, for example, offers shopping to all states in Nigeria. She also shops local food and clothing items for people abroad. If you have plans to use the services of a Personal Shopper, it is always best to know their reach.


For your Personal Shopping Needs and BEST experience, Contact Jasminebri Socials on WhatsApp: (+234) 8023377808.

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