9 Ways to Plan the Perfect Valentine Date at Home


Valentine is here again. Just like birthdays, it only comes once in every year. You can choose to spend the day at a restaurant, a café, a hotel or anywhere you find interesting. But, if you happen to be amongst the population of people who really find the idea of a romantic date with that special one in the comfort of your home, thrilling, then tighten your seat belt, because this article will open your eyes to amazing things you can do at home.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of stay at home dates. Why? It creates this beautiful, and romantic atmosphere, plus it is just you and your better half, so no distractions. You’re focusing on him, she’s focused on you, and your attention is undivided. It’s beautiful. I don’t know if you get the picture, but stay at home dates is just about you two. You don’t really care about who else is existing in the whole world. It becomes even more beautiful when proper plans are put into place.

What then are the proper ways to plan your date?

1. Make Feeding Arrangements

Come on, nobody listens to what you have to say no matter how romantic, when they have a rumbling empty stomach. 

Order takeouts, make sure it is your partners favourite dish, or something good from their favourite restaurant. Does this sound so plain and you want to make things extra special? Cook! Yeah, make the meal yourself.

You don’t have to be a professional chef to do this. With YouTube, Google, and friends, you should be able to make the perfect Valentine meal for two. If your schedule is tight, feel free to get a personal shopper to help purchase the items for cooking.


2. Home Decor Just For the Date Purpose

 Surprise your partner with something new and stunning. Valentine is considered a special day. Everything has to be special. 

While making plans for this, be sure to put your partner’s taste and personality into consideration. Red colour decor is always fine and it’s okay by all. But, you can ditch the regular, and go for something more intricate and romantic for temporary use.

3. Spend Some Time Making Cards

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but there’s this level of happiness I get when my better half, goes out of his way, takes his time and makes me something. I feel special. It might not look stunning, but for the fact that he did it, makes me feel special.

Get papers of different colours from the stationary stores, with a pair of scissors, cut them into heart shaped. You can always make as many as you want, but with different messages written on them. You can also draw on them. If your man loves football, draw a soccer ball on a card and say something like ‘I know you love football, but I’m glad you’ve never chosen it over me’.

You can also get him some special Valentine gifts


4. Make Movie Plans.

Stay-at-home dates might be just about you two, but at some point you have to do other things aside talking. A romantic movie that sets the mood or take the romance to a whole new level.

Need suggestions? Checkout a list of some of the best romance movies of 2019


5. Make Music Plans

If you have to move your furniture to do this, perfect. But make sure the sofa stays, because that’s where the magic happens. Select or download a good number of R and B for the night. Good songs that will get you looking into your partner’s eyes and holding their arms as you dance.


6. Books Should Also be Included in The List.

Any plans that does not include books is not yet complete. It doesn’t have to be complicated books as huge as encyclopedias. Maybe, a journal, or a high school yearbook that brings back sweet memories. Talk about the funny scenes, pictures and laugh over it. Also checkout some of our nice romance novels 

7. Game Plans For Two

Does your partner enjoy playing scrabble? Make arrangements for it.

Does he/she love Sudoku? Please try as much as possible to include it in your date plans.

Games can be an incredible way to bond.


8. Questions

These are vital aspect of any date at home, both outdoor and indoors. Although, some questions can be incredibly irritating and huge turn off when asked, while some can act as a great turn on. It all depends on how and why you asked.

Here’s a list of romantic questions. These should give you a clue as to the kind of questions to ask on you at home dinner date.

  • When was the last time you thought about me?
  • What’s your plans for the future?
  • What is the most beautiful gift you’ve ever received from me?
  • Would you still date me in your next life? 
  • What do you really love about me?
  • If you could,  what will you change in our relationship?
  • Do you think I protect you enough? Date creates that atmosphere for reminiscing and amendments.

Ask questions that will remind your partner that you love him/her and you want the very best for them. You can also use this to bring out the romantic streak in them. Look into their eyes when you ask this questions, it is quite romantic and tells a lot about how passionate you are about the person.


9. Wines, Candles and at Least One Rose Flower.

Ever seen a date scene in a hall mark movie or read one here on pelleura.top? Those scenes are never complete without flowers, candles and red wine. It is a compulsory inclusion, you can never omit these three small but important members whenever you are making any date plans.

Haven read all of these, it is safe to say that stay-at-home dates are much more conservative and cost-friendly. Cost aside, it also comes with other benefits like unending intimacy and quiet atmosphere, which is good for bonding.

Too busy to shop? A personal shopper can help you.


So which of these ideas will you work with? Please drop them in the comment section below. And remember, sharing is caring. Kindly share with your friends. Someone may need this.



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