I changed the heading of this blog to Presence of Life, which means, it is now used to share strictly messages and teachings about God and Life.

My journey to this point has been a very long one. I came across most of the teachings and articles you will be reading here, as a little girl, thanks to my parents and the books they exposed me to. But as life progressed, I deviated from SOME, not all, of these teachings and quickly forgot the wonderful experiences I had while practicing the lessons learnt.

With time, I gradually started to come back to these teachings due to different challenges I encountered; both physical and spiritual. I have my parents and my immediate elder brother who have continued to teach me. But for a long time, I had not gone back to reading for myself these lessons and instructions about the true way of life, nor did I get involved in meditation to enable me to learn more from within. I only practiced, at best, what I learned since I was a child, as well as what my parents and brother taught me.

A stronger urge to know more started in the year 2020 with the lockdowns, covid, and the American election, showing me the truth of the world that we live in and my attention quickly moved on for the way forward. And from the last few months of the year 2020, into 2021, I constantly experienced an inner urge to start learning and reading again, as well as taking my meditation seriously. I believe this was a prompting from my FATHER within, as meditation is the only place HE can teach me (and everyone else) directly, one step at a time.

In 2021, a huge, very trying experience came up that tore the veil for me to see clearly and know from my heart that indeed, it is time to fully make necessary changes and take that bold step to know God more, focus on him, and drop all attachment to materialism (the pull of the world) and start in earnest, the work I was born to do.

And so while I returned to learning and meditating, I started to clean out old posts from this blog and my social pages, I cleaned up my schedule, as well as so many personal and non-personal things that I know I no longer need in my life. This process has been on for months and a lot of necessary changes have been made. I believe more will be made.

Those who have visited pelleura.top before now know that it has been used for so many different kinds of write-ups; stories (which include, adventure, thriller, romance, erotica, fantasy, etc), skincare, online business lessons and courses, self-help articles, rights for women, and so on.

Looking back now, I’ll say the different write-ups I engaged in was indeed confirmation that there was a lot of conflict in me about what I was doing. All the same, I am thankful to My FATHER that it was also a training for me to be able to learn proper writing and research in various niches, which now aids me in sharing the messages in this blog.

Some of the novellas, stories, and articles I’ve written in the past, both from my starting days as a writer up until December 2020, can be found scattered on various online platforms.

I initially didn’t want to use this blog for this purpose. I wanted to get another one registered. But on second and third thoughts, I decided it is the best place to start. The best place to start sharing what I have learned over the years; the experiences I have had, the lessons I’ve learned; both from reading, listening to teachings, and meditating, knowing full well that I’m being guided by my FATHER within.

These lessons and instructions, including true life experiences, can’t be forced on anyone. While you go through this blog, you decide for yourself if to accept them or not. Man was born with freewill and has every right to exercise that freewill.

I will only prompt you to keep an open heart and an open mind while on this blog, and ask your FATHER within you, to direct you.

God Bless You.