Pelleura is an online membership site where authors post fiction stories to entertain, educate and inform readers. It is basically about storytelling, and we’ve opened our doors for more writers to join us.

The platform is to encourage african writers and also african readers from all over the world, by presenting to them a better version of our story.

Africans are way past the regular drama books we read, and the drama movies we watch. We need a huge difference in our storytelling.

Eventually, we plan to set up a studio and work with movie producers to adapt selected stories to screen. The selection process will be via voting by our readers. Also, depending on how well readers respond to submitted works, we might decide to restrict the stories for paid members only.

Any story restricted to paid memsbership gets the author a monthly commision from total income via subscription per month. We also run courses for writers who want to learn more about the writing business, and moving their craft beyond just talent, to business. You can see it here


Do we render services here?

Yes, we do. Please see the image below


You can also look through our site menu to see the details of our services.

And yes, authors/writers are always welcome to contribute to entertaining, motivating, informing and educating our readers. But your contributions must be a story, either in audio, video or written text.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach me here


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