Announcement Time! And My New Year Gift To You


I know everyone is always willing to hear something new. And here at Pelleura, we don’t disappoint because as we previously announced, every Thursday is for announcements on the blog. And today is no different.

So first off, I’m happy to announce to you that our new blog series; Just a Little Poison, has started fully on the blog. Basic introduction to this story has been previously made. So if you are yet to read the first chapter, please go here to read it.



Did you know, we accept submissions on the blog? Well, now you do. But before you send us your works, please read our guidelines here, and also submit there

PS: Include your name, short bio and photo below the main body of your write up, else we wouldn’t know anything about you after the submission. It’s very important.


Freelance Writing and Business


Sometime this year, and even late last year, some readers asked for a copy of “No Bullshit Guide to Making a Full-time Living as a Freelance Writer. We told them we wanted to upgrade it before putting it out for sale again.

So at the beginning of the week, Karo sat down with the book again and went through it. She realized she had put in everything there was to put in a book, for newbies. Everything else that we know about the writing business will be discussed in subsequent books.

This is because, if we have everything together in one book, it would leave readers confused as to where to start from. And we don’t want that.

So all Karo did on this book was a little upgrade, and I am happy to announce that the book is live again; not just on PayStack, but on Amazon, Kobobooks, Apple Store, Barnes and Noble and other ebook retail stores.

You see, the internet is built in a way that gives room for every kind of writing you can think of. The internet businesses, be it entertainment,  information, e-commerce, or even education-based businesses, are in need of more written content today than they were yesterday. Blogs spring up on the internet every day,  and these blogs need fresh articles.

What you mostly need at the end of the day, is;

–          Finding your writing niche
–          The right positioning
–          The right marketing
–          The right audience

In this book, “No Bullshit Guide To Making A Full-Time Living As A Freelance Writer“, the different kinds of popular niches are listed and explained, and everything else to help you start from zero to paid, are treated in it.

What Should You Expect in This Book?

1.  This book will teach you how to identify your writing niche, as well as expose you to the most popular well-paying writing niches we have presently.

2.  It will show you the challenges writers face and the steps to overcoming these challenges

3.  It will show you the basic tools you need to aid your writing

4.  How to build a strong voice/brand for your writing career

5.  How to market your writing services and get well paid

6.  How to use Facebook and Instagram to boost publicity

5.  There are also samples of email marketing letters you can use for your online marketing


PS: This book will sell for N2,000 only, from now till January 31st 2019. Afterwards, the price will revert. This is our new year gift to you. We want you to make headway in your freelance writing business, this year.

However, this offer doesn’t include joining our private WhatsApp group chat for more lessons and personal direction in getting your clients. But since it’s a gift, you’re entitled to two questions only.

After purchasing your copy, read up and feel free to shoot us 2 questions, if you need more explanations on certain topics. And do not forget to ACT on what you learn. It is the only way you will achieve anything.

To get your copy, please visit the links below:

Amazon:  No Bullshit Guide To Making A Full-Time Living As A Freelance Writer 

Other stores: No Bullshit Guide To Making A Full-Time Living As A Freelance Writer

Direct buy: No Bullshit Guide To Making A Full-Time Living As A Freelance Writer

PS: If you would prefer a bank transfer, please send a message to, and we’ll reply with the bank details.

So that’s it, everyone! This is just a first. I can boldly say, expect more from Pelleura this year because this year is certainly a no dulling year. We’re set to inform and entertain you.

Cheers again, to a successful 2019.

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