Baby On A Mission (1)

Chapter One

Nicholas; 7 months old and fair complexioned, lay face-up, giggling happily at his father’s funny faces. He had finished swallowing the last spoon of custard his father fed him and was relaxing peacefully in his cot when his father, Barrister Andrew Ajeja, returned to play with him briefly.

Nicholas missed his mother, but even as young as he was, he knew that he was lucky to have a father who cared so much for him. His father was a dark skinned man, chocolate brown to be precise. His neat low cut over well-trimmed beards accentuated his handsome features. His light brown eyes were full of life. His full lips smiled graciously at the toddler in the cot. He didn’t have the body of a model, but he was proud of his flat tummy and a full chest.

“Alright kiddo,” he said as he turned and went about arranging his documents into his briefcase. “I seriously need to get to the office. I can’t bring you along so, I have made arrangements for someone special to look after you while I’m away. She is nice. I’m sure you will love h…”

The doorbell rang that moment, cutting him short.

“Okay, that must be her.” He said.

He left Nicholas’ room to answer the door and a few minutes later he returned with a fair skinned lady, obviously in her late twenties. She looked so much like a model cut out from a magazine; slim, tall. Her braids hung freely over her shoulders. She looked really gorgeous in a red knee level gown that hugged her body. Her eyes were dark brown, her nose, a little wide and her lips, full.

“Kiddo, meet Erica,” Barrister Andrew said and grinned. “She is the one I was just telling you about. She will take special care of you while I am away. But please, you have to be good to her. No pranks, okay?”

“Errrrr, hrrrr tatatatato,” little Nicholas replied. He knew he had not gotten to the stage where he would talk and so there was just no need forcing it. However, his father took his baby blabbing as a ‘Yes daddy, I will be a good boy’ talk and gave him a thank you peck on his cheeks.

But truly, Nicholas was making it very clear that he couldn’t promise not to be mischievous. At that moment, he was thankful that his father didn’t understand what he said. Maybe he would have gotten a spank or a frown in place of the peck.

Wow! What a wonderful world we babies live in. He thought. You say what you like and still get a peck for it.

He was still thinking about just how wonderful his world was when he noticed his father licking his female friend on her lips and at the same time saying thank you for coming. Nicholas didn’t like the scene in front of him. This was becoming a regular habit and he didn’t like it one bit. If he was not mistaken, Erica was the 10th woman his father had brought home to look after him and he licked almost every one of those women just as he was joyfully licking and biting this one.

What do grown-ups enjoy in licking each other’s saliva? He thought.

“You definitely can’t understand that yet. It’s complicated,” a voice said from the window.

Upon hearing the voice, Nicholas smiled. He knew that voice even in his sleep. He got excited as he turned in his cot to the open window. There his angel friend, Emil, stood with folded arms and a sincere smile. He was a full 6ft tall. His white robe, with a golden belt around the waist region, touched the floor. He had no wings but his skin sparked with life. It was not the normal type of earthly skin, this was more glorious. His white hair matched with his dark skin.

Angel Emil was Nicholas’ Guardian Angel. He had a mission to fulfil with Nicholas. For that reason, he made it a point of duty to always be around, especially if Nicholas was going to be home alone with one of his father’s numerous girl friends. Emil always made sure that no harm ever came to his little friend. No matter what.

Being a baby yet to speak, Nicholas and his angel friend communicated through thoughts. But sometimes, Emil spoke. No matter how loud he spoke, no one else heard him, except he wanted the people around to.

“I’m glad you are here!” Nicholas greeted him with excitement. “If my father knew I already have a baby sitter, he wouldn’t bother with these terrible women.”

“No, he wouldn’t,” Emil replied. “Butt talking about women, what are you going to do to stop the inappropriate touching?” Emil asked, still smiling.

Nicholas’ eyes followed Emil’s gaze to where his father and Erica stood, happily licking away and almost tearing at each other all in the name of passion. Nicholas was highly disgusted now. Without a moment’s delay he burst into serious tears as he peed on himself.

Startled by the sudden change in mood and comfort, Andrew and Erica put aside their escapades and moved to attend to him. Even with that, his crying only increased. Angel Emil watched the drama before him with amusement. It was not the first time Nicholas was using his cry and pee trick to pull his father away from the arms of “these terrible women” as he called them.

Andrew carried Nicholas and began to rock him. Erica made an attempt to take Nicholas from him but Andrew refused. He knew his son’s cries would definitely increase in the arms of another.

“Andrew,” she complained, “I am going to babysit him for the next eight hours. You have to let him start getting used to me.”

“I know darling, it’s just that…”

“It’s nothing, Andrew. I’m here, so let me do what I came here to do.”

Andrew saw reasons with her. He let her carry Nicholas. In protest, Nicholas’ cries increased even more. His father wanted to take him back but Erica refused.

“He will get used to me, dear,” She assured him, “you have to be on your way now or you will be late for work.”

“Okay baby,” Andrew agreed as he pecked her cheeks. “Thanks a lot. You are a lifesaver.”

Before he left the house, Andrew showed Erica where Nicholas’ food was, as well as his clothes and diaper; in case she needed to change him into something clean whenever he passed out faeces or peed.

After all was done, Andrew picked up his suit jacket and briefcase, pecked both Erica and Nicholas on their cheeks before going out the door.

Now left alone with his babysitter, Nicholas began to mentally map out what pranks he could play on her. As long as he was concerned, this was the first and last time he ever wanted to see her with his father. The other women who had come in the past left and promised never to come back again. He wanted same for Erica. As little as he was, Nicholas knew he needed to think and crying wasn’t going to help out with that, so, he stopped crying and tried to focus.

“That’s my baby,” Erica said, after he became quiet, “now that you are willing to get used to me, let me clean you up and wrap you in a clean diaper. After that, we will get to know each other properly.”

“Properly my foot!” Nicholas yelled. “Blah ahh kkhh,” was all Erica heard.

She took him back to his playroom where Emil was waiting. He was surprised to see Nicholas was quiet.

“What?’ He asked; brows raised, “you’re tired of crying?”

“No” Nicholas replied, “I need to think and frankly, I need your help in this matter.”

Erica, completely unaware of Emil’s presence and his conversation with the baby, went about her duty. She carefully placed him on the table and began to change his soaked diaper.

“This is so unfair,” Nicholas said in protest, as Erica started to clean him up.

“What is?” Emil asked.

“Must every woman see my nakedness? All in the name of babysitting?”

“Yes,” Emil replied with a grin. “After all, you are still a baby.”

“Well, whatever. But I want her gone for good” Nicholas insisted.

“She is a nice lady, Nick. Why not for once be nice too?”

“That’s not possible, Emil.”


“Oh come on. You are the Angel, Emil. You are the one who told me I have to make sure none of these women sit well with my father and that I must keep the road clear for my mother from my other life. Now how would I do that if I’m nice? This one seems nice, yes, but she is not my former mother.”

“Okay, I get your point,” Emil said in defeat. “So, have you come up with a plan yet?”

“I’m still working on it. Eight hours is a long time you know?”

“Yes I know.”

To Be Continued. 

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