Baby On A Mission (2)

Barrister Andrew got to his chambers, Andrew Ajeja Law Chambers, much later than he had hoped to. In addition to the heavy traffic along the road, he was cornered by some armed men who claimed to be from Global Reach – a company dealing in scientific discoveries and modern technologies. The men, all dressed in black suit, claimed their boss had a case and since they knew Andrew to be a very sound and effective lawyer, they wanted him to handle it.

     “Why not come to the office and book an appointment? Then we can discuss,” Andrew queried at first, when he didn’t really know who they were.

     “Look, Barrister, we have no time for that,” one of the men said as he slightly pulled out a short gun, just enough for Andrew to see before sliding it back into his pocket. “By one o’clock this afternoon,” the man continued, “be at Global Reach. My boss will be expecting you. If you don’t show up, kiss your son and your chambers goodbye, because I know those are the two most important things in your life right now.”

     “Okay…, okay! I hear you,” Andrew raised his hands in acceptance. “By one o’clock this afternoon, I will be there. Just leave my son and my chambers out of this.”

     “Good!” Their leader said. “Have a great day Barrister. And see you soon.”

     They left him just as quietly as they had sneaked up on him and for a moment, he wondered if they had really been there.

     When he got into his chambers late that morning, his personal secretary, Jennifer Esighe – a young lady in her early twenties, fair skinned and about 5ft tall, was there to greet him and bring him up to speed about the latest development for one of the cases he was handling.

     “Thank you, Jennifer,” was all he could say after she finished talking. His mind was still disturbed by the morning’s event.

     Jennifer wanted to ask what was wrong. She knew her boss was a lively man but what she saw at that moment was the opposite. She decided that whatever the problem was, she would give him a little space to calm down and then talk to him later.

     “If there is anything else I can do, just let me know.”

She left his private office and returned to her desk.

           Running away from home at a tender age because of an abusive father and a mother who couldn’t care less, made her grow up in the streets. She slept with men for money or food, took drugs and even sold some. It was during this period that she met Gbenga, a tout who was also taking and selling drugs.

He pretended to love Jennifer but when she took in for him, he denied her and the pregnancy. Jennifer’s world almost caved in but some nuns picked her up from the street and took her in. After she had given birth, they rented and furnished a small apartment for her and in addition, they gave her a job at the convent. It was more than Jennifer could ask for and she was totally grateful. The girl child was all she had and having her brought positive changes to Jennifer’s life.

     However, things took a different turn for Jennifer when her baby girl who she named Ella, fell seriously ill and died a year later. Jennifer grieved for her baby girl. She did not know what she would do without her. A year with the child had helped her amend her ways and gave her a more positive outlook on life.

After the child was gone, she felt empty and had no wish to live. She stopped going to the convent but instead went about getting into trouble again, doing drugs and a lot of other bad things. At one time, she shoplifted but got caught. When taken to face the Judge in a courtroom, there was no one to defend her.

     It was during this time she came in contact with Barrister Andrew Ajeja. He happened to be in the court premises when her case was being heard. Seeing that she had no attorney, he volunteered his services. Seeing that her case was indeed serious, he promised the judge that if he let her go, of course she will still pay in cash for the stolen goods but on his own part, he would do everything possible to keep her away from the streets and away from trouble.

     Knowing the kind of man Andrew was; A man of good-will who always kept his promises, the judge accepted his plea and let Jennifer off the hook. Jennifer was completely touched that a man who knew absolutely nothing about her could help. She decided to truly change for the better and finally say goodbye to the memory of her dead child, even though it was not easy.

     As part of his scheme to help her, Andrew hired her as his personal office assistant and paid her handsomely.

Initially, Andrew’s late wife, Esther, was not comfortable with the development. But after a long period of watching Jennifer and seeing that she could really be trusted, she let the issue go and took Jennifer as a sister.

     During this period Esther conceived and when she was due, she gave birth to Nicholas. Unfortunately, she did not survive the traumas of labor. Nicholas became half orphaned at an early age and since then, things had been a little rough for Andrew.

     Jennifer wanted to help in whatever way she could, but she always seemed to meet a brick wall. She didn’t know how to get across to her boss. She didn’t know how to let him know she was there for him.

Bringing her mind back to the present, she sighed, before trying to get back to work. Unfortunately, the worried face of Andrew constantly occupied her thoughts and it was driving her nuts.

I have to find a way to help him,” She thought. I really have to find a way.”


     Back  at home, it was already 12 noon. Erica who thought Nicholas was fast asleep, went into the sitting room to watch TV. Nicholas on the other hand, was wide awake and with Emil’s help, he was able to come up with a plan. Being an angel, Emil can read minds and one thing he kept reading in Erica’s mind was the fear of poo. ‘I pray this child doesn’t poo all over the place before his father gets back’ She kept telling to herself. “I don’t think I can handle that.”

“So she hates the smell of baby poop?” Nicholas asked in amusement.

     “Yes! But be careful, Nick,” Emil warned him, “do not over do it.”

     “But that’s the whole idea,” Nicholas protested. “If I have mercy on her then she will definitely come back again.”

     “At least have a little sympathy.”

     “Okay, Emil. After all, you’re the angel here.”

     “Okay then. Time for action”

     Nicholas chuckled innocently before bursting into a very loud cry. Erica was almost dozing off on the couch when she heard the cry. She quickly got up and ran into Nicholas’ room.

     “Oh, my dear. What’s wrong?” She asked as she carried Nicholas from his cot where she had placed him earlier. Nicholas cried uncontrollably. “Are you hungry?” Erica asked. Confused. She couldn’t think of anything else that would make him cry so loudly. She took him to the kitchen and placed him on the centre table before going about to prepare his custard. As soon as she was done, she tried feeding him but he kept coughing up the food on her body.

“Oh, dear,” Erica said. A worried frown stuck to her forehead, “now I will have to wash my gown.”

     She looked at Nicholas and warned him to eat. Since he continued to cough up the food all over her body, Erica got angry and closed his nose. This way, Nicholas was forced to eat his food. This new development made him cry endlessly but nonetheless, he ate the rest of the food.

     Emil couldn’t help laughing out loud at Nicholas’ situation. “The predator becomes the prey” he said, chuckling. He knew Nicholas would be angry at him for not helping out but that didn’t bother him one bit.

     When Erica was done with Nicholas, he was sweating all over and she decided to give him a cold bath.

     She took him to the bedroom and after getting his bath water ready, Erica removed his clothes and diaper. Nicholas chuckled heartily because he knew this was his moment. He raised his legs up and waited for Erica to return from where she went to keep the used diaper. As soon as she was within range and bent over him from the side where his legs were raised up, he did it. He comfortably laid back and shot his poop to Erica’s face and neck. The smell filled her nose and the taste, her mouth.

     Emil froze when he saw what his baby friend had done. He knew Nicholas would poo on her but he didn’t expect him to go this far. His breath caught as he watched Erica’s reaction.

     “You bastard!!” She yelled after wiping out faeces from inside her lips and nose. She ran to the bathroom to wash up. She removed her clothes and took her bath all over again as she used the tooth paste and her hand to wash her mouth clean. All these while, Emil seriously scolded Nicholas for behaving badly. Even Nicholas started to feel sorry for his actions and he wished he could apologize.

     After bathing, Erica wore one of Andrew’s shirt and short before washing her gown. When she was done, she walked back to where Nicholas laid and looked down at him, frowning.

     “You see, Nick,” she started, “I tried to play nice, but now I will teach you a lesson. Come here!” Without so much as a second thought, she carelessly picked him from the bed and headed for the bathroom. Nicholas turned to Emil for answers; he wanted to know what Erica was going to do to him. Emil didn’t answer his silent question, but the look on his face told Nicholas that Erica was really about to teach him the lesson of his life.

To be continued. 

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