Baby On A Mission (3)

Chapter Three

At about 12:30 PM that afternoon, Andrew left his chambers and drove in a hurry to Victoria Island where Global Reach’s headquarters stood majestically. As soon as he arrived, he parked at the parking lot and walked in to the reception area.

“Hello.” He greeted the Corporately dressed male who was at the receptionist desk. “Is your boss in?”

The young man gave him a questioning look before asking. “Do you have an appointment?”

“Errr… Kind of”

“Sorry sir, that’s not good enough.”

“He sent his boys to invite me over,” Andrew argued, “so pick up your phone and tell him Barrister Andrew Ajeja is here.”

The receptionist frowned at him before reluctantly picking up the phone and dialing his boss’ office. “Sir,” he said as soon as the phone was picked at the other end, “there is one Barrister Andy…”

“Andrew” he corrected.

“Andrew,” the man corrected himself. “He is here to see you.” After a brief pause he responded with a “Yes sir.”

He put down the phone and got up from his seat. “Please follow me, sir,” he said.

Andrew followed him up the lift to the top floor. They stepped into a well furnished passage and moved on until they got to the last door. It had ‘Silas Okri’ printed boldly on it. Andrew squeezed his brows into a frown.

Silas Okri? He thought. How in God’s name did an elderly man; an elder in his church for that matter and a philanthropist, get involved with rogues? Well he was soon going to get an answer to his question.

After knocking the door, the receptionist walked away without a word. Andrew waited patiently for the door to open and when it finally did, he came face to face with the leader of the thugs that came to him that morning.

“You have made a wise decision by coming here, Barrister. Welcome.” He opened the door wider and signalled him to come in.


Back in the house, Erica could not bring herself to forgive Nicholas for what he had done to her. She seriously wanted to see him suffer just as much as she had, and even more. She knew she wasn’t thinking straight. Her emotions completely clouded her judgement but she did not care.

When she got into the bathroom with Nicholas, she poured fresh water into the bath and when it was full, she place Nicholas inside it.

“You’re going to know what it feels like to drown,” she said to him and then walked out.

Nicholas’ little body could not take it. As soon as he was placed inside he began to choke as water filled his nose and mouth. Drowning was going to be inevitable.

In the room, the angry Erica went about trying to put the place in order. She seriously did not care about Nick. In the first place, she didn’t like him. She had to keep up with the pretense because of the feelings she had for Andrew and the money she got from him too. If Nick dies, then it would be good for her as she would be coming into a home where her children will not share with strangers. She wouldn’t have them fight for inheritance with the little nit wit. For all she cared, she could think up lies to tell Andrew when he got back. This way he would not suspect anything, especially if she faked a sincere cry.

She was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she did not notice Nicholas at the bathroom entrance, floating in mid-air and gradually moving toward her.

When he was just directly behind her, Nicholas coughed.

The sound startled Erica. She jumped and turned around. The colour drained from her face. Words cannot explain what she felt, but she was seriously shocked to see Nicholas floating in front of her. He was not smiling, neither was he frowning. He just stared at her. He thought she was really nice but now, he knew better. Erica was after her own gain and if allowed to marry her father, she would torture him for the rest of his life.

“What is this?” She asked, fear taking over, “you are a possessed child. You are supposed to be drowning. You are evil and evil does not come near me. I do not fear you, Nick. I will kill you and suffocation is what fits your type.”

As she moved to pick up the pillow resting at the head of the bed, she heard it; a calm voice filled with authority.

“You will not lay a finger on this child,” Emil commanded, “you will do him no harm and you will get out of his life and that of his father’s.”

Erica became even more frightened as she withdrew to the exit.

“Who are you?” She asked, looking around, wondering who the voice belonged to.

Emil revealed himself then, and Erica’s eyes widened as she saw the glory of the being in front of her. For the first time, she realized that Nicholas was not just floating in mid-air, the Angel in front of her was the one carrying him in his arms.

“My God!” She covered her mouth.

The fear of being punished by the Angel for her wicked act against an innocent child made her run out of the house. She didn’t bother to change into her wet clothes or to even carry them; neither did she remember to pick up her hand bag and shoes.

As soon as she was out of the house, Emil looked down at Nicholas. He blamed himself for everything that happened but he knew better than to live in regret. Life must go on and regret shouldn’t be part of it.

“How do you feel now?” He asked.

“Better,” Nicholas replied, “at least she is gone.”

“Yes. She is,” Emil repeated. “I knew there was something not right about her but I didn’t know exactly what because I didn’t want to. I only wanted to see her good side and for my own mistake you nearly lost your life.”

“But I didn’t. Thanks to you.” He coughed again.

“You are welcome. Now let us dry you up and get you into something clean.”

Emil assumed the role of a mother. He dried Nicholas’ body, wore him a new diaper, powdered him up and then wore him an easy t-shirt and a short. That done, he snapped his fingers once. The entire house arranged it self. Everything was in place and not even a dot of dust could be seen.

“So, now that you are dressed and lonely, what do you want us to do? Emil asked.

“I have an idea. Why don’t I go to sleep so that my spirit travels with you? I want to see what is happening out there, please. I’m tired of being indoors all day.”

“That’s not a bad idea. Come, let us prepare.”

Within 10 minutes, Nicholas’ soul stood side by side with Emil and together, they watched his physical body sleeping peacefully.

“I still don’t understand the magic behind this,” Nicholas admitted.

“One day my friend. One day, you will understand everything about how the universe works.”

“And I seriously look forward to that day.”

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