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Be Your Own Boss

The popular words on the lips of many Nigerians today include:

  1. I need a second stream of income,
  2. I have a laptop/phone with an internet connection, how can I make money with it?
  3. I’m a full house-wife with little saving, I need ideas on a profitable business that will give me time for my family.

Let’s be sincere, with the harsh economy, the only thing a lot of people now think about is MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!

  • Money! so they can survive
  • Money, so they can pay their rent and other bills
  • Money so they can care for the kids and send them to good schools
  • Money so they can feed comfortably
  • Money so you and your family can have a better standard of living.

Unfortunately, we are at a time where a lot of our youths go for quick money. The risk in it is that they sell their peace of mind and happiness for it. This is not the way to go.

Now since you want to make money, you need to be ready and willing to learn how to climb the ladder (skill) of success.

It is for this reason, OLUBUNMI DADA-EGBEOLA, based on her experience, took time out to put together, this financially educative book titled, “BE YOUR OWN BOSS”.

Want to know more about the author? See her story below:

“I’ve been into different kinds of online and offline businesses, but yet I’m not fulfilled – still looking for more. Once a banker and been into different types of MLM programs, yet all is the same!

I went on with all of this until I discovered the secret. KOP KOPMEYER said, “Learn from the experts, you will NEVER live long enough to learn it all for yourself “.

Brian Tracy says, “No Excuses. If you want to be successful, your first job is to learn what you need to learn in order to achieve the success you desire. Learn from the experts. Read their books. Listen to their audio programs. Attend their seminars. Write to them or approach them directly and ask them for advice”.

People don’t associate with people without Knowledge, Skill or Money. So, you can only be your better self by sitting your ass down and creating the time to be who you wanna be, and this book, Be Your Own Boss, is just perfect for you.


Be Your Own Boss If you’re among those who say

a. can’t afford the #5,000 the coach is charging. Seriously? But you can buy a gift of #10,000 for your girlfriend/ boyfriend?

b. I don’t have money to buy the data in order to download the ebook.  But you can download the latest movies and comedy skits?

 Seriously, there is no reason whatsoever for you to not get your copy of OLUBUNMI DADA-EGBEOLA’s “Be Your Own Boss”. Be serious about getting your business right. Learn how to fish from the main source!

This powerful, educating and informative ebook is here to:-

* Expose you to 15 online and 15 offline businesses, that you can start with little or nothing.

* You will have the direct contact (email, mobile), and access to 33 distinguished experts, who are crushing it in their fields.

* This book will not only help you in picking the right business to do, it will also teach you how to go about making it profitable and successful.

* It’s a great opportunity for you to equip yourself with the appropriate business skills.

* You only need a phone/laptop with internet connection in starting some of the businesses listed here, while you need some money in starting others.

This richly packed ebook only costs N2,000. Yes. You read right. N2000 only. That cheap. But it wouldn’t be so for long. So the faster you get your copy, the better.

This is an opportunity for you to change the story of your life! Make 2018 a fulfilled year by learning special business skills that will sustain you through your lifetime.

For details on how to get the book, contact OLUBUNMI DADA-EGBEOLA (call or WhatsApp) – 08078223355

Sometimes, one idea is all you need to change the direction of your life!

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