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Let me tell you a short story. One late morning, Karo was busy editing the book two of Faith Weds, Not Grace, when she got a notification on messenger. It was a Facebook acquaintance asking for tips on how he could manage his time so as to finish the book he had been struggling with. He is a busy person who hardly has the time to look at his book, unless on very few occasions.

She told him how she managed to write her first book even while she was working a full-time job, and how she wrote the entire first draft of her second novella in one night.

Wow! Right? That’s how I reacted when Karo and I first talked about it.

True, it is easy to lose focus or run out of creativity and excitement for your book, due to your everyday challenges. But does that mean your book should suffer? No way! That is why,

– We want to help you start writing again.

– If you’ve never written a book before, we want to help you get started.

– If you’ve started your book but feel stuck on the way, or you need a creative boost, then please know that we want to help you get all the support to finish your book.

So yes! I’m very very excited to announce to you, our 7 Days Instant Author Writing Challenge, which will begin on Friday, 15th of March, 2019. This challenge will help you:

1. Stay disciplined and focused while turning you into an instant author at the end of 7 days.

2. Help you start your manuscript or continue from where you stopped.

3. Give you creative ideas to run with.

4.  Help you get done with your first draft, or at least a greater part of your book project within 7 days.

5. At the end of this challenge each participant will be presented with mouth watering offers which I will not be revealing yet. But I bet you, these offers will blow you away.

You may ask, why the challenge, and why the offers? The truth is, staying disciplined, committed and focused on your writing to get your book finished, is almost every writer’s challenge. And getting a community of support is something writers need in times like this.

Who can relate to the above? I can. I noticed that with the way I was going with my daily schedule, I would never finish my book, let alone write something for Valentine.

However, Karo insisted that I must write something for Valentine. I reluctantly agreed. But then she asked me how I was going to deliver, knowing that Valentine was just about 10 days away.

I started to think up answers that I’m not even sure would have worked, but she stopped me and gave me a laid down plan to follow.  Well, guess what? In 7 days, I wrote and finished Trapped by kisses. And I didn’t even start writing in time. Editing, book design and book copy was done by Karo.

If I could do it, then You Can do it; with a well laid down plan which she’ll be sharing with you.

So why again should you sign up for the Instant Author Writing Challenge?

Almost all the time we get emails from people saying, “I want to be a writer, but I don’t have the discipline to finish my book”.

As an aspiring author, second or third time author, you need discipline to start and finish your book. You need an accountability partner to walk the journey to being an author with you.

So what have we done?

*We have opened a fresh Facebook group where the challenge will take place proper.

*No. You do not need to post your works on the group. We have our ways to follow up with participants.

*We would hold mini classes on daily writing habits and tricks during the challenge.

* This challenge is open to fiction and non-fiction writers, as well as those who want to write a blog series. It is also open to business owners who have products and services they would love to write a book about.

*You will get access to materials and guidelines that will assist you through the challenge.

*You will get to write at least 2000 words or more everyday, without feeling stressed.

*You will write freely on whatever topic you want.

*We will send you daily creative nudgets to boost your creativity

*At the end of 7 days you would have written 14,000 plus words; enough to make a book.

*We will bring in seasoned book writing, editing and publishing instructors, to guide your book writing and publishing in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter if you have a laptop or not. As long as you have any make of an Android Phone and the basic writing apps like Google docs and WPS, you can write your book.

So if you are ready to commit and stay focused, and you are willing to see a major progress in your book project(s), please go to the Facebook Group here to join. It is totally free to participate in this challenge.

Note: Please know that the Facebook Group is not admitting anyone in yet. So after you request to join, kindly sit back and relax. On the 13th of March, everyone will be admitted and activities would kick off.

Please don’t miss out on your chance to start, continue and complete your book. There are people waiting to read your work(s).

Again, here is the link – Instant Author Writing Challenge – Facebook Group 

PSS: Please don’t forget to share this post to your friends. Let them partake in the work we’re doing here. Cheers!

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Funmi Akintade is a writer and team member on Pelleura. She attended FGGC, Bwari, Abuja. and presently lives in Abuja. She loves reading writing, music and anything art.

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