Best Aliexpress Fashion Stores For Women

Female Fashion Stores are the in-thing now because, like it or not, women will always come for the lastest shoes, tops, pants, skirts, undies, gowns, accessories, etc. And fashion stores on Aliexpress make it possible to have a variety of fashion items at affordable prices. But if you buy from the wrong seller, you might end up regretting it.

In 2011, I bought items from Aliexpress to sell on my local store. These items ended up not being original and for a long time, I was discouraged and never wanted to buy anything from the guys at Aliexpress again.

However, in early 2018, event’s came up that required me going to make purchases on Aliexpress. I did a lot of background research before placing my orders and I have not regretted my comeback since then.

You will agree with me that there’s the constant issue of buying fashion items online and receiving something that doesn’t portray the exact photo of what you bought. Yucks. Have you experienced it before? On many of the world’s largest and affordable online stores, this issue persists, including on Aliexpress.

Does that mean a lot of the female fashion stores sell fake products? No. There are great and original products on the platform, including fashion wears and accessories. And to find genuine sellers, you need to look out for several things which include,

1. The number of Sold Products: If a store has sold several makeup products to about 100 people, and these 100 people rate the product well, then it is PROBABLY an awesome product. But if 500 people bought and 400 out of the 500 rates the makeup product well, then it is DEFINITELY awesome. Nothing to fear.

I never go for products with less than 100 sales and less than 4.5 ratings.

2. Rating: I would never advise anyone to buy products with less than 4.5 ratings from former buyers. A store that maintains 4.5 ratings and above for more than half of their products, is way better than the store that fluctuates between 3.0 rating to 4.0 rating.

Now when you visit the store, also check the general feedback. It helps you know what other buyers are saying about the seller’s communication if products delivered are exactly as described, and how the shipping speed is.

3. Feedback History: A store’s feedback history helps you know if they improved over the months, or if they got worse.

4. Pricing: I know we all love to get quality at a lower price, but think about it. Is it worth it? Those $3 to $10 products on Aliexpress mostly have their more expensive versions sold on different Aliexpress stores. And more often than not, the expensive ones are original.

Now that you know how to spot a credible female fashion item, below is a list of some of the top female fashion stores on Aliexpress. With these stores, you can never go wrong in making your wardrobe beautiful.


1. Energetic Sports

Fashion Stores

Energetic Sport is a fashion brand for women sportswear or work outwears.

This store provides you with a wide range of classic sportswear at low and discounted prices.

Check for yours


2. Yiwu Nessaj Store

Fashion Stores

Yiwu Nessaj store sells sports wears with feminine touches. You can use these sexy sports wears for casual outings or indoor activities.

Check the store for yours


3. Shein

Fashion Stores

Shein fashion store has been existing since 2008. The store contains lots of fashionable and high quality wears for women and teenagers. I dare say that Shein is one of the top best female fashion stores on Aliexpress.

Check the store for yours


4. Tangada

Fashion Stores

Tangada is a fashion brand that sells quality and creative winter/harmattan/cold season fabrics, at discounted prices. Their designs are really beautiful and well crafted.

Check the store for yours


5. Two Twin Style

Fashion Stores

This Fashion brand sells women’s wear, blazers, tops, skirts and skirts. What I love more about them is the fact that their designs are mostly unique.

Check the store for yours


6. Simplee Apparel

Fashion Stores

Simplee is a fashion store that is into everything gowns. Casual gowns, dinner gowns, prom gowns, wedding guest gowns, office gowns, etc.

Check the store to see other gowns they have.


7. Sheinside

Fashion Stores

Sheinside is another brand that focuses more on quality gowns.

See more of them here


8. Digital Stars

Fashion Stores

Digital Stars are a fashion brand that deals in beautiful night clubwear. You can also use them for summer and casual parties.

If you look at the rating on the above screenshot, you’d see that communications have red ink. But as long as the item is as described, and shipping speed is great, this store is safe to shop from.

Check out more of what they sell here


9. Colrovie

Fashion Stores

Colrovie offers the best deals on female dresses, ranging from tops, skirts, jackets, lingerie and lots more. Not only is their material of quality, but their designs are also beautiful

Check out more of their designs here


10. Perfering

Fashion Stores

This fashion store offers a great deal on women’s lace underwears and lingeries. These sexy lingeries come in different fabulous and chicky designs. Want to talk about quality? Yes, they’re awesome!

See more of their designs here


11. 27 Dress

Fashion Stores

27 Dress offers you great deals on female dresses, including homecoming dresses, dinner dresses, Prom dresses, bridesmaid and bridal train dresses.

Check out more of what they offer here


12. FallSweet

Fashion Stores

FallSweet fashion store has been existing since 2014 and they deal in sexy underwear and pyjama set.


So, which of these Fashion Stores captures your interest?


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product using these links, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you.



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