Do you use goal setting planners? How many goals have you set for this year and how many have you started with? When we repeat actions, it becomes a part of us. And so to maintain this habit and achieve our goals it is important to map out a plan, and a routine, and follow it religiously.

Even with the digital applications used in setting plans, I can tell you that productivity mostly comes when you own a paper goal setting planner. Not just any planner, but the right one that helps you in whatever you are committed to.

Goal Setting Planners should be with you at all times, so it is important to choose a planner that can easily fit your needs.

Here are lists of some goal setting planners that will help you in being productive, organized, focused and goal-oriented.


1. Office Hero Planner.

BEST GOAL SETTING PLANNERSFor a clear and actionable path. If you want to turn your dreams into something you can achieve, then this goal setting planner is a choice for you. It is very portable and undated. It motivates you and gives you the approach to help tick off your to-do list, which could be weekly, daily or monthly, in order to achieve a bigger picture. If you love to jot the things you do, then this plan is also for you. It serves as a daily journal and a personal coach. It makes you believe in yourself and makes you take reasonable action. Small and large scale plans can be executed with the layout in the planner. Writing what you want to achieve is different from actually doing it, but Office Hero Planner pushes you to achieve set goals and in time, achieving a set goal becomes a habit.


2. Living Well Planner.

BEST GOAL SETTING PLANNERSFor those who need visual stimulation. If visuals are what works for you, this goal setting planner helps bring colour to your daily routine, as it helps you plan and set your goals. It also plans your execution with different colourful labels and stickers. This brings brightness to the pages which inspires you to do what you need to do effectively. It also gives you a picture of what you need to do next even without being with it 



3. Minimalist Day Planner.

This is for those who think less is more. It is simple and perfect for people who just need space for writing their goals. This planner comes in two different versions, dated and undated. It can be used in organizing schedule and take notes which helps in achieving your goals.



4. Self Journal.

GOAL SETTING PLANNERS For those who have their own way of organizing, if you find it difficult to follow rules, this journal is for you. It helps you set goals freely the way you want it, and also organize yourself to achieve day to day goals. With this goal setting planner, you don’t need 100% attention, especially if you have other things to do. It doesn’t come with dates, so you can easily start from wherever you stop.


5. Personalized Life Planner 

GOAL SETTING PLANNERSFor those who love personalization. If you are a control freak, this is the tool for you. It can help you organize your schedule perfectly. This planner comes in a variety of colours, layouts, stickers to spice up your goal planning worksheet and make it a little bit of fun, just the way you like it.


6. Ignited Life Planner

 For those who love to-do lists. If you are scared of Mondays and you procrastinate a lot, then this is for you. It helps you overcome your fears in an easy way. The planner comes without dates and can help manage tasks by breaking them down into smaller ones in just three steps. Firstly, prioritize your most important goals, then write down your weekly and monthly actions. Lastly, put down your daily to-dos. This way, your goals will look less intimidating.


7. Simple Elephant Planner.

For those seeking peace of mind. If you love colourful labels, this is a great choice for you. It reduces poor focus and brain fog. This goal setting planner is an undated daily and weekly planner that uses positive and gratitude statement to help you become a happier you.



8. Freedom Mastery Planner.

For those believing in the law of attraction. This planner provides new ways of bringing excitement into your life. It helps you bring a bit of magic into your schedules, and it comes in dated and undated formats with colourful stickers which help to manage your routine and also remind you of your purpose. 


9. Mastery Journal

For those needing discipline. This tool builds habits that help you stick to your productive routine. It contains undated layouts and assessment that helps you to be honest with yourself and also rate your effectiveness in achieving your goals.



10. Passion Planner.

For those passionate about planning. If you see planning as a creative process then this is for you. They come in a dated and undated form which are very important in prioritizing goals, maintain a healthy routine, work and life balance and also spark creativity. The goal setting planner comes with weekly quotes that motivate you to do more.



Using a goal setting planner is a personal choice. But it works for individuals, organizations, business people, busy moms, students etc. 

So if you will love to try it out, it is important that you choose a planner that suits your needs, increase productivity, make scheduling easier, or develops you and help you achieve your goals. 

Do you have a business and you need advice/help in finding your direction/setting your goals? Contact me here, and let’s talk.

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