Best Stretch Marks Removal Creams, Oils and Natural Solutions of 2020

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What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are long scars that happen due to overstretched skin.

Have you seen that long, thin streaks on your body? These stretch imprints show up when your skin when you get in shape or have put on some weight. Pregnancy, pubescence, and weight increase can cause them.

Now in as much as both men and women can have this skin issue, it is more common among women because of pregnancy, and the way our bodies mature. There is a lot of skin stretching in the process, from developing breasts to hips that expand as we grow.


A Few Quick Facts About Stretch Marks 

  1. Stretch Marks are long stripes that happen when the skin is extended too rapidly.


  1. Pregnancy, pubescence, and quick weight addition would all be able to cause stretch marks.


  1. There is minimal therapeutic proof affirming the existence of medicines for stretch mark prevention.


  1. Stretch marks blur after some time without treatment and don’t represent any genuine health dangers.


  1. They show up as red or purple lines that are somewhat raised at first.


  1. With time, they turn white or silver and become glossy.


Where on The Body Are They Found?

The most common places where you find them are:

  • The abdomen
  • The breasts
  • The hips
  • The flank
  • The buttocks
  • The thighs

Stretch marks do not cause any health risk. But they cause low self-esteem issues and take away confidence. For certain individuals, stretch marks are a source of intense worry that can influence everyday living.

In the event that you are losing your rest over annoying stretch marks that won’t go away, read on further in light of the fact that we have taken our time to provide you with multiple solutions to stretch marks.

Other Causes of Stretch Marks?

We already know that rapid skin development or shrinkage can cause stretch imprints. And we know that some events that lead to rapid skin development include:

  • Puberty
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Pregnancy

Striae or striae gravidarum. They happen when the centre layer or dermis of the skin progresses toward becoming overstretched. And being so overstretched can lead to tearing.

This is what causes the scars that show as stretch blemishes on the skin’s surface.

This kind of tearing regularly happens:

– In pregnancy. And it influences up to 80%-90% of ladies.

– In Puberty

– After addition or reduction of weight

But there are other causes of stretch marks, and they are:

Ailments: Certain ailments or medical conditions can cause stretch marks. For example, Marfan disorder and Cushing’s disorder. Marfan disorder can prompt diminished versatility in the skin tissue, and Cushing’s disorder can lead the body to deliver a lot of hormones that prompts fast weight addition that causes the skin to e fragile.

Using Corticosteroid: Using corticosteroid creams and lotions over a long period can reduce the level of collagen in our skin. Collagen reinforces and underpins the skin, but if diminished can build the danger of stretch marks.

Body Development: Our skin is made up of three key layers. Stretch marks are created in the dermis, or centre layer when the tissue connecting it is extended past the points of confinement of its flexibility. This is basically because of quick development or withdrawal of the skin.

As the body develops, the associating filaments in the dermis gradually stretch to suit moderate development. Notwithstanding, quick development prompts abrupt stretching. This makes the dermis tear, enabling further layers of skin to appear on the other side.


Signs and Symptoms

Before stretch marks begin, the imprints at first create as wrinkly, raised streaks that can be red, purple, pink, rosy darker or dim darker, contingent upon skin shade. The streaks, in the end, blur and smoothen out and will in general change to a shimmering shading after some time.

Stretch imprints may become less perceptible, yet this can take years.


Can Stretch Marks Be Removed/Cured?

They don’t leave on their own totally. But you can limit their appearance by utilizing homemade organic remedies, oils, creams and moisturizers. Likewise, laser and medical procedure are brisk approaches to dispose of them.


How to Remove Stretch Marks With Home Organic Solutions

I’ll start by saying it’s impractical to permanently dispose of stretch marks with creams or oils or with homemade cures. Even medical procedures such as laser medicines which are accessible help in limiting their appearance only.

This is so because whether we like it or not, some of us have a body that undergoes changes almost on a daily basis. For those who do not undergo these regular changes, you can have a permanent solution to stretch marks. And as there are lots of solutions out there to use, we’ll start with the homemade organic solutions.


Basic Organic Skincare Solutions For Stretch Marks: 


  1. Water: This may sound like some fake news, but 6 to 8 glasses of water per day does go a long way in preventing stretch marks,  as well as in curing or reducing it. When you drink water regularly, your body and skin become well hydrated and supple. This makes it less prone to the tears that bring about stretch marks. It is unmistakably evident how the right measure of water and hydration can profit our skin. With appropriate hydration, skin cells can re-establish and fix themselves.


  1. Keep Your Skin Damp. Utilize substantial body cream or body margarine to make your skin damp always. Especially when you’re under the sun. If done, the skin will not lose hydration, and therefore, no tearing.


  1. Exfoliate. Shed Skin at least once in seven days. Utilize a decent body scrub to completely peel dead skin cells from the top layer.


  1. Reduce your intake of soda, sugar, salt and all sorts of junk food


  1. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Take lots of vegetables and fruit salad without cream.


  1. Try as much as possible to maintain a good weight.


  1. If you’re in need of a skincare solution that’s out of the ordinary, then you can make and use the egg white cream.


To make this, take two or more eggs and separate the yolk from the egg white. Whip the egg whites till they transform into a white froth. Apply this prepared white frothy cream. Give it a chance to sit for 30 minutes and wash off. Apply this twice or thrice in seven days. This common cream with egg whites will help fix your skin and the supplements in the eggs will revive it.

5 Effective Oils and Cream Products That Removes Stretch Marks Fast.


1. Essential Oil –  Skin Care Treatment Cream For Stretch Mark Removal


Essential Oil Skin Care Treatment Cream For Stretch Mark Removal

This product is also used by pregnant women for Maternity Slackline. See the screenshots below of what some buyers had to say about it.

Brand Name: Essential Oil

Item Type: Stretch Marks Remover and Essential Oil

Ingredients: Pure natural extract from plants

Effect: Skincare, massage, wrinkle remove stretch marks

Suitable skin: regular skin type


See screenshot of a buyer’s feedback below.


Best Stretch Marks removal Products of 2019



2. ARSYCHLL – Maternity Skin Repair Body Cream for Stretch Marks and Anti-ageing


ARSYCHLL - Maternity Skin Repair Body Cream for Stretch Marks and Anti-ageing 4

Brand Name: ARSYCHLL

Item Type: Essential Oils

Ingredients: Lavender essential oil,

Effect: Removes stretch marks, boosts metabolism, anti-ageing

Skin Type: regular skin type

Be careful

  1. Pregnant women should use this with caution
  2. Please place out of the reach of children
  3. Please carry out an allergy test with the product before use.


See screenshot of a buyer’s feedback below.


Best Stretch Marks removal Products of 2019

Best Stretch Marks removal Products of 2019



3. AKARZ – Shea Butter Cream Maternity Stretch Marks And Scar Skin Body Repair



Brand Name: AKARZ

Ingredients: Shea Butter oil

Effects: Moisturize, Hydrated, Fade stretch marks and wrinkles, for pregnancy stretch marks, scar, Skin Body Repair

Skin type: All Skin

Quality: top-quality goods


NB: The smell of this particular product is strong and the texture is thick. So you’ll need to hold it in your hand for a bit longer so it is warm. Only then will it be easy to use on your body.




4. OEDO – Stretch Marks, Pregnancy Scars and Anti Wrinkle Skin Repair Cream



Brand: OEDO

Ingredients: Herbal Extract. Roses and numerous herbs are passed through modern extraction techniques

Effect: The herbal extract can help to reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, it encourages cell regeneration and enhances skin elasticity. It restores necrotic cells and fades off stretch marks.

Skin type: Works for all skin types.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, polysorbate 80, rose rugosa flower extract, Centella Asiatica root extract etc.

Usage: Apply a reasonable amount of the product to the parts you want to treat. Then massage it in a circular motion until the skin completely absorbs it.

See screenshot of a buyer’s feedback below.

Best Stretch Marks removal Products of 2019



5. LAIKOU – Skin Repair Body Cream for Stretch Marks, Scar Removal, Postpartum Pregnancy



Brand Name: LAIKOU

Ingredients: Pure natural plant formula, Centella Asiatica (fix skin, melanin ), vitamin E ( for the skin to infuse more nourishment ), small molecule beans collagen ( collagen supplement, increment adaptability )

No alcohol, pigment, lead-free, mercury-free, no chemical fragrances added, safe with no side effects.

Usage: On the legs, abdomen, and any part of the body that is affected. Use 1-2 times a day. Rub and massage in a circular motion until the skin absorbs it.

Benefits: fades stretch marks, promotes cell regeneration, intensifies fibre elasticity, repairs necrotic tissue effectively,


See screenshot of a buyer’s feedback below.

Best Stretch Marks removal Products of 2019



Watch For Side Effects 

Individuals who attempt creams and basic oils particularly for stretch imprints may experience skin aggravation or unfavourably susceptible responses, as these are the most widely recognized symptoms. They should quit using the oil or cream in the event that it causes a rash, redness, or tingling, and see a specialist if the symptoms continue.

Also, people should be cautious when using citrus oils, as they can make the skin increasingly delicate to daylight for 24 hours after use, which builds the danger of burn from the sun.

It is always better to talk with a certified skincare therapist before using essential oils or skincare creams that you’re not sure of.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding ought to dodge the use of essential oils on the skin except if prompted by their doctor or care physician.



Stretch marks can’t be categorized as ailments, however, a few people wish to get rid of them for corrective reasons.

It is safe to know though that most stretch marks won’t totally leave due to changes our bodies continue to go through, but utilizing the above-listed oils and creams can limit their appearance. Skin type differs. So on the off chance that the oils don’t work or cause skin disturbance, different medicines can be gotten from a specialist or dermatologist.



Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product using these links, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you.



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