Betrayed – The One Night Stand (3)

The following weeks, and then month, was wonderful. Obe was supposed to be a medium to help get past her heartbreak. But that was suddenly turning into something else. Who’d have thought that within one week, Obe would make her think less of Efe. And after another two weeks, she was wondering what Efe really had that got her worked up. He could go to blazes for all she cared. Obe was the man on board. He made her happy. He made her smile. He made her resume focus and she was grateful, she was falling in love again.

She had not planned to give herself to Obe, and a good thing he didn’t pressure her for that. He didn’t even ask. It was after a dinner date, one fateful Saturday, that she begged him to dis-virgin her. Sonia couldn’t explain what had gotten into her. All she knew, was that she wanted him. She wanted to give herself totally to him, so she wouldn’t have a reason to back out. And maybe, just maybe, she would be able to put the issue of his height aside and see him more clearly for who he is.

Obe was reluctant. He asked several times, wanting to be sure she really wanted what she was asking for. She nodded in the affirmative. And Obe, he granted her wishes, working her senses slowly. Smooching and kissing her sensitive parts until she was begging to have him inside her. The first thrust, hurt. Sonia wasn’t sure she wanted to continue.

But Obe persuaded her, he’d be gentle. And he was, taking it little at a time until the length of his phallus was completely inside her.

Subsequent love makings were better. And Sonia was really begging to enjoy Obe’s thrusts.

Two months later, she was at a supermarket shopping, when she ran into Efe. At first she avoided him, but he went after her, pleading that she talk to him.

“What exactly do you want, Efe!” She was pissed and didn’t hide it.

“To talk with you. I understand we separated terribly. All my fault. I’ve been trying to find you, especially as I lost my other phone and your number was in it”.

“You forgot my house address too?”

“No”, he looked down, scratching his head, “I feared coming over, as I really didn’t and still don’t know how you will react to a visit out of the blue”.

“Look, I don’t know what you want. But this conversation is over”, she turned to leave. But Efe’s pleas held her back.

“I only recently discovered my sister, in a bid to ensure I didn’t marry you, put something from a witch doctor in my food”,

Sonia’s brows shot up, “how? And why will your sister do that to you?”, her interest was indeed piqued. And that spurred Efe to keep talking.

“I don’t know why she did such to me. I only recently knew this when I went to a revival program. The pastor prayed and the scale fell off my eyes. As I’m speaking with you now, I’ve sent the girl away, the one my parents brought to me for marriage”? He finished, looking really remorseful, “I’m sorry I put you through so much pain”.

Sonia sighed, still trying to wrap her head around everything he had just said, “so what did your sister actually hope to gain from using juju on you?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t care to know. I only know I am not in speaking terms with her and my parents. They’ve hurt me enough”.

“Ok”, Sonia looked confused. As much a she was a little excited to know Efe didn’t just dump her out of the blues, she was already in a relationship. A serious one. And she just couldn’t bring herself to hurt the man who healed her wounds. “Sorry for what your sister put you through. But you’re too late. I’m with someone else now. And I don’t intend to leave him for you”.

Efe wasn’t having that. No way. She was not going to turn him down. He managed to persuade her into giving him her number. The days that followed were full of calls and texts. So much so, Sonia was afraid Efe would suspect her of cheating. Almost every moment she spent with Obe, Efe called or sent text messages. It was almost like he planned them.

Each call and message was a wooing spree, packed with promises. He even sent cash regularly to her bank account. And when he wasn’t busy at work or away on assignment, he’d drive down to her house, showering her with gifts, while asking her to forgive him and take him back. He was determined to have Sonia again.

“Who is always calling you?” Obe asked one Saturday, as he was really curious now. As the calls wouldn’t end. Besides, he had heard rumour in their street, a guy was paying Sonia visits when he was away.

“Nobody serious”, she waved it off.

“Not serious? And yet he calls or texts you every now and then?”

“He?” She rolled her eyes. How do you know its a he?

“Ok. My bad. Not a he. But I need you to be sincere with me, who’s this person?”

“Well, like I said, nobody serious”.

“And you hold on to that?”

“Yes. If it was someone serious, I would have told you”.

“Ok”. Obe rested his case, then pulled her into his embrace for a long kiss. Two rounds of hot sex followed.

The following week, Obe had to travel. Work called. And he was going to be away for two weeks.

While he was away, Efe never missed a day to be at Sonia’s. He’d wait until he was sure she had closed from work. Then he’d go pick her up. During the short drive home, he’d continue his talks about getting back.

At the end of the first week, he was sure, Sonia didn’t want to be with him again. So he made a proposal for a one night stand, after which, he’d never disturb her again. In his words, “please just be with me for one night. That’s all I ask, since its evident you no longer want me”.

“One night stand means cheating on my boyfriend”.

“He wouldn’t know if you do not tell him”.

A few more persuasions, and Sonia agreed. She just wanted him off her back. Besides, she wasn’t sure Obe would end up being serious with her.

“Just one night”, she said.

Efe, all smiles, nodded, “thank you”.

The following night was spent ruffling the sheets at Sonia’s place. The entire night was full of moans and ecstasy.

They woke up though, to a loud knock on the door. Sonia wondered who that would be. But Efe looked unperturbed.

She tied a wrapper and headed to the door. The shock she experienced, words cannot describe. It was Obe. He stood there, frowning. He was definitely in rage, and looked a sight. Dark circles under his eyes told it all. He had a sleepless night.

Sonia was short of words. She expected him to return end of the following week. She was even more paralyzed, when he pushed past her and walked straight into her bedroom to find a still naked Efe lying on her bed and giving him a wide grin.

Obe, having a better advantage over Efe’s lying form, pounced on him, He rained blows on Efe, but finally stopped as Sonia was begging him not to kill because of her own wrong,

“You’re not worth my time or sweat”, he said, getting up, “and you”, he turned to Sonia, took out a black ring box and threw it at her’ “I was going to ask you to marry me. Because I thought you were different. I should have known you’re not different from the rest. I don’t want to see you again. Ever. This relationship is over. You and that idiot on your bed, you both deserve each other”.

Obe stormed out of the house, leaving a wailing Sonia to fight with her cheat lover.

“Do you see what you caused? You ruined my chances with Obe. You idiot!” She pounded his chest. In return, his hand sent a thunderous slap to her cheeks.

“You are mad!” He beat her up, “who do you think you are sef? I think I really want you? I heard rumours that you had started dating a new guy. Not just date, but sleeping with him too, when you didn’t let me touch you. I did my home work on both of you. I knew where he worked. I made friends with his pals and they gave me all the information I needed about him and you. After all I did for you back then, you refused to let me in between your legs. You’re stupid. And you think I really came here to win you back? God forbid. In exactly two weeks, I’m walking down the aisle with my wife to be. A crazy woman like you can go to blazes. If you need evidence of how Obe knew about us, see it here”. He dropped his Lenovo android phone on her bed, got dressed and walked out.

It took more than an hour for Sonia to finally pull herself together and read the messages in Efe’s phone. Then she understood.

He had not only wanted to get back at her for letting another man sleep with her despite all the cash he spent on her during their days as a couple, he had wanted to destroy her relationship too. As long as he was concerned, she had no right to easily move on with another man.

His company had hired Obe on contract, to do a job for them. The contract was arranged by Efe. It was part of his plan. He wanted Obe far away, so he could achieve his wickedness. During the times she fell asleep in between their love-making, he took shots of her and sent to Obe’s best friend at the company. Moses. And he laughed in the caption, saying, ‘I just fucked your friend’s girlfriend. She must be a slot. Better alert your friend his girl is cheating on him”.

Moses must have sent the message to Obe. And she was sure, he travelled overnight. It was the only thing that explained how he got to her house so early, as well as the bags under his eyes.

So after leaving her heart-broken, Efe had still come back to destroy her. She was at the losing end. She didn’t get Efe back and Obe didn’t want to see her again. He made that clear. Now she wished she had really gone ahead with the babalawo plan on Efe, and none of these would have happened.

Grabbing the small ring box to herself, Sonia opened it to find a gold ring sitting comfortably at the middle. This was supposed to be her engagement ring. Now it was just another ring. She looked back at Efe’s phone. Her instincts pushed her to open the gallery. She smiled. Efe made the mistake of leaving a picture of himself and his wife to be.

It had to be his wife to be, the picture looked like a pre-wedding photo shoot.

“Now its my turn to wreck you”, she said, never taking her eyes off the lady, “you have to forgive my soon to be wicked act”.

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