Betrayed – Sonia Starts Over Again (2)

Sonia was suddenly calm. She sat on her bed, holding the handkerchief close, as images of nollywood babalawo shrines ran through her head.

Efe had rubbed his new relationship in her face long enough. Is was time to end it.

What would she be asked to bring? White hen? Tortoise head or back, Crocodile tears or sperm? Eww… she cringed.

Money was not the issue. She could pay the babalawo for his services and also give him cash to get the necessary things for a ritual. With that thought in mind, the next step was how to locate a babalawo’s shrine.

Sonia couldn’t think of anyone to ask for a babalawo’s location. Definitely, she wasn’t going to ask her siblings or close friends, else they start to think she was mad.

But then, it clicked, she remembered coming across Facebook accounts of some babalawos who had taken their craft to Facebook.

She reached for her phone and logged into Facebook. Using the search button, she was able to find so many of such accounts. Sonia chose to check them out, one after the other, as well as take time to read reviews of people who had patronized the services of the babalawo in the past. Some reviews were encouraging, while others were terrible.

There was one of a woman who got the opposite of what she wanted. And she lamented bitterly, having paid so much money.

Another cried that he was no longer interested in the request he made. And since the babalawo had said it will cost a life in his household, he was scared, as one of his children was already very sick. He wanted the babalawo to reverse whatever was done to his child. He’d pay any amount but he wanted his child well again.

One lady came cursing. She had gone with her friend to see a babalawo, only to be kidnapped and tied up for 3 days. On the 4th day, she was released, but not before the babalawo and his boys performed rituals on her friend, causing her to lose control of her will. Then he took her as his wife.

This particular lady rained insults upon insults, doing everything to get people’s attention and also get them to help her force the babalawo to release her friend.

But trust Nigerians, while a few were there to help, others kept hauling insults on the lady too, asking what they went looking for in a shrine in the first place.

“Hand meet una. You get luck say no be you he take as wife”, one said.

“See this mugu. Na we send you go babalawo place? Who una wan kill? Abi you wan trap your rich boyfriend?” Another said

“Olosho. Serves you right”, and yet another, commented.

After reading more, Sonia sighed, put her phone away and laid back on the bed. She loved Efe. But was she going to go through hell if she did what she was thinking?

She was still pondering over the issue when her phone rang out. Looking at the ID, it was Obe, her neighbor down the street.

He was one handsome guy a lot of girls in the area drooled over. Sonia was a causal friend of his. In fact, they had been friends for over 2 years, and he never missed an opportunity to ask her to be his girl. She was the one he wanted. Not the other ladies.

Sonia would have loved to say yes. But there was one major disadvantage. Obe lacked height. Not that he was too short. But she was slightly taller than him and Sonia, loves her men tall. So she repeatedly told him no.

However, for some time, he had been away for business. And they hadn’t seen or spoken for over a month. So seeing his call was really a surprise and a good distraction.

“Hi Obe”, she answered with subdued tone.

“Hello Angel. You sound dull. What’s up?”

“Nothing much”, she lied.

“Ok. But you know if there’s any problem you can tell me, yea?”

“Yea”, Sonia managed a smile. Obe always knew how to make her relax, “how have you been?”

“Well, I’ve been away for business, and I’m back now. But I believe if I see you, I’ll feel way better. Are you home? Can I come over?”

Sonia sat up, fast, and looked around her room. It was indeed messy, “no, you can’t come over”.

“Don’t tell me you’re not home. I know you are”.

“Ok. I am. But I don’t feel like having visitors”.

“I’m not a visitor. See, let’s do it this way. You come over to my place, or I come over to yours. Choose”.

A long silence followed. In as much as Sonia liked Obe as a friend, she also knew he could be a real pain in the ass. Looking at her messy room one more time, she sighed.

“I’ll come over. Just give me about an hour 30 minutes”, she requested.

“No wahala. What do you want me to cook for you?”

Sonia smiled, as she held her grumbling stomach. She had forgotten how hungry she was, “anything except beans will do”.

“Got you”, he chuckled and hung up.

It was hard, but Sonia eventually picked herself up, cleaned her room, before freshening up. It was an hour and ten minutes later she stepped out of her apartment dressed in a knee level blue jeans short and a sky blue off the shoulder blouse. A dark shade covered her still red and swollen eyes. Her neatly combed Peruvian hair bounced as she started down the street in a white single strap sandal.

The next 12 minutes met her knocking at Obe’s door. He opened at the third knock.

“Darling”, he smiled, before pulling her into a tight embrace.

“Please don’t break my bones”, she teased.

“I missed you”, Obe admitted, “come in”, he ushered her in”.

“So where did you travel to?” Sonia asked, sitting on the long couch.

“Well, around, one state to the other, fixing technical stuffs”,

“Hope they are paying well?”

“Do they have a choice?” He feigned seriousness. Sonia laughed.

The next 45 minutes was spent catching up, before Obe invited her to the table. He served a plate of well garnished ogbolor soup and Eba. They ate from the same plate, gisting and laughing.

“If you laugh too much, you’d have soup coming out of your nose”, Obe said, playfully.

“Oh yeah, like you’re not the one making me laugh”.

It was while they were washing the plates, after eating, that Obe asked, “you’re inside the house. Do you really need your shades on?”

“Yup”, she quickly replied.

“Why?” He was determined.

“Well, because I like it on”.

She didn’t see his right hand move. But it did move. And he snatched the glasses away from her eyes before she realized what he was up to.

“Oh no, Obe give it back”, she looked away, temporarily pausing on the plates.

“Look at me, Sonia”, it was not an order, but a heart melting plea. And when he added please, she obliged. Her eyes were swollen, but not as red as they were when she left her house.

“What happened to you?” He was serious now, “who touched you?”

“It’s nothing to be worried about..”

“Well I’m worried, and until I know who did this and what led to it, I wouldn’t rest”. He was serious. Sonia knew it. And he wouldn’t rest until he got every details. So why delay the heat, when she could just turn it up.

She did. She told him about Efe and their plans for marriage. She told him about the heartbreak and how Efe suddenly changed to a man who just wanted to use her. She told him about the handkerchief, and the evil plans she was nursing just before his call came in.

“And would you really have done it? Visit the babalawo, I mean”, Obe asked.

“No. I don’t think I would have been able to force anyone against their will. I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it. I don’t have the heart for that”.

“Come here”, Obe pulled her into his embrace, “I love you, Sonia. You’ve always known that. I want to be the one that treats you right. Why wouldn’t you give me a chance? I’m not happy someone had to come treat you the way your ex did”.

“Obe, I don’t think a relationship between us will work. It just wouldn’t work out”.

“And why do you think so?”

She paused. Then sighed. How could she tell him he was not physically appealing as she’d like? Ok. She didn’t have anything against fair men, but she loved dark skin. And then there was the issue of his height.

“No Obe, it wouldn’t work. No”.

“Please tell me why”, he insisted. She didn’t bulge, “ok. But at least, please give me a try. Let’s try it out and see how it goes. Please. I promise not to pressure you for sex, or anything of the sort. That will only happen, if you want it to”.

Never, she thought, stepping back to look up at him. But her mind did a quick calculation. The best way to forget Efe was to start a fresh relationship, especially as the person involved looked like the type who could travel to the seven kingdoms for her sake. But then, she wouldn’t put her heart into the relationship. She’d just use him to forget about Efe and move on.

So with a deceitful smile, she accepted, moving forward to hug her new boyfriend. He hugged her back. Tight. While he said sweet words to her and made sweet promises, Sonia couldn’t help but feel bad, she was soon going to have to break his heart.

To be continue…

Can you guess what Sonia will do next

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