Betrayed – Two Can play That Game (4)

It was late evening. Davido’s ‘If’ played loudly from the speakers as Lizy, Efe’s soon to be wedded wife, danced away with her chief bridesmaid and bridal train. It was the eve of her marriage, and she was indeed grooving her last night as a single lady.

Thank goodness, it was an open restaurant. So in as much as Sonia wasn’t invited, she could still hang around, as one of the restaurant’s customers. After all, Lizy and her friends only occupied one part of the restaurant.

Now Sonia, sipping from her cup, watched the activities of the excited ladies. She had paid a thug in her street to find who Efe’s bride to be is and inform her of the bride’s whereabouts. She wanted photos too. Anything implicating Lizy will do.

At the end of the first week, her hired thug produced several photos of Lizy. The ones that stood out were her meetings with a handsome dude that could give Moris Chestnut a run for his handsomeness.

He appeared in several photos. And even in gatherings of people who seemed more than friends. Maybe sisters and brothers. Sonia thought. The stranger made her really curious. At the same time, her heart skipped.

Having all the information she needed, she decided to spend her Thursday evening spying on Efe’s beloved lady. Lizy.

She wasn’t alone at the restaurant that evening. The thug she hired was present too, only he sat a good distance away. They didn’t want to be linked with each other. In case of trouble. It was his idea. And Sonia couldn’t help but agree.

They were not alone at the restaurant. It was a constant flow of incoming and outgoing customers. They all had their fair share, watching the excited bride to be dancing away into the night.

Lizy appeared to be a shy lady, just making the most of her spinster party.

Drinks were shared. Along with plates containing mouth watering dishes.

The party went on, smoothly. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until the handsome, hunky man in the photos showed up. Neatly cut hair and trimmed side beards on a t-shirt that hugged his body closely, revealing the six packs underneath. Sonia sat up. Alert.

Since Obe had dumped her and Efe had ruined her, maybe, just maybe, she’d have a chance with the handsome stranger. She had to sit up and look inviting. Wearing a look that told everyone she was out to kill someone wouldn’t help.

She drooled over such handsomeness, almost forgetting the reason she was at the restaurant in the first place. But then Sonia noticed. She wasn’t the only one awed by this handsome stranger. Lizy was. Or, was Sonia just seeing things that weren’t there?

She watched keenly as the man walk up to the bride to be, all smiles. He pecked her temple. Well, a peck. Meaning they were just casual friends. She thought.

They talked and laughed for a bit. Then Lizy took his left hand and pulled him like a little boy towards her friends, who were obviously mesmerized by such handsomeness.

After exchanging pleasantries, the duo excused themselves and walked out of the restaurant. Maybe to discuss something privately.

Sonia sat put. But when her hired thug signaled her to follow, she got the cue. They both paid for their drinks before dashing out.

The first sight that caught Sonia’s attention was the handsome man’s hand resting around Lizy’s waist in an intimate manner. Her interest was piqued.

Silently she followed behind, accompanied by the thug who insisted that he suspects Lizy was sleeping with the man.

“Tell your brother say, na wrong woman he wan marry so”, he said.

You see, Sonia had lied to him that Lizy was getting married to a distant cousin of hers, and she wanted to be sure her cousin was marrying a good woman, hence the spy work.

They stood at a corner and watched the couple take another corner. After a while, Sonia pretended to be an innocent girl looking for a place to pee. Thank God for the lights, she could see what was in front of her.

She went in the corner the duo took. Only to find dear Lizy, up against the wall. Skirt up. Pants off. And the handsome stranger, trousers down, plunging away into her. Low moans Escaping their lips

One brow shot up. Then the other followed. Who would have guessed that innocent looking Lizzy was having an affair, even though her wedding was two days away and her traditional marriage was the following day?

Sonia swiped out her phone and took a shot. The flicker sound caught their attention. The duo quickly pulled away from each other. But before they could get dressed, Sonia ran off, signaling the thug to get his car engine started. He did and they took off.

“You were right”, Sonia finally spoke, as they made their way through the busy Lagos roads, “they are having an affair”.

“So when I go collect my balance?” The thug asked. Obviously, that was all that mattered to him.

Sonia dipped one hand in her jeans trouser pocket, drew out a hand full of N1000 bills and handed it to him, “there’s 3k extra there”, she smiled, he smiled too, “you should stick to detective work, not those agbero things you’re doing”.

He nodded. Not saying a word.

The next 30 minutes met him dropping her off in front of her house. After getting relaxed for the night, Sonia sat, looking through all the photos, both the one her hired thug took and the one she snapped that evening.

She would have liked to set Efe up by telling Lizy Efe had an affair with her. Or better still, set Lizy up to betray Efe. But then, Lizy was already betraying her husband to be.

Sending evidence to Efe was quick punishment. She’d allow the marriage take place and a year or 6 months to go by, before sending him proof.

He’d be sad. Sure. Knowing he married a cheater. And funny, his cheating wife to be may get pregnant for her sexy boyfriend but pin ownership on Efe.

“Serves you right, Efe. No pity for you”.

Sonia put away the photos and grabbed her phone. She scrolled through her contact details and paused at one name. Obe love.

If only she had told him earlier about Efe’s advances, he’d have ward the idiot off. But she didn’t, all because she felt she actually owed Efe a knack in exchange for all the money he spent on her during their courtship.

Obe truly loved her. And she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to forgive herself for betraying him. Looking at the contact name again, she made to call, but stopped herself. Instead, she proceeded to write a long Text, apologizing for her attitude.

Even if Obe didn’t take her back, Sonia knew she’d be grateful just to get his forgiveness.

To be continued.,,.

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