Betrayed – Unexpected Twist (5)

Obe didn’t reply Sonia’s text messages. Yes. She sent him a lot of them, asking only for his forgiveness. Still he didn’t reply any of them. What’s worse? She tried to whatsapp him, only to discover, he had blocked her. Facebook too. So she couldn’t reach him on social media.

A day went by, and Sonia braced up. She was going to call him and plead. If he forgave her, cool. If not, she would pick up her pieces and move on.

She had just returned from work, threw her bag on the bed and sat, when she dialed his number. His phone rang twice. On the third ring, a lady picked, asking, “yes, who’s this?”

Sonia’s heart sank. She knew she hurt Obe badly. But moving on so fast was almost like he didn’t love her. Like he had a side chick to fall back on in case of any issues between them.

“Good evening. Please can I speak with Obe?” She asked.

“Who is speaking please?” The lady asked again.

“Please tell him its Sonia”.

A long pause followed. Then a sigh. Then a very stern, “please don’t call this number again”

Po, po, po. The line went dead. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at the phone,
Seeing nothing but pain and feeling a longing that would definitely never be satisfied.

The rest of that evening, she stayed wrapped up on her bed, crying profusely. The following morning, she called in sick at the office. She couldn’t go and she didn’t want to try to go. She wouldn’t be able to explain her swollen eyes, neither would she be able to concentrate on her work.

Besides, she had always looked for an excuse to dodge office work on Saturdays and this here, was one opportunity to do so. She just couldn’t be mourning her dead relationship and still go to work.

On Saturday morning, the day of Efe’s white wedding, Sonia didn’t really care anymore if she got Obe back. It was hard. But she focused her thoughts on moving on. Sleeping with Efe was a mistake, one she never wished to repeat.

She was taking out the trash through the back door when a loud knock at the front startled her. She wasn’t expecting anyone, especially as she didn’t really have friends in the neighborhood.

She went out, dumped the trash in the waste bin and went around to the front of the house, the visitor was knocking for the fourth time when she walked up to the verandah.

Although she had his back view, she knew exactly who he was. She didn’t have to ask who he was. The only question would be, what do you want and how did you find me? And she did ask.

That hired thug of a guy must have taken some bribe or some beating. It was the only explanation she could come up with as the man, caged in fitted sleeveless t-shirt turned to face her.

He was still handsome. And she knew he had the power to still make her heart skip, despite the fact she knew he was sleeping with someone else’s girl.

“Hi”, he waved slightly, then looked at the picture on his right hand before looking up at her again, “it is you”.

“You didn’t answer my question”, Sonia kept a straight face, refusing to let his masculinity distract her.

“Ok. Your friend led me to you. He came up to me at a restaurant and offered to give me back the photos you paid him to snap, if I paid a certain amount of money. Small amount though. I did. And he handed them over. A little more tip, and he told me where to find you, as you’re the only one with the very compromising photo. You took a picture of Lizzy and I the other night.

“Yes I did. So I can show to her miserable soon to be husband. It would have served as a good payback”.

The man chuckled, “they’re getting married as we speak. Meaning, you didn’t go through with your plan. You didn’t show him. Why?”

“None of your business. As for the photo, I’ll gladly give it to you. Or, just hand over my phone so you delete it yourself. That should make your relieved. Then you can be on your way. Yes?”

A light smile played around his lips, “You don’t seem to care much about anything”.

“The only thing I ever cared of is gone. Look. I don’t need more complications in my life. So I’ll just hand over the photo. You delete, give me back my phone and be on your way. Wait here”.

Without waiting for a reply, she turned around and marched back to the kitchen, making her way into the apartment. She grabbed her phone, headed for the front door and opened it.

“Here”, she stretched the phone to him. But he didn’t take it. Instead, his eyes seemed to be accessing her.

“Can we sit down and talk?” He asked instead.

“I don’t allow strangers in my house”.

The laugh that escaped his lips was unexpected. But it did anyway. And as much as Sonia found it sexy, she tried her best not to smile, “what’s funny?” She asked instead.

“You’re funny”, he admitted, “but I cannot understand why Obe wouldn’t at least forgive you, even if you two don’t continue with the relationship”.

His last statement hit her hard. Obe? “How do you know Obe?” She frowned.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Ohis. Obe and I, we are cousins. Now if you please, can we continue the conversation inside?”

To say she was shocked would be an understatement. So much so, she opened the door wider without a word and shut it back before turning to look at him. Her brows were still up and she didn’t move from her position. Thoughts raced through her mind.

Did Obe send his cousin to tell her off. Did he send him to apologize for him? Besides, why was Obe’s cousin caught up with Lizzy.

“I know you have questions. But I wouldn’t answer any until you take your seat”. Almost like a zombie, she managed to get to one of the chairs. Then he explained.

Obe, long ago, was originally in love with Lizzy. They were campus sweethearts. But after graduation, Obe, being unable to find a job, was rejected by Lizzy’s people. You see, Lizzy is from a very wealthy background and being the only child, she will inherit everything her father has. Her family wanted a rich person to be her husband when that happened.

So after sending Obe away and Lizzy being unable to fight for what they had, her family started to search for a suitable man for her.

Meanwhile, a month later, Obe got a high paying job. But since Lizzy refused to fight for him then, he decided to move on. And that was when he met Sonia. He had just moved into the neighborhood when he ran into her one day, and since then, he made his move. But Sonia was still with Efe.

Sonia’s parents had initially rejected Efe mostly because of his violent attitude and the disrespectful way he talks to them, not because they felt he was poor. But Sonia had loved him nonetheless.

Obe however, got wind of the various suitors Lizzy’s parents brought home. She rejected all, until her aunty showed up with Efe. Efe’s parents were mage wealthy. And her parents felt, he was the kind of son in-law they wanted.

Lizzy wasn’t given the opportunity to choose. They chose for her. Obe on the other hand, waved the news aside and continued to make efforts to be with Sonia. He succeeded.

He wasn’t happy though, when Sonia talked about her ex, and that ex turned out to be the guy his own ex was about to marry. But he didn’t let that bother him much. He loved Sonia.

However, things collapsed when she stupidly parted legs for Efe. Obe felt betrayed by the second woman he had ever loved. What’s worse, both women got taken by one person. Efe.

In revenge, he sent his cousin, Ohis, to woo Lizzy. Especially as she was the one Efe was marrying. Ohis is almost every lady’s dream man, so yeah, Lizzy fell for him. And while they were together, he recorded a lot of incriminating evidence against her.

What threw him off though, was the lady that snap a picture of them on the evening of Lizzy’s spinster party. He told Obe about it and they decided to wave it all. Ohis had nothing to lose if the picture circulated. Lizzy had a lot to lose.

But then, the greedy thug Sonia had worked with approached Ohis for money in exchange for all the pictures. Curious about what the pictures look like, he paid. And for a bonus, the thug handed not only Sonia’s address, but also her picture.

Ohis showed both to Obe. Obe’s response was how he knew, Sonia had been the second lady Efe took away from him.

The girl in the picture though, did pique his interest. She looked an interesting sort to be with. And he asked Obe, hope you wouldn’t mind if I keep her for myself?”

He refused to answer that question immediately. That morning, however, he did say, Ohis could go ahead.

Sonia’s heart sank. Obe had easily given her away. But if situations were reversed, she knew she’d not tolerate a cousin, brother or even friends, dating her ex.

The tears streaming out blurred her vision. But she did see Ohis get up from his chair to squat before her. He took out a handkerchief and dabbed gently at the tears.

Sonia wished he’d hug her close and just pet the tears and awful feeling away. She’d definitely melt in his embrace. But gosh, this was Obe’s cousin.

“I know you don’t know me. And obviously, you still love Obe very much. You’re not perfect, neither am I. But I believe, if we put our past behind us and give us a fresh slate for a committed relationship, we wouldn’t regret it.

Sonia scoffed, “you want to date the lady your cousin has had? The lady that cheated on him?”

“A lady that is repentant of her actions. I’ll be glad if you have me. We could start afresh. I believe if we are open to each other, we will not make deadly mistakes that could ruin us, Please think about it. Here’s my number”, he handed her his complimentary card before getting to his feet.

“I’d like to stay with you and cuddle up”, he chuckled lightly, “but I prefer to let you make your own decisions without being influenced by my presence. I really look forward to us”.

He left, closing the door gently. Sonia remained in her position. Thinking deeply. Ohis looked like a nice guy. Even though he wants sure she’d love him as much as she loved Obe.

But then, wasn’t it the same thing that happened with Obe? She had to be determined to move on with Obe and forget her ex. She succeeded, only to fail gain. Now this was another guy and Obe was the new ex.

Ohis sounded like a good guy. And she believed if they worked together in building a lasting relationship? All will be well.

A week went by, Sonia called Ohis up. He sounded happy, after complaining he didn’t hear from her earlier.
She apologized, pinning the blame on much of the time spent on the internet and social media sites. Ohis laughed off her lame excuse. A hearty laugh that caused Sonia to laugh too.

They got talking and before the end of that week, a beautiful relationship followed.

Lessons had been learnt, for both of them. And with those lessons, they plan to build a solid relationship that wouldn’t easily be brought down.



The End


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7 thoughts on “Betrayed – Unexpected Twist (5)

  1. Sonia, I think Obe did not really love you dat much, if he did, after hearing dat you went as far as snapping a pix of an unfaithful Lizzy just to spite Efe, he would have fought to have you back. Sonia, do you really think there’ll be ‘trust’ in this ur r/ship with Ohis? Anyways, it’s only a fiction. Karo, carry go, nuffing does you.

    1. Thanks sis, I guess everyone carried out one betrayal after the other. Who knows? Ohis may betray her too, or she may betray him. Lol. Thanks for reading

  2. hmm sonia i think u should slow down wit relationship issue

  3. sonia was too quick. then obe didnt love her that much..good read thou…l

      1. Nice story, but I didn’t really like how it ends. Would have love to sew the disappointment in Efes face after his wedding

        1. Lol. Definitely, he’d be disappointed. But we never can tell if the new guy is good enough. Thanks for stopping by Adnan.

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