Book and Arts Festival Debuts in Minna

The Minna Book  &  Arts Festival, scheduled to hold between September 18 and 21,  is an initiative of AMAB  Books  &  Publishing and The Arts-Muse  Fair, all registered outfits with their headquarters in Minna,  Niger State.  These outfits have jointly and severally organized numerous events of this nature in the past three years.

Minna  Book  &  Arts Festival is a literary/ cultural event that is designed to create awareness, build capacities and promote all forms of arts.  It will accommodate discourses and engaging interactions in all forms of literary, verbal and visual arts. This debut edition has the theme, Northern Nigeria Creative Development: The Valley and the Boundary. Writers, academics and art lovers are invited to participate in the festival. Registration can be done at or at the venue of the festival.

Over the years,  the metropolitan city of  Minna, the capital of Niger State has been able to develop capacities in arts and culture,  pay  host to writers and creative individuals and establish its relevance  as the literary capital of Nigeria. In various events spanning three decades,  the city has hosted Wole  Soyinka,  Late  Buchi  Emechita,  Late  Ken  Saro  Wiwa,  late Prof Atukwe Okai, Pius Adesanmi,  Ishmaeel Reed,  Abubakar  Adam  Ibrahim,  Wale  Okediran,  Prof E.E  Sule,  Denja  Abdullahi, Chuma Nwokolo, Ayi Osori, and many others.

The headline activity of Minna Book & Art Festival is designed around the literary career, personality, and writings of Professor Zainab Alkali who has the distinction of being the first woman novelist from Northern Nigeria to be published in English. Her tenacious grip on African cultural identity has strengthened the force of her social vision in a society undergoing a rapid socio-cultural transformation.

Some of the guest writers attending the festival include Prof. A.K Babajo, Prof. E.E Sule, Prof. Asabe Kabir, Dr. Ibraheem Dooba, Dr. Wale Okediran, Dr. Razinat Mohammed, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, BM Dzukogi, Denja Abdullahi, TJ Benson, and Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino.

Nana Hauwa Sule

For: MinnaBaf

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