Break Free From Human Conciousness

Break Free from the human Conciousness

Mankind live daily, strongly dependent on the five senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Through the use of any of these sense organs, humans respond to people and activities happening around them.

Unfortunately, the human consciousness, and in extention, the five sense organs, have been dumbed down through the ages and have now become a misleading tool for most of mankind, because it is used dominantly for physical life.

The dumbing down starts from childhood. Parents, guardians, tutors, etc, who know nothing of the spiritual life because their senses have also been dumbed down, wave away certain questions children ask. In cases where the child had an extraordinary experience, they tell the child he or she hallucinated and that what they saw or experienced was not real.

As time progresses, the child’s intuition is attacked too. When they have intuitions about something, they are told to let it go because there’s no proof to back up what they think is happening or about to happen. In school, the teacher enforces this and introduces other lessons that further dumb down the child’s consciousness and senses to physical expression alone.

As they grow up, they are introduced to certain substances and activities which, when done or taken into the body, also dumb them down. For example, alcohol, cigarette, certain food substances, destructive pictures, and movies that promote abuse against man and God.

In the long run, before a child reaches the age of eighteen, he/she would have had their senses limited only to that of the physical. The spiritual is left unattended to, or relegated to morning prayers and Sunday services alone. This is how the suffering starts for the individual.

The physical is an illusion, a product of human consciousness. The unseen is the only reality. Yet, we are taught to focus on the physical and chase it with all we have, while totally ignoring the spiritual. This is equivalent to ignoring yourself and giving all attention to the clothes you wear. If you do not take care of yourself, no matter how beautiful your clothes are, you will be unattractive and suffer a lot of skin and health issues.

Many honest and sincere parents make this same mistake in raising their kids because it was the same way they were raised. And the circle continues.

In working with GOD, your 5 senses are also vehicles for spiritual expressions. When you so get yourself in tune with your FATHER within, you are given the gift to see things happening miles away from you or things that happened in the past. You are given the gift of hearing conversations taking place in a room you’re not in. You can feel and taste things.

Your 5 senses as a gift from GOD were meant for you to express fully in complete harmony with GOD. When you’re in tune with the FATHER, your five senses operate at a supernatural level

Rumi said, “work hard in the invisible world, at least, as hard as you do in the physical”.

This is the whole truth that is ignored by the mass of mankind.

Your 5 senses, as they are now, are asleep because they can only respond to what they see, hear, smell, taste, or feel in the physical. They have been programmed to sleep right from your childhood and you need to wake up and break out of this program if you’re going to escape from the illusion, get yourself in tune with GOD, and be raised in consciousness.

Consciousness is your reality. And if your consciousness rests on the human senses and their limiting activities, these activities of limitation will continue to express in your world and affairs.

The first step to liberating yourself from the human sense of limitation, pain, struggle, and destruction, is to meditate and contemplate on the words of our Beloved Jesus, which says “Of myself, I can do nothing. The Father that dwelleth within me, He doeth the works”.

Realize that the sleeves of your clothes can move and pick up something because you first move and pick it up. Your clothes cannot move, work, or climb stairs if you, the wearer, do not move. You are the life of your clothes, hence it is animated because of you.

This applies to your body.

The Father/Christ/The Mighty I AM Presence that dwells in you is your constant companion, guide, energy, strength, laughter, Joy, and abundance of every good thing. He, and He alone, doeth the works in you, through you, and for you.

Do not separate yourself in consciousness from Christ/The Mighty I AM Presence Within. For your body is He’s garment, and can do nothing of its own.

Place your hand over your heart, and feel your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breathing. Then know, “I AM” the activity in you.

Joel Goldmsith in his book “The¬† Mystical¬† I“, said, “There is within every person the Christ-Self, the real Self, the I. On the spiritual path, the goal is the attaining of conscious union with that Self, or the attaining of the realization of the Christ as our identity. This requires a “dying daily” to the human part of us, the outer part, and being reborn as this true identity; “dying” to the limited sense of self and being reborn into or as our perfected Self, the Christ-Self.

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