Chidinma Onuoha Gives You Leadership Lessons From The Wife Of a Fool


Chidinma hit the nail on the head with this one, and I’ll tell you why shortly, after telling you a story.

I once visited a friend of mine who lived close by. On getting to the house, I noticed saw that the brother and his wife were around for a one week visit.

That same afternoon as we sat and discussed under the shade the garage provided, some other friends came visiting. The man then asked his wife to go to the lady who sells provision in front of the house and get drinks for his visitors. The wife stood up to go but first, stretched her hand to him, asking for the money she would use to buy the drinks.

That, people, was her crime. He got angry and in the presence of visitors, including myself, he beat the shit of her. Anyone who dared to stop him, he beat up too. It took one of the visitors, a guy, who was equal to any fight, to put him in his place.

From side talks, I got to understand that it was not the first or tenth time. He had always beaten her, even for very unreasonable issues.

The lady, on her own part, had insisted she would keep her marriage, and rather die in it, than leave. She’d tell him he had better kill her and send her corpse to her mother because if his plan was to get her to leave, it wouldn’t work. She would not go anywhere.

There are many women like her out there, who would rather be killed in domestic violence than leave their abusive marriages mostly because of the fear of getting lashed by society. And then, there are many more, who would prefer to leave their abusive marriages but are scared to. Still, there are those who aren’t being abused, but they are kept from living their dreams. They want to build a business, travel the world, follow a particular career etc, but their husbands wouldn’t let them.

In truth, these women would love to leave their toxic marriages behind, but the fear of what the society would say has kept them tied to more abuse and unfulfilled life.

Does this mean all marriages are bad? The answer is no. There are married couples living their best lives today. But stills I insist that women, generally, can learn a whole lot from Chidinma S. Onuoha’s book, ‘Abigail is Not a Bitch, and apply it to their day to day living.


The book is way more captivating than its eye-catching title. Each page is a turner; power packed with valuable life lessons, and creatively written in a way that keeps your attention from start to finish. It makes you, as a woman, rethink your worth, your goals, and your dreams. It touches on decision making and upliftment of the female folks. It pushes you to make decisions that will best uplift you and your family.

The story of Abigail and her foolish husband touches on marital issues and relationships, it also touches on leadership skill, strategic thinking, self-development, self-assessment, execution and much more. This book clearly points out that as women, our fate rests in our hands. We can either do something about our unpleasant situations or do absolutely nothing about it and bear the consequences.

I strongly recommend this book to women who are experiencing domestic abused, those who have lost their sense of purpose, and those who are considered weak. I recommend it for the men too, as it opens your eyes to the value of your wife, sister, daughter and every other woman you come across.

It is sad that most men don’t see their women as anything but child bearers and housekeepers. It is even sadder that most women don’t see themselves as anything more than that. What’s worse? The churches hardly preach anything about the upliftment of women. Instead, they tie laws around us to prevent us from attaining our goals.

Chidinma S. Onuoha’s Abigail is Not a Bitch is backed up by scriptural passages that will give you a clear understanding of how you, as a woman, can live a fulfilled life and even save the lives of those around you.

This book isn’t about promoting feminism. It is simply focused on uplifting the female folks from deadly and unpleasant situations, that would otherwise render them useless to themselves and society. It is about helping them find a purpose again and actually moving to fulfil it. 

I wasn’t disappointed reading this book. The author did a fantastic job. The flow is steady and easy to grasp. The writing style is unique. Kudos to the author, this is one of the best Christian literature I’ve read this year.

I promise you’ll love it too. Please go here to get your copy for only N400 –  ABIGAIL IS NOT A BITCH.

Don’t fail to get a copy for the women in your life. This book may just be what they need to become women.

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