Deba Ezodo – Chapter 15

“I haven’t told your mother anything yet. She’s fragile.” Juba explained while leading his daughter back into the main room. “I wanted her here before I talk. So don’t tell her anything.”

“OK. But what about Duefe? You said there’s something about my mum and Duefe.”

“Yes.” Juba sighed. She heard a reluctance in his voice. But he spoke all the same. “Duefe will be your new father, your mother’s new husband.”

“New father, new husband”. The words rang in Deba’s head as she angrily marched down the passage that led to Mekani’s private chambers. Earlier, she had ignored her father’s instructions and gone on, following the guide of a servant, to find her mother’s chambers. She opened the door without knocking and walked in. What she saw almost caused her heart to stop beating. Her mother and Duefe were in bed, naked, with arms around each other.

“Mama!” Deba covered her mouth in disbelief.  “What is this? What has gotten into you?”

Her surprised mother scrambled out of bed, only able to grab the sheets to cover her nakedness. “Deba….”, that was all she could say before she noticed her daughter’s disgusted look. Duefe got out of bed too. He managed to find something to cover his loins. Of course, Pawo didn’t expect Deba to understand. But she had to try to talk to her. She had to explain things to her.

“Deba…..” that was Duefe

“Don’t you dare call my name!” She barked, waving warning fingers at his face. “You have the guts to defile my mother?”

“It is not as you think”. Duefe explained.

“Deba”, her mother’s voice got to her. “He is right. It is not what you think. Your father permitted this”.

Deba frowned at her mother. “Someone wouldn’t permit something if it wasn’t asked for. You had feelings for Duefe already and you asked papa for his permission. Mama how could you? I’m so ashamed of you. How dare you stoop so low? You’re a disgrace.  A total disgra……..”

Pawo landed a hot slap on her daughter’s cheeks before she could stop herself. “I forbid you to talk to me like that.” She said, calmly. “I am still your mother, your father’s faithful wife. If your father hadn’t insisted on using Duefe’s body to make love to me this wouldn’t have happened. Your father initiated this and he wants it to be so. If you’re ashamed of me, then I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do about it. But I will keep loving you and supporting your decisions. ”

“Don’t patronize me, mama.”

“I am not. I have always supported your decisions. Even when you risked your life by being a chief maid, I supported you.  I will continue to support your decisions as long as they are not decisions that could lead to loss of life.  But I won’t have you insulting me. I won’t have you insulting Duefe either…”

“It is ok. I understand how she feels” Duefe tried to stop Pawo from defending him

“It is not ok.” Pawo faced him, briefly, before turning back to face Deba. “Your father initiated this. I’m sure he has his reasons”.

“But you should have said no.” Deba insisted, silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You’re selfish my baby. I understand you want me to yourself, but what happens after you are long gone and no longer in need of me?”

Deba was still. She looked on, from her mother to Duefe. She couldn’t answer the question. And she understood her mother needed a companion. She just wasn’t happy about the choice of companion, because of his slave status. “Don’t expect me to call you papa”. She said to Duefe

“I won’t”, Duefe replied, coming to stand by Pawo. “It will be too much to ask of you”.

Deba eyed the duo one last time before marching out of their room. Pawo sighed, closed her eyes and rested her head on Duefe’s broad shoulders.

“I’m sorry for the pain I am causing you.”

“You haven’t done anything of the sort. Deba is only being a child – my child. My husband promised to explain things to her. I wonder why he didn’t.”

Her eyes flew open and she moved away to where her clothes lay in a heap. Slowly, she began to dress.

“Where are you going?”

“To speak with my husband.” She replied without looking at him.

“You want me to come with you?” A concerned Duefe asked, moving close to help her put on her dress.

“If you like to. I can’t and I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do”.

“I know. I’ll come with you.” He insisted.

Deba walked down the passageway in a hurry. She had asked the first servant she came across for directions to Mekani’s bedchambers. At first, she was sad. How could her mother stoop to as low as having sex with the servant? What was she thinking? Duefe too should know better than to lay his hands on royalty. She had started to think about a thousand ways to make him pay for defiling her mother. Even though they say her father permitted it, and she was sure he truly did,  she felt terrible. He let it happen by using Duefe’s body to make love to her first. True, her father couldn’t be with her mother again. Duefe was her best bet at remarrying a good man. But who cares?  He was nothing even close to royalty.

“I told you not to disturb your mother” She heard Juba’s voice in her head as she marched along.

“I did what I had to do”. She defended herself

“But I already explained to you that I permitted it.”

“Papa, she’s your wife. My mother.” Deba almost yelled as she stopped dead in her tracks and looked around to see if her father was with her, or just sending thought projections at her.

“No. She is no longer my wife. But yes, she’s still your mother. And she deserves to be happy after so many years of sadness. You have Mekani. Soon you’ll marry him and be off. Who will keep your mother company?”

“What about you? You’re not going anywhere.”

“I am.” He replied. “I am going into you.”

“What? Papa, I don’t understand.”

“You heard me, my daughter. You will begin your training sessions tomorrow morning. Just me and you. Mekani will train at the training camp with the rest of the warriors.”

“What sort of training, papa?” She asked, the issue with Duefe and her mother quietly subsided to the background.

“Combat. You’re going to war with us. And I need to deposit my fine qualities in you. You passed out the whole day when I first used you.”

Deba frowned. “Used?”

“I entered your body to fight the Tuaregs that attacked the Zulu camp. You couldn’t stand it. We have to practice more of that. Because for every time I enter you, a part of me remains. This will go on until there’s nothing left of me. Then you and I will be one.”

“But…that means you won’t be here again?” Her voice was low and sad.

“I will be here, in you.” He moved to pat her cheeks, and that was when she saw him. He had taken off the hooded robe, leaving just his colorless form “I am fading out every day, leaving a part of me in the atmosphere. I prefer to leave myself in you. You need all the strength, skills and wisdom that I have if you’re to survive this war and rule this kingdom”.

She nodded, not able to speak as fresh tears formed in her eyes.

“You can go now. Your mother is looking for me. After talking with her, I’ll send for you. Meanwhile, start getting used to her and Duefe. Nothing is going to stop their union. Not even you.”

It is because of her father’s last words she was even more determined to speak with Mekani. She needed to vent seriously and yes, Mekani was going to have to bear her outbursts. He should have told her earlier about her mother and Duefe. He should have made it abundantly clear that her father was fading away. He should have told her a lot of things, but he didn’t. Izogie was her sister. Mekani said nothing. And if Mekani had listened to her plea the first morning after their encounter, and they were fast enough, maybe, just maybe they’d have caught up with Doaud and his father. They would have rescued Izogie. But no. He insisted they found their way to Gor first.

“Ko ko ko” she knocked loudly at the wooden door. After the third knock and still no response, she pushed the door open and stepped in. It was a spacious room with two brick openings that served as windows. The white curtains were pulled apart, allowing fresh breeze flow in. The bed was a king sized bed, covered in white sheets. The mud brick ceiling just above the bed had circles indented in it. It was a pure architectural work.

Just like her room, there was a brick bathtub at the far end of the room. It was dry, not recently used.  At the other end was a small room that housed Mekani’s clothes and sandals. The serenity of the room made her temporarily forget about the revelations from her papa,  as well as the run-in with her mother. She temporarily forgot all she thought of doing to Yuwa and Yetu. She walked over to the window and looked out. A beautiful garden lay below. It had different flowers arranged orderly. There were white wooden benches arranged in several spots just below the few trees in the garden. It was a perfect spot for taking fresh air.

On the far side, over the whitewashed fence, a series of molded rooftops greeted her eyes. It stretched to as far as her eyes could see. The streets were busy with people still going about their activities.

“A lovely garden and a very busy city. Isn’t it?” A familiar voice asked.

Deba turned around to see Mekani walking up to her. He was still dressed in his prince robe. Her eyes traveled to the door and she realized that in her anger, she had left the door wide open. She looked at him again. He was closer now and she couldn’t help but notice his mischievous smile. Her breath caught. Somehow, Mekani had managed to have a strong effect on her. His features seemed to get better by the day and she knew a lot of the women in Gor found him irresistible. Unlucky for them, he had eyes only for her.

“You owe me explanations,” she said, ignoring the desire to run her hands through his hair.

“Ok.” He stopped directly in front of her. “What explanations?”

“About Izogie and my mother. Did you know Izogie is my sister?”

“Yes.” He admitted

Deba frowned, nodding her head slightly as a way of confirming her thoughts. “So you also know that my mother is having an affair with the man she came in with today.”

“I suspected, because of the way they held on to each other. But that was all. I wasn’t sure if my suspicions were correct. You just confirmed it for me”.

“Arrgg!” She slammed her fists against his chest

“Take it easy.” He grabbed her hands and held them up, before pulling her to himself. “What are you jealous about anyway?”

“She is my mother! My father’s wife.”

“If Juba had a problem with them he would have killed the servant long ago, don’t you think? ”

“No!” She barked

“Let your mother be, Deba. After all her suffering, she has every right to be with whoever she’s comfortable with. Besides, the servant looks a fine and honest man to me.”

Deba frowned at him. “And since when did you become an oracle to know who is or is not honest?”

Mekani eyed her closely, a slight smile tugging at the side of his lips.  “I have missed you, you know. Are we now going to spend the evening fighting over your mother’s affair? Or are we going to go after our unfinished business?”

“Unfinished business?” Deba scoffed.  “We have no more business. I’m done with you.” She pulled away from him and started to march past, but he held her firmly.

“Yes, we have unfinished business. I won’t go one more night without being with you. Why must I dream of being with you when you’re here, with me? That’s a harsh punishment.”

“You have to be content with your dreams, Mekani, because the real-life version of the person you see there is terribly angry with you”.

“Is that so?” He scooped her into his arms and carried her to the king-sized bed.

“I’m not lying on your bed”. She protested just before he dropped her on it.  He joined her immediately, giving no room to escape.

“You are being such a spoilt princess”. He said, his weight pressing her firmly to the bed.

“And you are being a bad prince. You shouldn’t force me against my will”.

“I’m I?” Mekani asked, faking an innocent face. “I thought you’re enjoying the show as much as I am”. He snapped his fingers. A guard emerged from outside the room,  head bowed. He simply held on to the bedroom door and as he went out again, pulled it shut.

“Who was that?”

“My personal bodyguard. Fear not,  he simply helped to shut the door. We need privacy here”.

“No, we don’t. Now get off me.” She tried to push him off.

“Yes, your highness,” Mekani replied. But he didn’t get up. Instead, his lips descended and claimed hers, while his hands went to work by caressing her soft body. Deba tried to resist the passion that immediately took over her heart. she knew she was fooling herself, not Mekani. He knew her too well, and he knew she wanted this.

Mekani’s hands roamed the length of her body, caressing and squeezing where necessary.  His lips soon found her nipple and took them in, heightening their already intense passion. Soft moans escaped both their lips as his hand raised her cloth and moved to caress her womanliness. Hearing her moan fueled his desire.  His head shot up and he looked into her eyes. He knew he wanted her. He also knew she wanted him. What he wasn’t sure of, however, was if she was ready to accept him.

“Is that a yes?” He asked

The haze cleared from her head slightly and she realized, for the first time, the passion in the eyes staring back at her. So much so, she almost forgot he asked a question.

“No response?” He asked.


“Oh,” Mekani swallowed.  Disappointment evident in his eyes. “I’m sorry, princess.” He started to take his hands away from under her skirt,  but she held it back in place.

“Yes, it’s a yes.” She rephrased.

The disappointment cleared almost as fast as it had come, only, this was faster. “You’re sure you won’t regret our actions afterward?”

“I will only regret it if you don’t finish what you started”.

That was all the push he needed. His lips claimed hers again and his hands moved to caress her softness. Their clothes were soon lying on the ground as their lovemaking took a different turn, each pleasing the other. And when his thrusts finally came, it was gently at first. Although she still felt pains, being a virgin. But as he continued, the pain was replaced by jolts of pleasure. Their moans increased alongside the tempo of their rhythmic dance. Their orgasm finally came like a tornado, breaking through barriers and establishing a bond that was long meant to be


To be continued…

First published in 2016 on Karo’s Story Blog

©Karo Oforofuo. August 2016. All rights reserved.

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