Denied Too Long (3)

After showing Frank to his room amidst chit chats and laughter, Emmy returned to the kitchen. She prepared more semovita and warmed some more soup, ensuring it was stocked with the assorted fish and meat she had available.

After dinner, they talked for another hour about everything they could talk about. From work to school, the happenings in his country of residence as well as Nigeria etc. It was truly a time of happy reunion.

It wasn’t until about 10:30PM that Emmy announced she was going to take her bath. She had boiled some water down earlier.

“You’ll bathe too, right?” She asked, getting to her feet.

Frank chuckled at her question. “Anyone hearing you will think you are inviting me to bathe with you.”

“You!” She accused, pushing him playfully. He laughed. “I only asked if you’ll bathe too. I didn’t ask if you’ll bathe with me. Beside, keep pretending like you don’t want to bathe with me.” She teased. It was her perfect opportunity to get words or action from him. So far, he still hadn’t shown any sign of wanting something more.

“I could bathe you if your want.” He said, smiling mischievously. “But bathing you or bathing with you will lead to things you might go on to regret afterwards.”

“What sort of things?” She pressed further, pretending not to care what his answer would be.

“You know what.” He replied, a little more serious. “And I don’t want to come across as a guy who takes advantage of single mothers staying alone or a guy who takes advantage of women who …” His voice trailed off and he looked away.

So that was it? Emmy finally understood why he wasn’t showing interest in her. He hadn’t continued his statement but being very observant and one to read human actions and inactions based on a few spoken words, she already knew all he was going to say “Or as a guy who takes advantage of women just because he assisted them financially.” She finished for him.

“Yes.” He answered, truthfully. “I will never take advantage….”

His didn’t finish his statement again before she moved on him and planted a short but very passionate kiss on his lips. “Don’t you get it?” She asked, when he turned questioning eyes on her. “I want you. I want you to take advantage of this, of me.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying. This issue is part of what I wanted us to talk about but hey, we haven’t even spoken about it yet. Why rush? If we rush you’ll regret it. And I don’t want you hating me afterwards.”

“I can’t be rushing something I have been thinking about and approved for myself. Try me. Just tonight. And you’ll see I would have not even a single regret or hate for you.”

“Ok.” He still seemed a little reluctant. “But I thought you said you had to go through your record for your business transactions?”

“I’ve been working my ass off for months now. Work can wait for one night.”

“Emmy…” He stood, towering over her. “I’ll not forgive myself if I end up hurting you.”

“I won’t forgive you if you let tonight slip by.” She replied, more determined. This was her moment and she wasn’t going to let it slip by.

“What about Charles?” He asked, wanting to be sure.

“He’s asleep. We won’t wake him up.” She raised her hand to his cheeks. “What say you?”

In response, he moved in on her and took her lips, which she willingly gave. Their passion and desire matched each others. He scooped her in his arms and took her to his room. There they undressed and headed for the shower where they made passionate love, totally forgetting everything about the hot water she had boiled earlier. The experience wasn’t what they had both imagined it would be. It was more.

Once out from the bathroom, the only break they had away from each other was spent checking on little Charles. He was still sound asleep, totally unaware of his mother’s sexcapades.

“I’m glad he looks like you.” Frank said into Emmy’s ear as they watched him sleep.

She chuckled. “Me too.”

The duo returned to Frank’s bedroom, too impatient to take off their towels before starting the pace for a second round of passionate love making.

The night was cold. Stars decorated the dark sky in their thousands. The streets were quiet, save for a few night men going about their businesses.

In Ujubi street, where Emmy’s house was located, a shadowy figure stood at the gate and watched the window of Frank’s bedroom with so much pain and anger. The images of a man and woman making out reflected against the back drop of the window blinds. His wife was making out with another man.

Alex had sent a private investigator to find her and give him details of where she was staying, what she did with her time and who she visited or what kind of visitors she had. He also wanted to know more about his child who he had not seen nor carried. From the report he got, her life was mostly quiet – from home to work and back home. Also, his child was a boy. He was truly happy to have a son. But what worried him was the fact that the investigator had said that Emmy was mostly on the phone, talking and laughing heartily with someone. He wanted to know who that someone was. However, his work was very demanding and he wasn’t able to take a break earlier. Now he was here. His plan was to let everyone settle for the night, then he’ll go in. No. Break in. He came well equipped.

Alex had planned to make his move earlier that evening, but he couldn’t. A man had gotten into the compound and knocked on Emmy’s gate. She had taken quite a while but she eventually opened the door. To worsen his already angry situation, she hugged the man and looked really happy to have him around. He was sure it was the person that kept her busy with phone calls.

That, changed a lot if things for him. He couldn’t just barge into a house with a man in it. But then, there was a reason his mind asked him to take along his silencer as well as pocket knife. Whoever the man was, he was going to die with his ungrateful wife. Then he’ll carry his child and leave for good. But not before he took over her supermarket business. After all, he was still legally married to her and he had rights over her property.

While he planned, he never expected his wife would be shamelessly making out with a stranger in the same house where his son was supposed to be sleeping. She was not only an ungrateful idiot and a cheat, she was a terrible and shameless mother. She had better prepare for what was coming. Nothing was going to save her or the idiot plunging away into her.

He turned around and walked a short distance away from the compound to where his black SUV was parked. He opened the passenger’s side door and stepped in half way, searching a tool box. He soon found a tube. He raised it up to eye level, admiring it and smiling at the wicked thoughts running through his head.

“You’re so finished Emmy. You and your lover.

To be continued…

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