Edit Your Manuscript Like A Pro E-course


So you already have a complete first draft. Congrats to you! Now it is time to alter somethings in your book. You’re going to remove some, and you’re going to rewrite some, or totally change it, and Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro is a Course designed to help you achieve that, professionally.

The Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro Course is similar to the Book Writing Support and Accountability Course. We’ve designed it to help walk you through the stages of editing your book and creating a beautiful second and third draft.

What’s more? You’re not alone, as our team of editors will work hand in hand with you.



Main Course:  Upon payment, you’ll be given instant access to the  complete course material on teachable. The material is detailed, self explanatory and designed to get you editing your book as you progress with it.

Weekly Lessons. Every week, you’ll get an email with support, prompts, tips and tricks to scale the week’s editing exercise.

Weekly Deadlines. Each Friday, you will turn in at least one chapter of your book for us to go through and provide feedback in your editing, and ways to make it better.

Motivating Force. In the event that you comply with all your weekly deadlines, and completion of your book, we will give you a free book marketing guide to follow, as well as basic support in your book marketing.

If you will be publishing the e-version of your book on Okadabooks, we will support you with one of Okadabooks’ paid book advertising plan.

You will also be interviewed on our blog, and your book promoted to our readers with link backs to the store(s) where the book can be purchased.

Responsibility. If you miss 3 weeks of prompt submission of weekly targets, we will send you a notice. If you miss 4 weeks, you will pass up the Book marketing support and promotions listed above.

Book Editing Workbook. This workbook includes everything from setting an editing timetable, marking due dates, organizing your book and marking progress per editing stages.

So you have two options.

  1. Enroll in the Edit Your Manuscript Like a Professional E-course and work hand in hand with industry standard editors to clean up your work in 2 months or less. In working with our editors, the course lasts 60 days for lengthy works, and 30 days or less, for not so lengthy works.


  1. Purchase the Edit Your Manuscript Like a Professional E-course and learn editing techniques and tips you can work with to self-edit your book to perfection. This does not include working hand in hand with us.

But whichever option you choose, you’ll still be given the above incentive of basic book marketing support.


Other Benefits Include:

  • 24 hours support through the 2 months editing course.
  • You’ll always be part of our challenges and other activities to keep you going in your writing and editing goals, so you never get stuck, bored or lose focus.
  • Opportunities that will help boost your writing and editing career and book visibility, will be shared regularly to the group, when they come up.


When Does the Editing Course Start?

The course formally starts on March 30th 2019, and ends two months from that time. Notwithstanding, when you join, we’ll take you through the planning procedure, help you sharpen your thoughts and make your book editing plan.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: my book is a second draft. Can I still participate?

Ans:  If you already have a second draft, you’re welcome to take this course, and end it with your third draft.

Ques: I have not completed my book yet. But I will be done in a month’s time. Will this course support me to finish it?

Ans: No, it wouldn’t. But our Book Writing and Accountability Program will. Please go here to read more about it.


Your Personal Book Editing Program

If you’re in a hurry and have a deadline to meet that happens to be much earlier than the finish time for the course, you’ll be assigned a personal mentor and book editing coach, who will work you through the process.




Course option 1: N40,000

Course option 2: N20,000

Please pay to the account details below, and email proof of payment to info@pelleura.top

Name – Oghenekaro Oforofuo

Acct number – 2009007134

Bank – Zenith bank


Please feel free to share this course with anyone you know will benefit from it.