Betrayed – Efe’s Betrayal (1)

“Ahh!” Sonia screamed, grabbing a pillow from the bed and throwing it across the room. More tears trickled down her cheeks silently. She was angry and her heart ached with pain.

She picked the wristwatch on her bedside cabinet and flung it across the room too. The plastic cup, books, and every other thing on the cabinet followed. She was looking for anything else to vent her anger on, and so she picked up the second pillow, ready to fling it, when her eyes fell on a white handkerchief.

Sonia paused and picked it up, looking at it closely. Suddenly, she broke down again in tears, as flasbacks filled her head. Her sobs shook her fragile frame.

How could one love another so much, have that one love her back, and then out of the blue, call to say it’s over?

Sonia and Efe had been friends since their third year at Obafemi Awolowo University. They met during a concert held by the music department as part of activities to mark the student’s week.

They had just been friends since then, talking on phone occasionally.

Their friendship blossomed during their youth service. They were both posted to Akure. Although, their place of primary assignment deferred, they met occasionally, during CDs meetings, and church services at the Redeemed Christian Church.

It was during the last two months of their service year, Efe asked Sonia to be his girlfriend. And because of the bond they had established over the years, she was happy to say yes.

A year later, he proposed marriage. And again, she said yes.

Unfortunately, their love went through a test it never recovered from.

Sonia’s parents wouldn’t allow her marry Efe. According to them, they had someone they thought more suitable, for her to marry.

He was introduced to them by her aunty. And he was very interested.

She refused though, saying she was in love with someone else. Her refusal caused more arguments and quarrels in her home. And being the stubborn type, Sonia was prepared to pack out of the house for them, after all, she had a well-paying job and enough money to rent a place of her own.

Once, during a family meeting, she told her father, “if you don’t give us your permission, daddy, then don’t worry, we will go ahead to get married without you”.

Her father wasn’t very happy with that statement, especially as she was his only daughter and he looked forward to giving her out at the altar.

Don’t get it wrong. Sonia loves her father dearly, but she knew he was the type to scare away any man she brought home, hence she was making it clear, she wouldn’t give him the chance to do that.

Efe was happy. Sonia stood for him, despite the pressure from home. She stood. He loved her resolve. She was the kind of wife material he needed, one who will stick with him and fight for him. However, one couldn’t say the same of him.

After 3 weeks of battling with her family, they gave in to her will to marry Efe.

Now, it was Efe’s turn to talk to his family. He felt it would ba a walk over. But it wasn’t. They sat him down and talked to him, telling him why they will never accept an Edo lady as wife.

One weekend, that was all it took for his family to convince him. He went around with a long face throughout the rest of the weekend. And on the Monday that followed, he called Sonia up to break the bad news.

“You what?” She was devastated, “it took just one weekend for you to give in, when I was on mine for 3 weeks plus? What are you taking about?”

“I’m sorry, Sonia”, he kept apologizing, “but my family threatened to disassociate themselves from me, if I refuse to listen to them”.

“And I threatened to disassociate myself from my family, because of you. Why are you breaking my heart like this?” She spent the whole week locked up in her room, crying.

Nothing Efe said made sense anymore. She just wanted the bad dream to come to an end. But it didn’t. Efe had probably lost his senses, for a week later, he told her his family were searching for a wife for him. And before the week ended, they had found one. What’s worse? He rubbed his new girl in Sonia’s face and stylishly laughed at her.

Sonia was devastated. She knew Efe was laughing at her. But she loved him and she felt she’d die of heart-break.

One hot Saturday afternoon, Efe breezed into Asaba Benin and asked Sonia that they hook up. She agreed and told him where to pick her up. She was hoping that if she met with him, he’d change his mind about the new girl and come back to her.

They spent only 45 minutes in a hotel room, as Efe was in a hurry to return to Asaba. But Sonia was a virgin and 45 minutes of rushed sex was impossible. Efe could not penetrate. So he went for a BJ instead.

When he came, Sonia wiped him clean with her white handkerchief. Efe quickly got to his feet and started to get dressed.

“Why are you getting dressed? What’s the hurry?”

“Well, I need to be somewhere now. And from there, I’ll head back to Asaba”.

Sonia didn’t say anything, she let him dress. She got dressed too and together, they left the hotel.

For the next two weeks, she didn’t hear from Efe, and when she tried to get in touch, he told her off.

Now Sonia is certain, Efe only wanted to have sex with her, nothing more and since he couldn’t get exactly what he wanted, penetration, he wasn’t interested in having anything to do with her.

She wondered where she went wrong. She wondered why Efe suddenly didn’t love her, and she was sure now, he had never really loved her. He had just wanted to have sex. So why propose marriage in the first place? It can’t be possible that one weekend discussion with his family caused him to not love her again.

And to think she quarreled with her own family over him.

So here she was, crying profusely and looking at the handkerchief she used two weeks ago, at the hotel room, to clean his semen after giving him a mouth job. Sonia hadn’t washed it. Efe’s dried semen was still very much on it. All she had to do was visit a babalawo’s shrine, pay the necessary fee and have Efe running to her like his life depended ln her forgiveness and love.

But is it worth it? She thought, looking at the handkerchief with a mixture of doubt and relief.

Question: Guess, What do you think Sonia will do? Visit a babalawo or not?


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